Chapter 15

In Yang Xi’s perception, Strip took nearly three seconds to cover the entire body of the Plasma Tyrannosaurus.

Be it humans or Mystic Beasts, this process had always been completed in an instant.
But now, it required three seconds.
It could be considered as very ‘slow’.

“I wonder if it’s because of the level of the Mystic Ability or the sheer physical size of the Plasma Tyrannosaurus.”

“Or perhaps it’s because it’d died too long ago.”

This Plasma Tyrannosaurus had died a hundred years ago.

Finally, Strip started locating the special energy.
However, Yang Xi could feel that the energy that Strip required for absorption had already dried up.

“So, the last time I was able to extract the Esper Ability from the body of the Mystic Beast was because it was done immediately?”

Finally, with Yang Xi’s full effort, a faint orange Esper Ability Bead appeared in his palm.

[Esper Ability: Electric Plasma

Introduction: Can create electric plasma.

Evaluation: Grade-E.
Maybe you can use it to charge your phone.]

Yang Xi :”…”

Are you kidding me? I only extracted an E-Grade Esper Ability from a S-Grade Mystic Beast?

“So with the passage of time, the grade of the Esper Ability would also decline.”

Yang Xi had a premonition that his harvest at the museum today would be rather disappointing.

As expected, Yang Xi touched 13 specimens of Mystic Beasts and only obtained two Esper Abilities..

One was an F-Grade ability called Clone.
It could create a clone that could exist for one minute, and it could only possess one percent of the original body’s strength.

The other was Puppet Control, a Grade-F ability.
It could make people have a good impression of him.

“As the level of the Esper Ability decreases, the power of the Esper Ability weakens to an appalling level.
It can only make people have a good impression of him, what kind of Puppet Control is this!”

“From the looks of it, Electric Plasma is actually really powerful.
With just an E-Grade, I can actually charge my phone.”

Yang Xi suddenly had an epiphany.

Perhaps, in the entire Esper world, only he could see such a scene that pointed to the essence of Esper Abilities.

The special energy that was contained in the Mystic Beast’s entire body was extracted and condensed into an Esper Ability Bead.

With the passage of time, the once powerful and domineering top-notch Esper Abilities actually degenerated to Grade-E and Grade-F useless abilities.

“The Esper world had never been able to give a reasonable explanation for the improvement of Esper Abilities.
The so-called development of Esper Abilities is more about the diversity of the usage method of Esper Abilities.
It’s just deepening the users’ understanding of their abilities.
The change in the intrinsic strength of Esper Abilities is the situation for only a small number of Heroes.”

“And when evaluating the strength of Heroes, it’s usually just based on the number of times the Hero successfully completed missions, and the level of disaster he solved.”

Yang Xi sat in the car and closed his eyes to rest.

Perhaps in this world, he was now one of the few people who had truly discovered the essence of Esper Abilities.

“Can I try to disassemble or degrade an Esper Ability?”

This bold idea appeared in Yang Xi’s mind and he could not stop thinking about it.

Once he got home, he casually dismissed Fan Peng and sat on the bed to try it out.

The target Esper Ability was Flaming Fist which he got from Raging Flames.

Firstly, this Esper Ability was of limited help to Yang Xi at the moment.
It was only used to cook noodles.

Spirit Shock that could directly impact the spirit was more effective and convenient.
Moreover, the spiritual attack was undetectable and could be concealed well.

Needless to say, the current Fire-resistant Shell was still not bad.

In the end, Yang Xi was willing to use Flaming Fist as an experiment because too many people knew the origin of this Esper Ability.
Once it was used, it was very likely that people would deduce something.

If it was just the ability to erase Esper Abilities, the Hero agencies could still sit still.
After all, some Esper Abilities were learning types.
For example, there were Esper Abilities that could increase the effect of training.
Such Esper Abilities would not directly increase the strength of the Esper, and it still required years of sweat and tears for them to develop their strength.

For this kind of Esper Ability, even if the Esper Ability was removed, their physical strength still existed.

Espers like that still had the ability to fight against opponents who could dispel abilities.

However, the ability to plunder others’ Esper Abilities could be used to create extremely powerful Espers.
The danger level between the two could not be compared.

As for Yang Xi’s’ Esper Ability Potion Plan’, it had the potential to turn Esper Abilities into a kind of technique.

Strip was an Esper ability.
As such, the Esper organizations and Heroes companies had no means to obtain it.
They would only think of destroying the ability user.

In contrast, the ‘Esper Ability Potion Technique’ could be spread and learned.
These Esper organizations would most likely choose to fight for it actively.
This gave Yang Xi enough space to maneuver.

Yang Xi activated Strip and shrouded it around the green-colored Flaming Fist Esper Ability Bead.

In the past, Yang Xi treasured these Esper Ability Beads very much, except for the time he used one to experiment on the control distance of the Esper Ability Beads.





Yang Xi kept repeating this word in his heart.
In his mind, he kept imagining the scene of this Esper Ability Bead shattering or splitting apart.


Yang Xi seemed to have entered an illusion.
He saw a faint crack appear on the surface of the Esper Ability Bead!

Is this real?

“It worked!”

Yang Xi nearly jumped out of the bed!

Yang Xi increased the strength of his Spirit Power and the Esper Ability Bead finally broke apart.
Following that, it started to change color and its size also changed.
It slowly split into three yellow-colored Esper Ability Beads.

[Esper Ability: Ignite

Introduction: Can produce flames without any tools.

Evaluation: Grade-D.
We need you for the bonfire party.

Esper Ability: Fire Control

Introduction: Can control existing flames.

Evaluation: Grade-D-.
Time to throw some fireballs!

Esper Ability: Super Boxer

Introduction: Learn all kinds of boxing techniques in an instant.

Evaluation: Grade-D.
Casually become a champion boxer.]

“So it can really break high-level Esper Abilities into lower-level Esper Abilities!”

Yang Xi sighed, “But why do these three Esper Abilities look so much more fun than the Grade-C Esper Ability, Flaming Fist?”

Then, Yang Xi split Ignite into three Grade-E Esper Abilities.
Its power could only be used for lighting cigarettes now.

The Grade-E Esper Abilities were broken down further and turned into Grade-F Esper Abilities.
If one wanted to ignite a piece of paper, one still had to focus on it for a minute.
Furthermore, there was a certain chance of failure.
It was pitifully weak.

No wonder Lin Naixue didn’t realize that she had an Esper Ability…

“Can Grade-F Esper Abilities still be disassembled further?”

Yang Xi, who was already a little crazy, asked himself.

He was like a madman who had opened a treasure chest, reaching out his demonic hands towards the weak, helpless, and pitiful red-colored Esper Ability Bead.

The red Esper Ability Bead trembled as it was wrapped by Strip.
Finally, it cracked after a sad cry.
But this time, it became a bunch of small black cubes.

Yang Xi counted.
There were a total of 10 pieces.

[Disassembled a Grade-F Esper Ability, obtained 10 units of Dark Energy.]

This time, there was no introduction or evaluation.

“Dark Energy?”

“Could the essence of superpowers be dark energy?”

Yang Xi did not expect that his plan of using the Esper Ability Gene explanation to trick Liu Yuan was actually based on truth.
The Esper Abilities in the body of Espers were formed with Dark Energy?

Yang Xi felt that if he made this discovery public, he might even be able to become a professor in a university’s Hero faculty…

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