Chapter 20

The most famous Soul Artifact Esper Ability was the one possessed by the second placed Hero, Sky Rupture.
It’s called the Immortal Slaying Diagram.
The four immortal swords summoned by this ability made him invincible, giving him the ability to virtually cut down everything in his path.

The only instance of him being defeated was in his match with the strongest hero, Explosive Man.
But neither Explosive Man nor Sky Rupture had admitted to this match in public.

Back to the main topic, Yang Xi didn’t know how big the storage space of Lots of Cash’s storage bag was.
However, Yang Xi constantly saw her cutting some parts from the Werewolf’s body here and there, and she had indeed stuffed quite a lot of materials into her bag.
Estimating roughly, there were at least a few cubic meters of space.

“Hey, what are you standing there for? Hurry up and take whatever you want.
We don’t have much time.
We’ll have to leave the moment those guys in white coats return.”

Lots of Cash tilted her head and reminded Yang Xi before continuing her work.
She was like a money-grubber, busying about like a diligent bee.

Yang Xi felt somewhat awkward.
As this Werewolf was a humanoid Mystic Beast.
He really couldn’t bring himself to walk up to it and cut off its organs.
However, in order not to arouse Lots of Cash’s suspicion, he still pretended to remove some of the Werewolf’s fur.
Then, he placed his hand on it and used Strip to obtain the Werewolf’s Esper Ability.

[Esper Ability: Werewolf

Introduction: A bloodline Esper Ability which allows one to possess the agility, strength, sense of smell, and regeneration ability of Werewolves.

Evaluation: Grade-D.
It’s best not to go out on a full moon night.]

Based on the information on the corpse, this Werewolf was a Grade-C Mystic Beast.
However, Yang Xi only managed to extract a Grade-D Esper Ability from it.

“Is it because of the time of death? Or is it because too many organs have been removed from it, and its body is no longer whole?”

“Then why was I able to extract the complete Grade-B Fire-resistant Shell from the Cyclops Predator? It has already abandoned most of its body…”

“Maybe this has something to do with the amount of Dark Energy reserved?”

This was the only logical explanation that Yang Xi could come up with.

After the Werewolf died, its Dark Energy had most likely dissipated and its Esper Ability had weakened by one level.
Whereas the Cyclops Predator had transferred all its Dark Energy to the clone, which was why Yang Xi was able to extract its Grade-B Esper Ability.

Seeing Yang Xi stop, Lots of Cash asked curiously, “Huh? You only took a few strands of fur?”

“Yes, that’s all I need.”

Yang Xi showed off the blue fur in his hand.
It had a very tough texture and its defense was probably not bad.

Lots of Cash watched Yang Xi put the fur into his pocket.

Could this be some precious material?

This fellow took such a huge risk to come in here.
He didn’t ask for anything else but a few strands of fur.
There must be something fishy going on.

Yang Xi had no idea that Lots of Cash, this little thief, had already set her eyes on the Werewolf’s fur that he was only using to put up a show with.
He walked alone towards the metallic beast that was lying in another workroom.

“Hey, wait for me!”

Lots of Cash hastily pulled her storage bag back into her body and quickly followed.

She had already said that they would each take their own things.
If Yang Xi took a fancy to any of the items in her order, she really did not want to have to make a move on this uncle who seemed to be quite nice.
If she were to snatch his things, it would hurt the old dude’s pride!

Yang Xi quickly obtained the Mystic Beast’s Esper Ability.

[Esper Ability: Metal Transformation

Introduction: Can manipulate the form of metals into whatever shape you want.

Evaluation: Grade-D.
It’s not a bad idea to start a car mechanic shop with this ability.]

“Ah! I remembered that a customer wanted the eyes of this Mystic Beast.
Where are the eyes?”

Lots of Cash stared at the metallic beast with a dumbstruck expression, and there was a sense of her having no idea where to start with it.

“Forget it, I’ll just pick something randomly and take it away.”

