Chapter 14

Yang Xi’s thought process was beautiful, but reality was cruel.
After squatting in the subway for a long time, he did not encounter another unlucky person like that disguised thief.

Indeed, there were very few Espers in this world.
Espers with combat potential would naturally become Heroes after being discovered.
Even if they did not walk the path of a Hero, they would often be absorbed by unofficial Esper organizations or become the bodyguards of some wealthy people.

And because of the existence of the Espers Act, people rarely used their Esper Abilities in public.
Naturally, the chances of Yang Xi encountering it were very low.

After wasting a day, Yang Xi could only change his train of thought.

Since he couldn’t rob Esper Abilities from human beings for the time being, robbing Esper Abilities from Mystic Beasts was also a good choice.

Strip’s activation condition was that the target must have lost the ability to resist.

After the Cyclops Predator was insta-killed by Yang Xi the last time, he had stripped the Fire-resistant Shell Esper Ability from its clone.

That meant that he could strip Esper Abilities from the bodies of dead Mystic Beasts as well.

Yang Xi thought of two places where he could come into contact with dead Mystic Beasts.

One was the Deer Harbor City Museum, where specimens of Mystic Beasts that had invaded many years ago were stored.
These Mystic Beasts that had invaded in the early days were made into specimens for exhibition to inspire the courage of the humans at that time to resist.

The Mystic Beasts that invaded now did not receive such treatment.
They were sent to the Hero Association’s subordinate organization—Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center.

There, the corpses of Mystic Beasts would be completely cleaned up.
After all, some Mystic Beast corpses, if they were not handled properly, could cause a disaster.

In the past, there was a place called Bear Mountain City.
Due to the failure to dispose of the corpse of a Grade-A Mystic Beast in time, a large number of insect-type Mystic Beasts hatched from the corpse, resulting in the deaths of millions of citizens.
That place was still a restricted area of the federation to date.

There was also some obscure news about people and organizations selling Mystic Beast flesh.
But no one knew whether it was true or not.

It was unknown which person had the guts to even try the meat of a Mystic Beast.

Of these two places, the Deer Harbor City Museum was open to the public.
As for the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center, it required some means to enter.

“I’ll try my luck at the museum first.”

After Yang Xi finished planning for the next day, his stomach started rumbling.

He opened a packet of sour beef soup instant noodles.
Just as he was about to soak it in hot water, Yang Xi suddenly remembered the introduction of Flaming Fist.
Grade-C Esper Ability, a must have for a master chef.

“Since I have this Esper Ability, why am I still soaking it in hot water? I’ll try cooking the instant noodles directly!”

After activating the Flaming Fist Esper Ability Bead in his body, Yang Xi found a pot and placed all the ingredients of the sour beef soup instant noodles into it to cook.
In the end, he managed to change the original method for making “instant noodles” to making “cooked noodles”.
It could be said that he had used this special ability to change his life.

The only flaw was that because it was the first time he used Flaming Fist, the bottom of the pot used to cook the noodles had been burnt black.
It would probably be wasted after a few more uses.

When he used Flaming Fist, Yang Xi also thought of a problem.
Raging Flames did not have his Grade-B Fire-resistant Shell.
What if his Flaming Fist ability accidentally burned the other parts of his body?

Thinking of this, Yang Xi, who was eager for knowledge, took the risk to conduct an experiment.

He could not bear to burn his own flesh directly, so he cut off his own hair and threw it into the flames of Flaming Fist.

The tuft of hair was not covered with Fire-resistant Shell, but it was unharmed by the flames of Flaming Fist.

“Could it be a rule similar to turning off friendly-fire? His own flames can’t hurt him? What is the logic behind this?”

This was a question that Yang Xi could not figure out no matter how hard he tried.
He could only leave it for the future.

The next day.

There were still five days until the transaction with Liu Yuan.

Yang Xi and Fan Peng arrived at the Deer Port City Museum.

Fan Peng, who was wearing sunglasses and a beige windbreaker, walked forward.
“I say, Old Yang, you weren’t very interested in Mystic Beasts and Heroes in the past.
Why are you so enthusiastic about such things now?”

