I have awakened (3)

Lee Dong-hyun’s eyes widened when he saw the results of the scan on the monitor.

“‘What? He’s an awakened person.’

Junyoung’s body detected a special energy, known as mana, that could only be produced by an awakened person.


【Name】 Kang Junyoung

【Level】 1

【Characteristic】 None

【Special ability】 None

【General ability】 2



While looking at the information on the monitor, Lee Dong-hyun sighed.

‘Ugh, a non-attribute Awakener.

Normally, even an F-class Awakener would have some sort of attribute.

However, there are times when they do not have any attributes.

There are rare cases where an Awakener who has no attributes but still manages to awaken general abilities are called Non-Attribute Awakeners.

“You’re a Non-Attribute Awakener, which means you don’t have an Attribute, but you have two General Abilities.
This makes it very difficult for you to be recognized as a normal Hunter.”

“An Non-Attribute awakener?”

I’m sorry, but that’s what it says.”

“That can’t be right, my status window clearly shows that I have the attribute Natural Enemy of Vampires.”


Jun-young protested, but Lee Dong-hyun shook his head with a slightly mocking smile.


“I hate to tell you this, but there are many people who lie and say they can see the status window even when they’re not awake, and there are even some who claim to have the S-rank attribute.”

“So you’re saying that I’m lying?”

“Of course, in some cases, they’re not lying.
Some people long for it so much that they sometimes think they’re an S-class Awakened even though they weren’t even awakened, and in that case, psychological counseling is required.”

“I’m saying that I definitely have the Natural Enemy of a vampire attribute.
Would you believe it if I showed you how I catch mosquitoes?”

Jun-young was getting angry, but Lee Dong-hyun replied in a businesslike tone.

“People can be mistaken and lie, but machines can neither be mistaken nor can they lie.
The bottom line is that we have no way of verifying information that hasn’t been scanned by this device.”

He handed Joon-Young a printout of his awakening confirmation.

“Still, in rare cases, depending on the strength of your general abilities, you may be recognized as an F-ranked Hunter or an Assistant Hunter.
Take this and go to the Hunter Management Division in the district office.”


* * *


Coming out of the community center, Jun-young stared at the Awakening Confirmation Certificate with a puzzled expression for a moment.

A non-attribute awakening.

No attributes, no special abilities, just two general abilities, and that’s it.

‘This can’t be right, the machine must have gotten it wrong.’

Just to be sure, I summoned the status window.

【Name】 Kang Junyoung

【Level】 1

【Mana】 80/80

【Attributes】 Natural enemy of vampires(?)

【Special ability】 Vampiric Immunity(?), Vampire Detection(?), Agile Hands(?)

【General ability】 Mana Mosquito Net (C), Rub If Bitten (A)


Clearly, there are attributes and special abilities.

But why did it say they weren’t present?

It is possible that the device might have scanned it and gotten a different result than what is shown in the status window?

I need to check if there are other cases like this.

I immediately googled it on my smartphone.

‘There were hundreds of claims, and it turns out they were all false.

Without a single exception, they were false.

Most of the time, it’s people claiming to have status windows when they don’t.

And, as the community center worker said, some people were actually so desperate to be awakened that they thought they actually had awakened.

‘Could it be that I’m actually one of them?’

Jun-young sighed and shook his head.

‘Even if I am, I’m still an Awakened.’

Even if someone’s an Awakened with no attributes, they’re still an Awakened.

It’s just that I’m not considered as a Hunter.

“And I’m not a Non-Attribute, but an Attribute Awakener.

The mosquitoes had already been used to test the abilities of the special abilities associated with the natural enemies of the vampire.

‘Is the device not able to scan it because the rank is indicated by a question mark?’

I search for this as well.

But I didn’t find anything like that anywhere.

I posted my own question on the Hunter forums.

“Is it possible that I’m awakened and my attribute rating is a question mark?”

I got a lot of mixed responses.

└Your talent rating is “?” I can’t believe it.

└You should ask the Hunter Association.

└I think you should go to the hospital, not the association haha.

└But is that higher than the S rank?

└Yeah, that’s EX-rank.
?EX ㅇㅇ?

└Hey, you should make some fantasy novels, haha.

└Crazy… What is an EX-rank anyway?


These are not answers from actual Hunters, but from wannabe Hunters or people interested in Hunters.

Seeing that a lot of meaningless chatter being posted, it seems that the question mark rating does not exist.

