I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 78: "A Tutor"

Chapter 920: “A Generous Backer”

Unfortunately, the government didnt accept the mafia societys internal struggles. 

They only accepted trials related to the mafia when the non-mafia was the victim. 

Then, they would involve the mafia council in such a case but there was really almost nothing that could be done. 

As for a child abuse case in the mafia society…only the mafia council could handle this. 

But the mafia council was busy with bigger cases, and basically, no one cared about one or two kids being abused, as long as theyre not beaten or wounded. 

So, many children from the mafia family didnt suffer physically but suffered mentally and became mentally ill. 

Some of them became super crazy and paranoid. Others became psycho but this is really good to be a mafia. 

Thus, the parents and the other mafia members didnt care about this and even purposely stimulated the kids to have such a ruthless character…

This is also why the mafia only thrived in the Godlif country. Other countries had basically eradicated such an evil society. 

Of course, many of the top-level mafia families in the Godlif country werent like this, but 90% of the mafia families are problematic. 

Unfortunately Ainsleys family was a mafia family and she couldnt change it no matter what. 

After all, this is a family with history, and she could only strive to make her mafia family never cross the bottom line. 

Leroys recording was obviously proof that so many mafias were troublemakers and dangerous. 

They could even be so cruel to their little daughter…

The audience was stunned beyond relief. They never knew that Leroy could be so mean to his daughter, but he loved his twins dearly. 

Such a partial treatment…how could Ain not hate Leroy to death? How could she not want to cut off the father-daughter relationship with him? 

If they were Ain, they would also cut off all relationships with Leroy. 

Hes not a human. Hes a beast! 

And sadly, among other mafias, Leroy was already counted as the most benevolent…

How many children from branch families or illegitimate children died in a mafia family because of inhuman training and internal dispute? 

There were so many that one couldnt easily count the number…

But for the ordinary people, Leroys level alone was already shocking. 

In just a few seconds after seeing and hearing the evidence, the audiences faces turned black. 

All of them looked at Leroy with a glare or eyes full of disgust, while those on the live broadcast poured out tons of abusive comments aimed at Leroy.

[How can someone have such a thick face?! After abandoning their daughter, they still come back when they hear of their daughters successful career.] 

[This is a shameless man!] 

[He is not only shameless but he simply doesnt know how to take care of children.] 

[Hey, hey, the twins were born two years earlier than Ain. Dont say Leroy is clueless about taking care of children.] 

[He is just biased! He loves the twins because they have his lovers genes. But Ainsley has his genes and a random womans genes.] 

[Bah. Bah. It can be said that Ain isartificially made?] 

[Yeah. But its still his child, okay? Even the twins can be said as artificially-created children in a sense…] 

[I dont understand why Leroy neglects Ain like that. Dont tell me while hes neglecting Ain…hes busy taking care of the twins in secret.] 

[Yeah. I have screenshots of Leroys activity logs, and he did go out often, but his plan is ambiguous.] 

[Oh, he must be sneaking out to see his lover and children raised outside.] 

[Say, will he also use the Sloan Familys money to raise his lover and children?] 

[Years ago, The Glazier mercenary team was just a small team of three mercenaries, including Ren.] 

[In just a few years, they become the number one mercenary in this country…] 

It took five years, but it wasnt exactly that long. In fact, it was a bit too fast. 

After all, the mercenary team wasnt like a mafia family that could rely on one person to command others and grow up rapidly. 

As long as the family head was competent, it wasnt hard to grow a small mafia family to a large family in just a few years. 

Of course, the leader had to be strong and obtain their subordinates trust but usually, the loyal and trusted aides would all make a soul oath. 

Because of this, they wouldnt leave the family at all, no matter what happened. 

The mafia family was such a strict family, unlike the mercenary team. 

It was so loose because the members gathered for their own interest and no one had to obey the team leader or sacrifice their lives for the team leader. 

And so, if the mercenary team leader wasnt competent and didnt have enoughbait to hook members to join, it was impossible to grow so rapidly. 

Not to mention that there were so many small mercenary teams around and the members were usually not fixed. 

There were a lot of free mercenaries that would jump from one team to another. 

They usually only chose a suitable team to do the mission they wanted to take. 

For The Glazier to become the biggest and strongest mercenary team in the Godlif countrys mercenary guild, it needed a lot of money, hard work, and time. 

In the beginning, Ren was just a lowly mercenary with so little income. 

How could he grow his team to this extent when his ability wasnt too exaggerated, rare, or super strong? 

Usually, big mercenary teams had backers, or the leader had rare and super powerful abilities. 

Rens abilities werent that rare. So…it should be that he had a backer–also a generous one. 

It must be Leroy! 

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