Verification Test (1)


When Ahn So-young asked whether he could go there immediately, Jun-young looked at his watch and then he replied.


“It is difficult to come immediately, but I should be able to come at around two in the afternoon.”


–Okay, Mr.
Kang Jun-young.
I take it that you’ll be here by then, thank you very much for your cooperation.


“Yes, I’ll be there by two o’clock.”


After the call had ended, Jun-young got up from his bed, stretched, and then headed to the bathroom.


Washing his face cleared his mind.


“I didn’t even sleep much, but surprisingly enough I feel very refreshed.


Normally, whenever I’m as tired as I was earlier, I would need to take a nap for at least two hours to regain some of my energy.


But now, after only 15 minutes of sleep, I feel very refreshed as if I’ve slept for more than two hours.


Is it because I’ve awakened and my stamina has improved?


‘Anyway, why am I suddenly having my  verification test today?’


Earlier she said that it would take at least a month.


Even if It was moved forward, It’ll only be by a few days earlier at most.


‘Was the mana mosquito net that effective?’


I may not know much about it, but I’m sure it’s very effective at keeping mosquitoes away.


Judging by the excitement in Ahn So-young’s voice, it seems like she has experienced it firsthand.


It’s a good thing that I had spread the mana mosquito net on her as she had requested.


I ate the leftover kimchi stew for breakfast and had a bowl of rice with it.


I then brushed his teeth and took out his suit from the closet.


‘Earlier, I was in a hurry so I went there in a very casual outfit’.


The sagging sweatpants and flip-flops were only suitable for a walk to a local convenience store.


I don’t usually wear a suit, so it felt kinda awkward.


Nevertheless, it would be good to give off a neat impression as much as possible.


Lastly, I applied toner and lotion and sprayed a little perfume.


“Today I’ll definitely come back as an assistant hunter.”


Even though there was no one at home, Junyoung shouted like that and headed towards the front door.


At that moment, the front door opened.


“Oh, Junyoung, where are you going?”


“brother why are you wearing a suit? Is it for a friend’s wedding?”


My mom, Lee Kyung-sun, and my sister, Kang Eun-ah, were standing there with a shopping bag.


“What? Mom, didn’t you go to work today?”


“No,today I have a day off.”


“What about you, Eun-ah?”


“I shifted my working hours to the evening shift.”


It seems like they were out for a walk to buy some groceries.


“So where are you going?”


“I have an appointment at the district office.”


“At the District office? Why?”


“I’ll tell you once I get back.
Ah, I bought the pay-as-you-go bags.
And there are popsicles in the freezer.”


“Can’t you let me know in advance? What’s going on?”


I have an appointment right now.”


Be safe on the way.”


“Yes, mom.”


“Brother, watch out for the mosquitoes.
There are a lot of them out there.”


“Haha, don’t worry.”


It’s the mosquitoes who need to be careful, not me.


Jun-young soon left the front door and walked down the stairs


‘Should I have told them?’


However,it’s not guaranteed that I will become an assistant hunter.


‘I don’t want them to get excited only to be disappointed later’


So Jun-young didn’t say anything to them and left quickly.


How great it would be if I could come back home in the evening and show them my Assistant Hunter License.


[Mana : 120/120]


‘I regained all my mana while I was sleeping.’


I feel very good.


Jun-young then quickly walked towards the district office.


‘Well, since I am already doing the verification test, should I ask them for a retest as well?’


Even if it is a question mark rank, it’s so unfair to be labelled as a non-attribute awakener even though I have an attribute.


‘Let’s ask them.
After all, there’s nothing to lose’


If only my attribute is revealed, then I would  at least be an F rank awakner.


Then I can receive treatment that is on a completely different level from that of an assistant hunter


‘It could be a problem with the machine at the community centre.’


I think the result  would be more accurate if it’s the testing equipment  at the district office.


* * *


“Why can’t I do a retest when I’m asking for it?”


“I’m sorry sir, but having further retesting is no longer possible.”


“Why is it not possible? As a public servant, shouldn’t you fulfill what the citizens ask for?”


“It has already been reported that you have undergone retesting twice at the community center.
It was determined that you are not an Awakener.
What can I do If you continue to insist like this?”


“How many times do I have to tell you that I’ve gained the S-class Transcendent magical attribute? Hurry up and test me again with the device at the district office.”


“The inspection equipment at the district office is the same type as the new one at the community centre.”


“Shut up and get me retested right now, or I’ll wipe you all out with my S-class Transcendent Magic Talent.”


A man in his 50s was arguing with a female government official.