“If it did, it would have come out of the device earlier.

In conclusion, question mark ranking is not nationally recognized.


I can’t help but sigh.

When I woke up, I wondered if everything was a dream.

Fortunately, it wasn’t, but why was it a question mark?

‘I thought it was a jackpot, but it wasn’t.’

I would rather be acknowledged with an F rating than an unrecognized ? rating

‘But they said if my general skills are good enough, they’ll recognize me as an F rank hunter.’

Meanwhile, Jun-young is walking towards Gwangjin-gu Office.

Now all I have to do is rely on my general abilities.

Mana Mosquito Net (C)]

-Spread a mana mosquito net around a target.
The duration and power increase with your level.

-Mana cost: 1

Rub If Bitten (A)]

-Cures the target of a bloodsucker bite.
By rubbing the bite with your hand, the pain and itching will disappear and the venom will be removed.
Healing power increases with level.

-Mana cost: 1

The ability to spread a mosquito net with mana, and the ability to remove the itch from the bites of creatures like mosquitoes.

‘They’re both useless to me.’

Junyoung has vampiric immunity, which means he can’t be bitten by mosquitoes or other bloodsuckers.

He doesn’t get bitten in the first place, so there’s no reason to treat himself.

But it’s a different story for the others.

He can spread mana mosquito nets to protect them from mosquito bites, or he can remove the itch from their bites.

‘But is this really going to get me an F?’

I sighed.

Honestly, these abilities are too embarrassing to even mention.

‘Mana Mosquito Net’ can be solved by going to the pharmacy and buying a mosquito repellent, and ‘Rub If Bitten’ can be replaced with an ointment for mosquito bites.

‘But there’s no need to give up so early.’

Junyoung intends to give it his best shot.

“If I can’t be a Class F Hunter, I can at least be recognized as an Assistant Hunter.’

There’s no government funding for assistant hunters, but they can sometimes be hired by full time hunters to earn money.

As an unemployed man, all I want is to be recognized even as an assistant hunter.

‘But why are there so many mosquitoes?’

I’m waiting for the traffic light at the crosswalk in front of the ward office building, and mosquitoes are swarming around me.

There are dozens of mosquitoes near the electricity pole alone.

“If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t care, but now that i have seen it i just couldnt pass it

They’re pretty calm even when their nemesis is around.

‘Good, let’s make some extra money.’

Tick! Tick-tock——!

[You’ve earned 100 won].

[You’ve earned 100 won].




You don’t have to swat them to kill them, a simple flick of the finger will do the trick.

And it’s not pleasant to have their remains on your hands.

-Today’s Vampire Kill: 53/100

I’ve killed quite a few, but there are still a few left.

If possible, let’s kill all 100 of them and earn a nice 10,000 won today.


While I’m killing the mosquitoes, a sharp sound suddenly pierces my ears.

A mosquito is flying towards Jun-young at an incredibly fast pace.

Even so, Jun-young’s senses have already detected it.

‘This one’s twice the size of a normal mosquito.’

But what are those red horns on its head?

Two curved horns, almost like a demon.

‘They’re not horns, but hair.’

It’s so small that he mistook the fur for a horn.

‘The more I look at it, the more peculiar it looks.

Its stinger is several times the size of other mosquitoes and it looks sharp, as though it were a sword.

I can feel a force reminiscent of the Sword Masters of the Mosquito World.

But what can you do in front of the mosquitoes’ mortal enemy?


Jun-young snaps his fingers, and the creature’s body splits into several pieces and falls to the ground helplessly.

[You’ve earned 100 yuan].

Even if it’s a sword master mosquito, it still only gives me 100 won?

Somehow, the world of the mosquito is a fair place without any discrimination.

[You have leveled up].

“Why did I suddenly level up?


Kang Jun-young

【Level】 2

【Mana】 120/120


I check my status window and I see that nothing else has changed.

However, the total amount of mana has increased by 40 points, from 80 to 120.

And although it isn’t shown in the status bar.

‘I suddenly feel lighter.’

Is it because I have more mana?

My steps are lighter and my arm strength seems to have also been increased.

‘They say that when you become a Hunter, you get stronger as you level up, so I guess that’s true.’

I don’t have any combat abilities other than catching mosquitoes, so if I get stronger, I guess that’s it.

Still, it’s interesting that I can level up just by catching mosquitoes.

