I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 76: "The Power Of Bluffing"

Chapter 918: “Final Blow”

Back to Leroy. 

The young man weighed the pros and cons of signing this relationship termination contract. 

In the end, Leroy believed that it was indeed better for him to sign the agreement and back off. 

Now that Ainsley wanted Jake instead of him…why should he force the baby? 

After Jake explained that his existence as  Ainsleys biological father could bring danger to both Ain and his family…Leroy also thought things twice. 

At the end of the day, it was better to be low-key and receive the Billios Family protection while handing over the guardianship to Jake. 

Jake did say he would protect Leroy so that no one would use Leroy to threaten Ain. 

Well, in fact…Ain wouldnt be threatened using Leroy at all. 

It was more effective to use Elliana to endanger the baby than using Leroy. 

But Leroy still thought he was somewhat important for Ainsley, and his existence might endanger Ain. 

Thus, he reluctantly smiled at Jake and sighed. 

“I understand. Im not strong at all, and Im already a part of the entertainment industry. Im not someone from the mafia society anymore.” 

“I…cant protect Ain, and if I insist on becoming her guardian, I might endanger Ain. I…cant even say that Im Ains biological father now.” 

Leroy acted as if he was really reluctant to let go of Ain. 

As if he was a poor father who was forced to leave his own daughter because he didnt want to bring danger to his daughter. 

However, if others were smart, they would instantly realize something was wrong here. 

Even if Leroy was weak, if Ainsley really wanted to protect Leroy, how could she not be able to do that? 

Its just that Ain didnt want to protect Leroy or Leroys family at all. 

She also didnt want to bring trouble to the twins and then became a scapegoat when something happened to the twins. 

Thus, she told Jake about this, and Jake naturally used it to persuade Leroy to give up on Ainsleys custody. 

Everything seemed to be going the peaceful route that even the audience was dumbfounded. 

Thats the showdown? Thats it? 

Watching Leroy tearfully sign the agreement paper, the audience suddenly felt that all the excitement before was for nothing. 

If Ain wants Leroy to give up on her custody, why should she bring the man to this show?? 

This show only provided a place for guests to fight each other verbally! Its not a place to have a peaceful discussion! 

The show was intense at first, but it suddenly changed like this…

The audience was disappointed, but just a minute after Leroy signed the agreement, Ainsley smiled like a wicked witch. 

“Now that youre not my father anymore, I can finally reveal all your good deeds in the past towards me.” 

Ainsley signaled Jevon to put another batch of evidence and projected it to the big screen behind them. 

In an instant, various evidence related to how Leroy treated Ainsley in the past four years was revealed. 

[Loyal maids in the mansion]: 

“The previous family head had always neglected the young lady…her meal was bad, and even her room was so small.” 

Ainsley showed an interview video with the people who once cared for her in the past. 

She even showed the evidence that these people were really her babysitter in the past. 

“The previous family head has rarely visited the young lady.” 

“Some bad maids also bullied the young lady, and the previous family head never cared…” 

“Young lady was so malnourished before. Heres the doctors diagnosis report in the past three years.” 

The diagnosis report showed how pitiful Ainsley was. 

In the past three years before Ainsworth crossed to be Ainsley, the real Ainsley lived a life worse than the other children in the family. 

It was as if she was just a living doll. 

“Heres the young ladys bedroom. You can see the room…it is so small for the heir of a mafia family.” 

The person in the video had a blurry face for safety, but she still showed Ainsleys past bedroom that had never been changed even up to now. 

The bedroom was really small for a prestigious heir. Not to mention that the bed was still a baby crib. 

For a three-year-old toddler, such a baby crib was worse than normal beds. 

The person in the video was one of Ainsleys maids before, and it was actually the kind lady who cared for Ainsley the most. 

After the maid disappeared, Ainsley asked some people to find her, and in the end, they found her. 

Then, Ainsley asked her to record this video while also re-employing her as the head maid of the Sloan Family. 

In the past, the maid ran away from the mansion because she couldnt stay any longer. 

She knew that the family was in bad shape, and she also couldnt watch Ainsley suffer from her own eyes. 

Thus, after arranging things for Ain, she left the mansion and was only found recently. 

The maid, who now became the Sloan Familys head maid because she was the only kind maid among the old maids who had been fired, revealed all sorts of things that Leroy did to Ain. 

“The previous family head never abused the young lady, but he acted as if she never existed.” 

“Because of this, the young lady suffered from various bullying from both adults and kids.” 

The mafia family was never a safe and warm place. 

Once the people knew that the Sloan Familys young heir was abandoned by her father, a lot of people in the Sloan Family took turns to bully the kid. 

Thats how the original owner developed such a timid and gloomy character! 

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