I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 88: "Not Somebody"

Chapter 930: “Two Sneaky Sacred Beasts”

Ren couldnt protect Leroy because he had to protect his powerless children, and that led to Leroy losing his ability once and for all. 

The one who attacked him could destroy someones ability and make them an ordinary human being. 

They could only do this to a solo ability user and after that they had to rest for months to be able to use their special ability to destroy someone elses ability again. 

This time, the target was Leroy…

One could see how much the other party hated Leroy until they hired this special assassin to make Leroy suffer. 

The assassin was supposed to make Leroy an ordinary human being and then killed him. 

Unfortunately, Rens ice dragon still protected Leroy just before Leroy was killed. 

Thats how Leroy survived. 

If this was the old Leroy, he would be so depressed that he would commit a suicide. 

But theLeroy after realizing his bad deeds and apologizing to Ainsley could accept all of this with an open heart. 

He accepted the fact that hes really not suitable to be among the dangerous ability users. 

Thus, after he lost his ability, he focused on taking care of his children while Ren worked for the family. 

Ren never left Leroy even when he no longer had everything and even had nothing left. 

Maybe Leroys greatest gift was the fact that someone could love him despite all his weaknesses and his useless self. 

Since that moment, Leroy shifted to be a businessman and he was indeed on a good track. 

The family of four would start their life in a new country, and despite Leroys injury, they would still have a long, promising future. 

The four people got a new citizenship, and Ren worked as a mercenary connected to the new countrys government. 

Their life ended after they left the Godlif country, and Leroy even paid a heavy price for it. 

But they could restart their life and maybe go to a rightful path this time. 

Ainsley didnt know yet about Leroy losing his charm ability and was busy with the activity at the capital. 

Once the group arrived at the capital, they shamelessly chose to stay at Jakes mansion and then went to the annual meeting. 

Ainsley only brought five shadow guards with her and Nalisha as the team leader. The rest of the team stayed at Jakes mansion. 

It was already close to tea time when the meeting started. 

The government chose a large meeting room that could fit more than a hundred people, and the room looked like your usual college classroom. 

The person who would lead the meeting stood behind the podium while the others sat down on seats surrounding the podium in a half-circle shape.

When Ainsley arrived, it was still early and not many people had arrived. 

Thus, Ainsley let her five shadow guards wait outside while she brought Nalisha with her. 

Oh, and of course, the three sacred beasts who insisted on following her. 

Yes, Bello and even Code-L rushed to follow Ainsley when they heard that the baby would visit the capital and stay there for weeks. 

Of course, Ainsley never let them follow her because she thought it was better for the two sacred beasts to stay at the mansion and protect the family. 

But the two beasts had been bored living inside the prairie all day. When they had a chance to go out, why should they stay? 

Thus, they hid deeply and quietly followed Ainsley until the baby arrived at the meeting place. 

When Ainsley first saw the two cats, the baby almost tripped and fell. 

She looked at Code-L, who was following Nalisha and Bello, who followed behind her with a smile that didnt look like a smile. 

[Ugh, little ancestor…why are you guys here?] 

Ainsley squatted and first took Bello into her arms while Cellino stayed around the babys neck, pretending to be her scarf. 

Then, she looked at Code-L who also pretended to be a scarf around Nalishas neck and didnt know whether to laugh or get angry. 

Even Nalisha was sweating bullets because an unknown sacred beast just suddenly used her neck as a resting place! 

Hearing Ainsleys words, Bello meowed softly and snuggled into Ainsleys arm with his body full of fluff. 

[We are bored, nyaaa~ We want to follow you! Its okay, right? Cellino also follows you to play…] 

[But we are not here to play, ah. We might need to fight.] Ainsley shook her head, but Bello insisted on staying. 

[Fighting is also good! Its okay, Ill stay with you, and the three of us can protect you.] 

Code-L also directly used her power to communicate with Ainsley without being her contracted beast. 

The cats loli voice sounded in Ainsleys mind loud and clear. 

[Hmph. You dare leave us behind to guard that mansion. Are we your gatekeeper or something?] 

As usual, Code-L always spoke as if someone owed her a billion dollars. 

Ainsley could only sigh and give up on these two wilful sacred beasts. 

[Okay, you guys can accompany me. But dont attack anyone easily, okay?] 

Especially Code-L. 

[Its better to act like a normal cat. If others know that youre a sacred beast, they might feel a bit threatened.] 

Because of this, Code-L used her mysterious power to change Bello and her appearance into that of a real furry cat. 

Even their aura didnt look like a sacred beast who took on their small body size. 

Even if someone who had seen Bello and Code-L saw them, they wouldnt be able to recognize the two people at all! 

Ainsley was still impressed and became even more curious about Code-Ls real ability. 

How come it seemed like she could do anything? 

What kind of ability is this? 

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