‘The light changed.’

The blue pedestrian light flashes, and Jun-young quickly crosses the street and enters the ward office building.

Just like that, Jun-young was gone.

Two sharp-faced individuals, Yoo Jong-soo and Park Hyun-min, started looking at the mosquitoes near the crosswalk.

“Someone must have killed the mosquitoes here.”

They were surprised to see the mosquito carcasses lying dead under the electric pole.

“But they’re all just ordinary mosquitoes.
Are you sure this is the direction it went, Mr.

“Yes, there’s no doubt about it, Mr.

“Are you sure you didn’t miss any traces?”

“I don’t see any, sir.
Maybe it’s dead.
It could be one of the dead mosquitoes over there.
Or maybe it was eaten by a bird.”

“If it was a normal mosquito, then it might be possible, but that one is so fast it wouldn’t be easy to catch it unless you’re a hunter.”

“I did hear that one D-class Hunter died last night after being bitten by a red-horned devil mosquito.”

“That’s the problem, if such a poisonous bastard bites a normal person, it’s the end for them.”

Just then, Yoo Jong-soo caught sight of a pigeon nearby.

“What is that?”

“It looks like the carcass of a Red Horned Devil Mosquito.”

Jongsoo’s body teleported to the pigeon’s side.

He snatched the pigeon with one hand and pulled out the carcass of the mosquito from its beak.

“That’s the one.”

“Haha, what did I tell you? The natural enemies of insects are birds.
Even the greatest of bloodsuckers are nothing in the face of a bird.”

Yoo Jong-soo nodded.

“I don’t know if I should give this pigeon a medal or something, but was there really just one of them?”

That’s the only one that’s dangerous.
The others that popped up are more venomous than ordinary mosquitoes, but they’re not deadly.”

“Still, I’ve heard that they’re more venomous than mosquitoes.
If a normal person gets bitten, they could end up in the hospital.”

“All we can do is spray bug spray and be as careful as possible.”

“Do you have any idea how many are out there?”

” I don’t know to be honest.”


“We can’t help it, the sensors at the gate are only picking up the ones that are classified as dangerous, and the authorities are basically doing nothing but telling us to be more vigilant.
Of course, they’re broadcasting daily announcements telling us to watch out for mosquitoes.”

“That’s a pretty lame response.
Don’t they realize that mosquitoes could be responsible for one of the doomsday scenarios?”

“Do you really believe that’s going to happen?”

They placed the remains of the collected red-horned devil mosquito in a plastic bag and started heading toward the ward office building.

* * *

Meanwhile, Junyoung entered the ward office building and headed to the Hunter Management Division on the third floor.

‘Is it because I’ve leveled up, my whole body feels so refreshed.’

No matter what supplements or energy drinks he took, he would never be able to feel this good.

Junyoung has always had a low level of stamina, so he gets tired after doing just a little bit of anything.

But today it’s different.

My body hasn’t changed, but my stamina has improved a bit?

Especially after reaching level 2, I can feel it even more clearly.

‘There’s an unknown energy in my body.
Maybe it’s mana?’

For now, I feel healthy, and that’s what makes me feel cheerful .

Even if I don’t get recognized as an F-ranked Hunter, I won’t be disappointed.

Just being healthy is a big deal.

‘If I’m healthy, I can do anything.’

The reason why he is an unemployed is because of his low physical strength, which tires him out quickly.

He was born weak.

He had a lot of different ailments.

But after becoming an Awakened, he found hope to overcome his limitations.

If I continue to level up, I might even be able to have an almost indestructible physical strength.



[You’ve earned 100 yuan].

But why are there so many mosquitoes here?

Shouldn’t a building as big as the ward office be well-protected?

I’m disappointed that there are so many mosquitoes even inside the building.

‘They’re a bit more agile than normal mosquitoes.’

Of course, they’re nothing in the hands of a agile hand.

Swish! Snap!

I don’t even have to snap my fingers, I just flick them off and the mosquitoes are killed.

Without even realizing it, I’m flicking mosquitoes away and before I know it, I’ve completed my daily mission.

-Today’s Vampire Kill 100/100

[The daily mission is complete].

[No more missions are available today].

[Your mission account balance is now 8,800 KRW].

After subtracting the 1,200 won from earlier, you only have 8,800 won left.

That’s 10,000 won.

“I made money!

Every mosquito looks like money now.

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