Chapter 21

“Uncle, quickly come and help me! The tentacles on my body are hurting me!”

Lots of Cash pitifully moved to Yang Xi’s side, hoping that he could help her remove the broken tentacles.

Only then did Yang Xi notice that there were barbs on the surface of these tentacles.
They directly hooked onto Lots of Cash’s flesh.
Just now, this girl had rolled a few times on the ground and the barbs were deeply embedded in her flesh.

“You little girl.
You know curiosity kills people, don’t you? Why did you have to come along.”

“I thought you knew some inside information and wanted to make a fortune with you!”

Lots of Cash felt that after coming in for so long, Yang Xi had only taken a few inconspicuous pieces of fur (although those pieces of fur were already lying in her storage bag).
Seeing how dangerous this place was, she still came over to join in the fun.
In her mind, there must be something here that could let Yang Xi make a fortune.
Otherwise, there was no reason for the latter to take such a risk to come.

This matter of becoming rich, how could Lots of Cash not be part of it?

What a joke!

However, she regretted it now.

“Bear with it.” Yang Xi helped Lots of Cash remove one of the tentacles with difficulty.
He saw that this girl was in so much pain that her face was covered in tears and snot, but she held back from crying out.

“Why don’t you cry out in pain?”

“I’m saving some energy to run better later!”

Yang Xi smiled and activated Puppet Control’s ability to reduce Lots of Cash’s pain.

“Eh? Why doesn’t it hurt anymore?” Lots of Cash asked curiously.

Yang Xi lied casually, “I blocked your acupuncture point for you so that it won’t hurt that much.”

“Uncle, there really are such things as acupuncture points?.
Can you block a few more for me then?”

“Dream on!” Yang Xi slapped the back of her head.

Finally, Yang Xi helped Lots of Cash remove all the tentacles from her body and sent her away.
“Hurry up and leave this place.
This Mystic Beast is very strange.
It is not a corpse that you can cut and scavenge at will.”

“I know, Uncle!”

Yang Xi turned around, only to see her storing the tentacles that he had just removed from her into her storage bag.

This girl is hopeless!

Yang Xi stopped caring about her and focused on the Skeleton Beast.
It was currently trying to deal with the piece of metal on its mouth.

Dozens of tough tentacles smacked onto the metal plate continuously, causing it to deform somewhat.

Yang Xi muttered, “Looks like this Mystic Beast is a little stupid.
If it wants to eat, why must it insist on using the mouth of the skull? The ribs in front of the heart are not obstructed!”

Seemingly sensing Yang Xi’s mocking gaze, the Skeleton Beast directly changed its target of destruction with its tentacles.
It actually cracked the part of its mouth that was stuck to the metal piece.
With a boom, the metal plate that was connected to the top and bottom rows of the skeleton’s teeth were ripped off and fell onto the mucus-filled ground below.


The Skeleton Beast’s mouth that had finally regained its freedom, opened wide and let out a long howl.
The tentacles on its body danced wildly as they collectively lashed at Yang Xi!

Yang Xi didn’t dare to receive the attack head-on.
He controlled the metal piece on the ground to form a protective shield in front of him.

The tentacles struck the metal shield, causing it to cave in.

Yang Xi seized the opportunity and launched a Spirit Shock at the Skeleton Beast!

An invisible mental shockwave blasted towards the strange heart that had a bloody mouth.

However, the attack did not work.

The tentacles continued lashing against the metal shield like a torrential rain.
Although the metal shield managed to not break, it was constantly being beaten into the ground.
Yang Xi’s space was constantly being compressed.

“Uncle, can you ignite my gasoline tank?”

Lots of Cash pulled out a tank of gasoline from her storage bag and threw it upwards!

The gasoline tank was thrown towards the Skeleton Beast in a parabolic trajectory.
Acting quickly, Yang Xi concentrated and created a ball of fire inside the gasoline tank!

With a loud bang, the gasoline tank exploded violently.
The gasoline that was burning with flames fell on the Mystic Beast like rain and started to burn continuously.

