Chapter 30

“Old Yang, what’s wrong with you? Why are you spitting on my face? This stuffy is so sticky.” Fan Peng wiped his face with a napkin in disdain, but the milk tea was really hard to clean, so he had to go to the toilet to wash it off.
“Come and introduce to this lady the service of our newspaper’s missing person notice.
I’ll go clean up first.
Don’t mess this up! Otherwise, Old Zhao will skin me alive!”

Fan Peng went out cursing.

Yang Xi sat down in front of Qian Duoduo.
It was hard for him to imagine that this black and long straight haired girl, who looked a little dense, was actually the money-grubber Lots of Cash who had been following him that night.

Although he’d basically recognized her from her voice, Yang Xi still took out a customer registration form from the document and handed it to her.
Seeing Qian Duoduo crookedly writing her name on it with a pen, “Qian Duoduo”, after Yang Xi confirmed her identity, he couldn’t help but wonder if Lots of Cash already knew his identity of West Chicken.
This time, he came to test her.

“Hey, if you want another milk tea, I can get you another cup.”

Yang Xi asked when he saw that at this moment, Qian Duoduo was secretly drinking Fan Peng’s milk tea with a straw.

Only then did Qian Duoduo raise her eyes to glance at Yang Xi.
This guy was not bad looking.
But after getting to know uncle West Chicken that night, she realized that she had lost interest in such a weak pretty boy.

“Yes, can you get more drinks here?”

Yang Xi nodded.

“Then give me a serving of all the drinks.”

Yang Xi :”…”

Qian Duoduo’s heart ached when she thought about how she would have to spend money to buy an advertisement to look for someone.
No matter what, she had to earn back some money from the drinks here.
Afterall, regardless of how small a mosquito was, it was still meat!

Oh right, the money for the missing person notice could be deducted from the money owed to uncle West Chicken.
Who asked him not to leave a contact number for himself?

At the same time, Qian Duoduo planned to claim the money she spent here from her grandfather.
If she took the money from both ends, she could still make a fortune.

Qian Duoduo, you’re really an expert at managing money!

Her heart was bursting with joy, but since there was someone sitting in front of her, she resisted the urge to whistle.

Yang Xi said, “What are you looking for this person for?”

Qian Duoduo became wary, “Why are you asking this? I naturally have something to discuss with uncle West Chicken.”

This little girl was quite vigilant.

“Cough, we have to confirm what you want to do to this Mr.
West Chicken.
To put it bluntly, what if you have some ulterior motives?”

Qian Duoduo put away his doubts.
“Don’t worry about that.
I’m only looking for him to repay some money.”


Yang Xi frowned.
Was this person before him really Lots of Cash?

How could she do something like returning money?

Could there be a conspiracy?

“Seems like you guys are having a good time chatting.
Miss, I’m not bragging, but the missing persons notice from Deer Harbor Evening News is very effective.
I guarantee that your money won’t be wasted.
A few days ago, an old man came to our place to look for his first love and spent money to place a missing person notice.
Guess what happened?”

Fan Peng pushed Yang Xi to the side.
Before he could even sit down properly, he had already begun to display his skillful business ability.

There was no harm in boasting anyway.
Fan Peng was quite good in this aspect.
Otherwise, Old Zhao from the marketing department would not have trusted him with his client.

“What happened?”

Qian Duoduo widened her eyes and asked curiously.
She loved gossip the most.

“He hasn’t even stepped out of our news agency yet, and the first old lady we interviewed that day was actually his first love.
Do you think it’s effective?”

“In other words, I might also meet uncle West Chicken, at your news agency?”

Qian Duoduo covered her mouth and laughed.
She was really amused by Fan Peng.

Yang Xi, who was listening at the side, broke out in a cold sweat.
Old Fan, oh Old Fan, your nonsensical words really came true!

In any case, she was not spending her own money, and she could still make a cut from it.
Qian Duoduo, who normally liked to bargain, only cut the price by 30% this time, and was satisfied.
Amidst Fan Peng’s wailing and howling, the price for the missing persons notice was finally finalized.

Looking at Qian Duoduo, who was busy packing the drinks and snacks away, Fan Peng approached Yang Xi with lingering fear.

“I didn’t expect the young people nowadays to be so ruthless in bargaining.
They are not as innocent as we were back then.”

Yang Xi stole a glance at the contents of the missing person notice: “Looking for uncle West Chicken.
He was wearing a black robe and a white-gold mask when he left.
Anyone who has any leads, please give me a call…”

In addition, Qian Duoduo also left behind a simple drawing as a photo.
It was actually quite vivid.

He had underestimated this girl.
She actually had such a move.

A day later, at Kunlun Corporation.
There were not as many Grade-A Heroes as last time.
There were only Mechanical Battle Hero, Demon Dragon, and Glacier Hero.

“Someone posted a missing person notice on Deer Harbor Evening News looking for this guy.
Is his name West Chicken?”

“Is that his code name? Or his real name?”

Glacier Hero said, “Why don’t we control the person who posted this missing persons notice? It’s said to be a young lady.”

Mechanical Battle Hero rejected this suggestion.
“This girl’s background is also not simple.
She is from the Brahman Sea Merchant Association.”

Demon Dragon said, “Brahman Sea Merchant Association? What relationship do those Mystic Beast parts merchants have with him?”

“I don’t know.
This is what we need to figure out.
There are many powerful figures in the Mystic Beasts Merchant Alliance.
Especially their equipment.
They are very troublesome.”

Mechanical Battle Hero said again, “We’ll wait and see for now.
The Heroes Association informed us to send a representative to attend a meeting.
It’s said that all the organizations above Grade-A in Deer Harbor City have been invited.”

“Are we going to discuss something big again?”

“No idea.
From President Yan’s tone, the confidentiality of this meeting is quite high.
I’ll go personally.”

Mechanical Battle Hero took a sip of his special vitamin drink.
Because his body was mechanized, he had to absorb enough micronutrients every day, which far exceeded what ordinary people needed.

Looking down from the 55th floor, the traffic was weaving through the traffic, and the distant sun was rising over the horizon.

“Another day of turbulent waves.”

In the elevator.

Demon Dragon and Glacier Hero entered the elevator one after the other.

As the leaders of the younger generation of Kunlun Corporation, their relationship wasn’t exactly harmonious.

Demon Dragon said, “I heard that my brother went to look for you yesterday.”

As a transformation type powerhouse, Demon Dragon’s skin was very pale.
His lips were slightly black, and his pupils were as black as obsidian.

Glacier Hero smiled and said, “Yes, the Second Young Master asked me to go to the movies award show with him yesterday.
From the looks of it, he has already walked out from the shadow of that incident.”

Demon Dragon nodded.
He had never been able to see through Li Canyang.
This guy looked very arrogant, but sometimes, he could silently solve problems that gave him a headache.

That West Chicken had been too savage the last time.
His younger brother did not like to stay by his side.
So with Li Canyang, a Grade-A Hero, by his side, he could feel more at ease.

“You don’t have to address us as Young Masters.
We’re colleagues in the company.”

Demon Dragon wasn’t particularly good at pulling strings with others.
This could already be considered as his friendly tone.


Glacier Hero bowed his head respectfully.
No one could see the look in his eyes under his fringe.

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