Yang Xi said, “In the past, I felt that the invasion of Mystic Beasts was a distant matter.
However, after that incident, I felt that it was very likely that I would encounter such danger again.
If I understand more about Mystic Beasts, I will have a higher chance of survival.”

Fan Peng was amused.
“Does this count as Stockholm Syndrome? You’re not going to become like those exotic fans online, are you?”

“Stockholm Syndrome is about developing a positive impression for one’s own kidnappers.
I’ve never been kidnapped by a Mystic Beast before, so where would this illness come from? Besides, I’m not here just to gain knowledge about them; I have other matters to attend to.”

Yang Xi was in no mood to pay attention to this guy.
He was focused on reading the introduction of a Mystic Beast.

Fan Peng pulled off his sunglasses and started looking around.
“Is there something else? Don’t tell me you have a date with a girl? No wonder you didn’t let me follow you.”

Yang Xi really regretted bringing this guy here.
He was too noisy.

“I’m planning to write a manuscript about the invasion of Mystic Beasts.” He patted Fan Peng and pointed at the seven-meter tall specimen of a Mystic Beast.
“What do you think will happen if I sneak in and touch this Mystic Beast?”

“Ah?” Fan Peng was a little dumbfounded.
“That’s not too good, right?”

“We’re reporters, so we naturally have to seek truth from facts.
I’ve never even touched a Mystic Beast before, so how can I write a good report?”

“But they clearly have a cordon around them.”

Fan Peng knew Yang Xi very well.
In front of news material, he was sufficiently crazy.
This was also the reason why Yang Xi was able to stand out from the many intern reporters until now.

The editor-in-chief had taken a liking to his wild nature and felt that he was a promising talent.
In the future, he would be a rising star in the media industry.
That was why he had decided to give him a chance to be promoted.

“No sh*t.
Tell you what, let’s play rock-paper-scissors.
The loser will have to touch all the beasts in the museum later!”

Fan Peng was somewhat confused.
“Isn’t this your report? What does it have to do with me?”

Yang Xi said indifferently, “If you don’t dare, then forget it.”

At this moment, Fan Peng could no longer bear it and said, “Who wouldn’t dare to do that? Let’s have a rock-paper-scissors game then.
We’ll decide the outcome of the match in one round.
Don’t try to talk about winning two out of three or three out of five rounds with me!”

The corner of Yang Xi’s mouth twitched.
He was only trying to provoke Fan Peng to find a more natural excuse to interact with the Mystic Beasts later.

Furthermore, from what he knew, this good friend of his would always start with a rock.
All he needed to do was start with scissors.

But unexpectedly, Fan Peng, this simple-minded fellow, actually started with paper this time.

Yang Xi :”…”

Fan Peng scratched his head and looked at Yang Xi with embarrassment.
“Why don’t we have two wins out of three?”

After three rounds, Yang Xi successfully lost to Fan Peng and “unwillingly” crossed the cordon.

Fan Peng, on the other hand, had mixed feelings.
He wanted to inform Yang Xi to run before the museum administrator arrived.

“Fortunately, it’s not some jewelry or antiques.
No one can steal such a huge specimen anyway.
The security of the museum is so casual.”

Looking at the tyrannosaurus rex-like Mystic Beast in front of him, Yang Xi stood under its feet and felt extremely small.

Mystic Beast Introduction: Plasma Tyrannosaurus, S-Class Mystic Beast.
Height: 7-meters, length: 12-meters.
Early species of Mystic Beasts invaders.

The plasma that came out of its mouth had once caused a huge disaster, causing the eastern district of Deer Harbor to be paralyzed.
Five Grade-A, 13 Grade-B, and 27 Grade-C Heroes perished.

The martyr list:…

Yang Xi looked at the dinosaur-like Mystic Beast whose body seemed to have been outlined with blue-paint-like electrical marks.
He took a deep breath and slowly placed his hand on it.

Esper Ability Strip activated…

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