A piercing scream rang out from the Mystic Beast’s strange heart!

“So this thing is afraid of fire!”

Yang Xi secretly felt that it was a pity.
If his Raging Flames Esper Ability was of a higher level, he might be able to seriously injure this Mystic Beast even without using the gasoline tank.

“Uncle, hurry up and attack it! We’ll split the profits for this Mystic Beast, 60-40.
40 percent for you and 60 percent for me!”

Lots of Cash rushed towards the Mystic Beast without regard for her life.
However, Yang Xi grabbed her from behind.

“Swish!” A blade energy appeared abruptly, fiercely slashing half a meter in front of Lots of Cash, leaving a half-meter-deep gash on the ground.

An old man appeared at the door.
His hair was messy, but his white coat was clean.

Who was this if not the director of the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center who’d arrived stylishly late?

“You are the thieves who attacked my men?”

“It seems that I, Broken Stream, have not shown my face for many years.
Just a few young punks who sneaks around have already forgotten who I am.”

Broken Stream?

Yang Xi’s heart beat wildly.
Broken Stream was a powerful Grade-A Hero from Deer Harbor City who’d been famous more than ten years ago.
In his last battle, he fought alone against the Grade-A Mystic Beast, Wild Giant Ape, and killed it dominantly.

Why was a lofty Grade-A Hero now holed up in a Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center as a director?

Yang Xi knew how deep the waters of the Hero Association ran, but there was no need to waste their resources like this.

Still, Broken Stream should only be a middle-aged man in his forties.
Why did he look so old now?

At this point, Broken Stream also noticed the Mystic Beast struggling in the flames.
Looking at the corpses of his subordinates around it, he also understood who the real culprit was.
However, the stubborn man did not change his words.

“Hmph, I’ll settle the score with you guys after I get rid of this beast!”

Broken Stream snorted coldly and jumped up high, delivering a slash at the beast.

Broken Stream’s Esper Ability was the Big Dipper Saber Technique of the Heritage Type.
There were a total of seven moves, and each move corresponded to one of the seven stars of the Big Dipper.
The last move, Army Sunder could easily destroy even an army of thousands.
Even some Grade-S Espers could only avoid such a move temporarily.

“North Star First Form — Ravenous Wolf Slash!”

The Saber Qi transformed into a giant wolf that pounced towards the Mystic Beast.
At this moment, the Mystic Beast had already abandoned the part of its body that had been ignited.
Several of its tentacles rose up to meet the oncoming slash, but they were cleanly sliced off by the Ravenous Wolf Slash.

The tentacles of this Mystic Beast were not tough at all.
Previously, Yang Xi had already managed to slice them off using the Metal Transformation skill.
Naturally, when they came into contact with Broken Stream’s Saber Qi, they could not withstand a single blow.
However, the terrifying strength of this Mystic Beast lay in its powerful regeneration ability.

“Hmm?” Broken Stream frowned as he looked at the Saber Qi that disappeared into the tentacle pile and slashed again.

The Saber Qi split into three and slashed at the Mystic Beast from three different directions.
Broken Stream was afterall, once an all-powerful Grade-A Hero.
The moment he made a move, he aimed for the weak point of the Mystic Beast which was the heart with the strange mouth.

However, the tentacles reacted very quickly.
They split into three directions to block the Saber Qi.

Broken Stream had already predicted this.
The three Saber Qi exploded in the air and directly destroyed the tentacles, temporarily exposing the heart from the protection of the tentacles.


A straight ray of Saber Qi shot into the heart with the strange mouth.
This time, the heart that did not get injured even by the gasoline fire, was chopped into meat paste.
All the tentacles fell to the ground lifelessly.


Broken Stream raised the blade vertically, and a cyclone made of Saber Qi appeared on the ground, completely reducing the remaining tentacles into powder.

“It’s all money…”

Lots of Cash’s heart ached.

At this moment, Yang Xi gaze met Broken Stream’s sharp eyes!

It was a pair of murderous eyes.

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