I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 86: "Give Her Fins Belly"

Chapter 929: “Goodbye Leroy”

Nalishas height was also one of the womans advantages in facingenemies. 

She was considered taller than other women around her age. Shes as tall as other men, around 180 cm. 

She was one of the few black women in the guild, not tanned or exotic skin but beautiful black. 

Her eyes were surprisingly not black but golden. Maybe she wore eye contacts but this look is really suitable for her. 

Nalisha had a compelling vibe as the future guild leader, and even Leroy suddenly felt suppressed when talking face-to-face with her. 

Leroy squinted and tried to look gentle, but his eyes were full of confusion about Nalishas identity and her words. 

“Excuse me…Im not just anyone. I didnt come here to do something bad. And…may I know who you are? Are you the gatekeeper?” 

Nalisha snorted at Leroys words and sneered. 

“Im the team leader of the Irregular Tamers core members. Our team will soon depart with the guild founder.” 

“So, why are you looking for our guild founder?” Nalisha really acted like a hen protecting its chicks. 

After all, Ainsley was really just a child in her mind, no matter how strong she was. 

It wasnt logical that just because Ainsley was strong, people could ignore the fact that shes still a child and didnt deserve to be treated like this. 

Ainsley could feel Nalisha trying to protect her, afraid that she would feel trauma after meeting Leroy or feel heartbroken. 

Ainsleys heart instantly felt warm. 

Nalisha joined her circle in just a month or less, but the woman had already taken her as her own people. 

How could Ainsley not be moved? 

She tugged at Nalishas clothes and shook her head. 

“Its okay, Nal. Let me talk to him for a few minutes, and then we go, okay?” 

Nalisha instantly retracted her lioness-like aura and showed a gentle look at Ainsley. 

“Okay, take care, guild master. If he says anything inappropriate, just dont listen to him.” 

“Hum. I will.” 

Ainsley pushed the other members and calmed them before she left the front gate and stood in front of Leroy. 

She didnt invite Leroy to enter the gate or lead him to the mansion to sit down and talk. 

No. Nothing like that. 

Ainsley just stood there as if she would only chat for about a minute with a stranger or something. 

Seeing Ainsleys attitude toward him, Leroy fully understood why she acted like that, and he also didnt bother to be a hypocrite. 

The young man gritted his teeth and slowly lowered his head as he mumbled in a voice that only Ainsley could hear. 

“I come here to apologize. I know Ive been a bad father, and I might never admit that, but…but I owe you an apology.” 

Leroy sincerely apologized to Ainsley but he also knew that his apology didnt mean anything. 

Everything he had done to Ainsley would always leave a scar on the babys heart, and theres no way he could fix it. 

“I am not asking for your forgiveness. Im just trying to apologize even though I know it means nothing.” 

Leroy pursed his lips and looked down at Ainsleys small body with a complicated gaze. 

“I…I know Im selfish and cowardly. So, I think its good that we are no longer a family, and you already have a new father.” 

It was only then Leroy realized that he really shouldnt become Ainsleys guardian or even acknowledge her as his daughter. 

Hes not worthy of that. 

Ainsley was already so strong that she could choose who would be her father. 

On the other hand, he didnt have the right to call Ainsley his daughter. 

“Im already thankful that you didnt take revenge on me. So…after this, Ill leave the country and Ill never appear in front of you anymore.” 

Leroy didnt feel sad to leave the country, but he did think that Ainsley should know. 

This way, she wouldnt focus on getting revenge or something. 

Ainsley could also understand Leroys meanings behind those words, and she generously nodded. 

“Okay, I accept your apology, but Ill never forgive you.” 

Because the real Ain wasnt here anymore and Leroy should apologize to the real Ain, not Ainsworth the transmigrator. 

“I wont take revenge on you, and you can go anywhere you want as long as you dont disturb my family, ” Ainsley added. 

“But if one day someone harms you or something, dont try to blame me for that.” 

Ainsley squinted, and her tone of voice became a bit suppressed. 

“I dont know how many people you have offended, so please be responsible.” 

Indeed, Leroy also had the same thoughts. He would no longer blame others and shift the blame to someone else. 

If he was harmed or plotted against, it was his own fault. 

“I see. Ill be careful. With this…lets never meet anymore.” 

Leroy nodded at Ainsley and slowly turned around, leaving the place he had lived in for more than a decade. 

Only at this time he realized that he actually missed the Sloan Family too and wished that the Sloan Family in the past could be as good as now. 

There would be no toxic members, no toxic systems or rules, and so on. 

A pity, the one who changed all of this wasnt him but Ainsley. 

He chose to run away while Ainsley chose to stay still and strive to change the family. 

And she did it. 

Then, after this short encounter, Leroy went back. 

The family of four went abroad but on the way, Leroy was injured. 

It turned out that a lot of people really did hate Leroy while he was a mafia boss, and now that Leroy was weak, he was plotted against! 

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