There was already a commotion coming from the staff room and Lots of Cash felt that it was time to leave.

Yang Xi activated Super Brain and instantly realized that something was wrong.

The noises there sounded more like screams.

“Something’s not right.
Something unusual is going on over there!”

Lots of Cash moved closer to Yang Xi and squeezed her little head out from Yang Xi’s arm.

“Uncle, we need to leave now! They’ll probably be done there soon.
Let’s hurry up and leave.
As long as you come with me, I guarantee that you’ll be fine.”

As she did that, Yang Xi noticed that Lots of Cash had swiped out a few strands of Werewolf fur from his pocket.
He pretended not to know.
Anyway, it was just a few strands of ordinary fur.
At best, it could only be used to make a brush.

“You leave first.
I still have something to do over there.”

As the saying goes, courage grows with skill.
Yang Xi immediately ran towards the office where he suspected an accident had happened.

At the same time, the Infiltrator outfit turned into West Chicken.

“Ahhh!!! Help!!!”

A worker whose face was covered in tears and mucus ran out of the door, but his body was immediately dragged back inside.
Then, there was a series of chewing sounds, which made one’s hair stand on ends.

“Hurry up… press the alarm! This beast… has revived!”

The staff’s final shouts could be heard from inside.

Although he could tell that Yang Xi was not from the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center, the staff member still begged Yang Xi to press the alarm before he died.

“The Mystic Beast has revived?”

Yang Xi looked at the slightly ajar door.
The smell inside was strange.
There was the scent of blood, accompanied by a sour smell that was nauseating.

At the same time, Yang Xi felt like he was being watched.

“But brother, you should at least tell me where the alarm is…”

“Uncle… Uncle, why are you still standing here? The Mystic Beast has revived! Why aren’t you running?”

Lots of Cash seemed to be jogging frenziedly on the spot.
Her small hands were still swinging in an animation of running, but her body was not moving.

“Your… on your waist…”

Unknowingly, a sticky tentacle had wrapped around her waist.
However, she was still unaware of it.


As soon as she finished speaking, Lots of Cash was dragged into the dimly lit workspace, leaving behind a long scream.

Yang Xi knew that the situation was bad.
The staff member from before that had been pulled in was eaten within a few seconds.
With Lots of Cash’s small body, it was just a matter of one bite.

Yang Xi couldn’t just sit by and do nothing.
After all, the girl was considered to have some fate with him.
She had even helped him to sneak into this place by accident.
Without further thought, he rushed in after the tentacle.

The room was extremely dark.
Yang Xi directly used Raging Flames to create a fireball in the air to light up the surroundings.
The moment the room lit up, he discovered a skull with tentacles squirming around it.
Lots of Cash was using the parts she had taken from the metallic beast to block the skull’s mouth, preventing it from biting her.

“Uncle, save me!!!”

Metal Transformation!

As his mind spun rapidly, Yang Xi activated the Metal Transformation Esper Ability that he had just obtained.
He controlled the metallic beast part in Lots of Cash’s hand, transforming it to completely cover the mouth of the skull.
At the same time, he moved and cut off the tentacles that were entangling Lots of Cash.

Lots of Cash, this lass, was also very quick-witted.
The moment she was released, she took out the Werewolf skin that she had just cut from her storage bag and wrapped it around herself.
With the protection of the tough Werewolf skin, Lots of Cash was able to avoid being pierced by the white bones on the ground that were like a forest of blades.

Yang Xi pushed the illumination range of the flames and finally saw the true face of the resurrected Mystic Beast.

Its main body was the skeleton of a strange beast, and its body was surrounded with black tentacles.
The tentacles supported its enormous skeleton.
The chewing sound just now came from a bloody mouth that was hidden within the skull.
So this was the heart of this Mystic Beast! At this moment, it had become the feeding organ of the resurrected Skeleton Beast!

Yang Xi couldn’t help but sigh.
“My goodness, Mystic Beasts are really unscientific existences…”

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