I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 73: "Combining Abilities"

Chapter 916: “Jake The Great Actor”

[I think there will be a showdown. But once Leroy signed the agreement to cut all relationships with Ain, Jake will automatically win…] 

[Ah. I dont know how we go from trying to prove Leroys statement to a showdown between two dads…] 

[Cmon. We dont need to prove Leroys previous statement anymore. Ains arguments had already refuted all his statements.] 

[In other words, Leroy really did abandon Ain and run away alone?] 


This time, even the Starfield couldnt do much to help Leroy because a lot of Starfield was still smart and had brains. 

After watching the debate, they knew that since Leroy couldnt prove his kidnapping incident, there was a 99% chance that he really did leave the family on his own…

Now that Jakes fans, the passersby, Ains fans, the Irregular Tamer guild members, and the Sloan Family members join hands to control the live broadcast comment section…

Almost no one would stand up for Leroy. 

Even the previous comments about how cruel Ainsley was just because she wanted to cut off relationship with Leroy disappeared just like that. 

Everyone moved to another discussion, and this time, theyre discussing the two dads. 

Unfortunately, Leroy still didnt know about this because those at the studio were all neutral audiences and didnt show any favoritism at all. 

Just like what the live broadcast audience had predicted before after Leroy came back to his senses, he immediately pointed his trembling finger at Jake. 

Hes about to start a bitter showdown. 

“Y-you! How could you be so shameless as to steal my daughter from me?” 

Leroy put his hand on his chest and he breathed heavily as if he was about to faint. 

His voice started to tremble as he accused Jake. 

“J-just because youre richer, more influential and stronger, it doesnt mean you can be so cruel!” 

Well, Leroy couldnt arouse anyones sympathy anymore, but his move was really a wise choice. 

By blaming Jake for coaxing his daughter and taking her away, Jake became the villain, and Leroy became the victim. 

If this were the usual, others would be speechless, or they would be ruthless enough to tear Leroys acting face but would still fail in the end. 

After all, Ainsley inherited her superb acting skill from Leroy…

But Leroys opponent was Jake. 

As someone who had seen all sorts of people throughout his life, how could this kind of trick trap him?

If others could be a green tea b*tch and pretended to be the victim, he could also do the same. 

Jake immediately changed his face, and he showed a face full of sorrow as if someone had just murdered his family. 

“This…I didnt even know Ain had a father before…I thought she was abandoned and had to lead a mafia family all on her own.” 

Jake let out a weak sigh, but his image was still the same. Mysterious yet mischievous. 

He didnt let Leroy cut his speech and immediately continued his drama play. 

“I agreed to be Ains adoptive father simply because she hasnt had a father figure by her side ever since shes a kid. And…” 

“Ain also said that her biological father doesnt want her. He chooses her siblings from another partner than herself.” 

‘Thats why Lil Ain said she wanted to have a father…which is me. Ive never thought that the father she mentioned would be you…” 

Jakes voice was full of surprise but also a hint of grievance as if accusing Leroy of abandoning the cute daughter and making her suffer. 

Leroy was dumbfounded. Such an acting skill was too great, okay? 

He thought that a man like Jake wouldnt bother to debate with him and would use his influence to force him 

Then, using public sympathy, he could sue Jake for stealing his daughter and naturally, Jake couldnt be Ains adoptive father anymore. 

Who would have known that with just a few sentences, Jake slandered him as a scum father! 

Leroy was shaking in anger as his fair face flushed red. 

He had never thought that a tall figure like Jake would be so cheap and acted as a green tea b*tch too…


Seeing Leroy so stunned that he almost lost his soul, Jake put on a sad smile as he looked at Leroy. 

“I am indeed better than you in all aspects, and I believe I can be a good father to Ain.” 

“But since the biological father like you suddenly came back to repent…” Jake let out a long, frustrated sigh. 

“What can I do? Im not Ains biological father, and even if I use my influence or money to pressure you…it seems unethical. 

“I cant do that. It will also make Ain sad.” 

With this, Jake washed himself clean from future accusations of him abusing his authority to steal someone elses daughter. 

After all these years, Jake often donated to charity and orphanages. 

He also helped many poor people get a new job or allowed them to earn money without donating money blindly. 

This way, the people he helped didnt need to rely on other peoples donations. 

Of course, for the orphanage and such, Jake donated money instead of teaching the kids to earn money. 

However, he did send a teacher to teach the orphans and prepare them to be good seedlings in the future. 

Just because theyre orphans doesnt mean they cant achieve great things! 

Because of this, Jakes image in ordinary peoples eyes was so good. People believed that he had never abused his power even though he could. 

After all, even the government had to be polite to the Billios Family if they still wanted the non-human races to do business with them through Jake. 

They cant offend Jake at all! 

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