He was eventually dragged away by the police as he kept on ranting.


S-class Transcendent Magic Attribute?


Junyoung was dumbfounded as he listened to it.


‘Could there be such a thing?’


“Oh, it’s Mr.
Kang Jun-young.”


Ahn So-young spotted Jun-young and waved at him.


The way she looked at Jun-young is different from before,it’s probably because he’s wearing a suit.


She didn’t say anything, but for some reason  she seemed more friendly.


‘As expected, the way you dress can make a difference.’


Jun-young smiled in satisfaction,he’s glad that he wore a suit, even though it’s a hassle.


“This way, Mr Kang Jun-young.”


As Ahn So-young came out from behind the counter and then she guided Jun-young into an inner room.


“Please follow me.
The head of Hunter Management and the head of Gate Management are waiting for you, Mr.


“It must be hard for you.”




“Because of the people who insist on retesting.”


“Oh, have you seen that?”


He said something about an S-class Transcendent Magic Talent.”


Ahn So-young giggled, then she said quietly so the others wouldn’t hear her.


“We call those kinds of people ‘retest villains’ among ourselves.”


“I guess they deserve to be called villains.”


They’re actually a pain in the ass, because the device never lie, but there are still a lot of people who insist that there’s something about them that the device doesn’t scan, which is why we have the latest devices at the community center, but even then, there’s a lot of people who don’t believe it and come in every day and cause a scene.”




Joon-young’s heart sank for a second.


‘I’d better not bring up the subject of retesting.’


He’d forgotten about it for a while because of that mister’s rant, but he’d actually wanted to ask for a retest himself.


And if he brought it up now, he’d be looked as if he was being ridiculous.


‘If it’s the same device as the one from the community center then there is no use in being retested.’


It would be better to undergo a proper verification of general abilities instead of getting caught up in unnecessary arguments and being labelled as retest villains.


Now that it has come to this, it’s probably best to keep the ‘The Natural enemy of Vampires’ attribute a secret to myself.


Knock, knock!


Ahn So-young knocked on the door.


“This is Ahn So-young.
I’m here with Mr.
Kang Jun-young.”


“Yes, please come in.”


A voice of a man in his 40s came from inside.


He immediately followed Ahn so-young into the room, where there were five people with sharp expressions staring at him.


“Welcome, Mr.
Kang Jun-young.
I’m Kwak Sang-woo, the head of the Hunter Management division.”


“I’m Kang Jun-young.”


Ahn So-young then introduced the other 4 people.


“That’s Jongsoo Yoo, head of the gate management team, and the three people next to him are all Hunters: from left to right, Ms.
Kwak Hye-na, an A-rank Hunter, Mr.
Lee Jun, a C-rank Hunter, and Ms.
Park Yura, a C-rank Hunter.”


Kwak Hye Na, Lee Jun, and Park Yura all gave a slight nod toward Jun Young.


‘Holy shit!’


What kind of test proctors are these?


including Ahn So-young, A total of six people are now looking at Jun-young.


It’s amazing that there’s even an A-rank Hunter among them.


She’s a woman in her 20s with eyes as cold as frost.


She has the typical characteristics of a prodigy.


‘So this is Kwak Hye-na,It is said that she has an extraordinary presence.’


It’s not just the force.


Her celebrity-like face is also very familiar.


It’s Because she is one of the most  famous hunters who frequently appears on TV.


I never thought that an A Rank Hunter would come to test the general ability of an non attribute Awakener.


‘Is the general ability verification test usually this rigorous?’




At that moment, a mosquito flew behind him like a gust of wind.




Jun Young subconsciously flicked his hand backwards, blowing it away.


It may seem ridiculous, but he can hear the screams of the mosquito.


It was a little unpleasant at first, but now he enjoys it.




Kwak Sang-woo and others stare wide-eyed as Jun-young casually kills a mosquito like it’s no big deal.


Kwak Hye-na’s eyes widened as if she was surprised, but she quickly changed her expression back to one of nonchalance.


“That’s not normal, is it? It looks like he swung his hand casually, but he did it exactly where the mosquito was, without even looking at it.
Is that because of his general ability?”


The man who asked that question to Jun-young had a sporty haircut and a tough look.


He looks like a homicide detective.


He’s  Yoo Jong-soo, the head of the gate management team, who also happens to be a D-class hunter before becoming a civil servant.


“No, I’m just really good at catching mosquitoes.”


Of course, that’s a lie.


Before,He was always getting his blood sucked out by mosquitoes, but now he had a special ability called that came along with .


However, he knows better than to tell others about his ability being undetected by scanning equipment, as that would only lead to him being mocked as a ‘retest villain’.


“That’s amazing, even most hunters can’t catch mosquitoes that easily.”


Yoo Jong-soo looks genuinely impressed.


Then he glanced at the papers that had his report and spoke again.


” Mr.
Kang’s general abilities are listed as Grade C and Grade A .
Is that correct?”




“Then let’s get right to it, Chief!”


Kwak Sang-woo nodded and glanced at Jun-young.


“Actually, Kang Jun-young’s abilities are not combat-related, so I’ve been thinking about how to verify them and I’ve come to the conclusion that a simple and straightforward method would be the best.
I want you to spread your mana mosquito net on five of us, excluding one.”


“Only on five people?”


One of us must never unfurl the mosquito net, because he or she will surely be bitten by a mosquito.
Now, everyone, roll up your sleeves!”


one of us needs to be bitten by a mosquito so don’t spread mana mosquito net on them.
Now everyone roll up your sleeves”


The moment he said that, the expressions of the other five people, including Ahn So-young, became tense.


They all rolled up their sleeves to reveal the backs of their hands and arms.


‘Really now.’


Joon-young let out a small chuckle.


It was really a simple method.
After a while, they released a few mosquitoes.


With that, the person on whom the is spread should be able to confirm that they are not being bitten by mosquitoes, and the person who is bitten should be able to confirm the healing ability of the Rub If Bitten (A).


However, there are plenty of places where mosquitoes can bite even if you don’t roll up your sleeves like that.


Like Neck, cheeks, ears, fingers, etc.


‘Please, please, please put a mosquito net on me.’


At that moment, I could feel the desperation in Ahn’s eyes.


Yoo Jong-soo, who has a tough masculine image, also looks at Joon-young with a smile that is almost too humane at this moment.


Even Kwak Hye-na doesn’t want to be bitten by a mosquito, so she looks at Joon-young with a friendly smile.




That’s right.


It may seem ridiculous, but at least at this moment, Joon-Young has the upper hand.


Anyone excluded from his mana mosquito net would be helplessly exposed to the brutal attack from the swarm of mosquitoes.


Surprisingly, it’s Kwak Sang-woo who seems to be the most relaxed in this situation.


In fact, he seems to be enjoying it.


Even though an A rank hunter is here, he’s the one who has the final say on Joon-young’s qualifications.


Naturally, he assumes that Jun-young has enough awareness of the situation, so he leisurely enjoys observing who will become the sacrificial lamb for the mosquitoes today.


“Mana mosquito net! Mana mosquito net! Mana mosquito net——.”


But, Junyoung thought differently.


‘Maybe Kwak Sang-woo, who is the decision maker, should get bitten by a mosquito.

That way, he would be able to experience the effectiveness of the ‘rub it off’ method firsthand.’


Chak! Chak!


A red spider web-like light shoots out from Junyoung’s hand, and even Kwak Hye-na, an  A rank Hunter, flinches in surprise.


Normally, she would have dodge it, but she had read the report on Junyoung’s general ability beforehand, so she stayed put.


Just like that, mana mosquito nets surrounded the bodies of the five test proctors except for Kwak Sang-woo.


“Whoa, thank goodness.”


“Haha, thank you, Mr.
Kang! By the way, Chief, why are your sleeves down?”


Unlike the relieved faces of Ahn So-young and Yoo Jong-soo, Kwak Sang-woo’s expression turned grim.


He pulled his sleeves down at Yoo Jong-soo’s question.


–Then I’ll send in the mosquitoes, Chief.


A voice came from the speaker.


There were other people monitoring the room from outside.


” Wait, hold on a minute, no, okay, do it.”


Kwak Sang-woo still looked quite bewildered, as if he hadn’t expected himself to be the sacrificial lamb.


‘Damn it! It’s ruined.
I made a bet for tomorrow’s  lunch ‘


He feels a pang of bitterness in my stomach as he looks at the smiling faces of Yoo Jong-soo and others.


Now is not the time to dwell on such things.


Weng~ Weng! Weeng!


One side of the ceiling opened and a swarm of mosquitoes started coming from there.


“Wait! How many mosquitoes did you let out? Mr.
Kim, weren’t we supposed to release only two or three of them?”


I instructed them to put in three or four.


-I apologise, sir.
It was a mistake on the part of the social service worker.
Please forgive us.


The voice over the speaker is filled with panic.


“What mistake? How many of them did you send?”


–We are trying to figure out the exact number, sir .


 You don’t even know how many of them there are?

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