Chapter 31

Yesterday, Yang Xi had secretly placed an unactivated Esper Ability Bead on Qian Duoduo’s body.
Then, he relied on the Esper Ability Bead to accurately find Qian Duoduo who was wandering around the streets today.

He wanted to continue observing this girl for a while.
Yang Xi always felt that there must be a reason behind Qian Duoduo’s strange actions of returning money.

Fortunately, during this period of time, Yang Xi had been persistently learning all kinds of combat techniques in his Super Brain state to enrich himself.
Now, his tracking skills had already reached the point of perfection.
While constantly using his Esper Ability to lure the passersby around him to provide cover for him, he easily followed Qian Duoduo for almost five blocks.

He, who was proficient in tracking skills, discovered that someone else was also following Qian Duoduo.

There really is a problem.”

Yang Xi secretly followed behind everyone, planning to be the oriole for once.

“Sigh, Grandpa is really too much.
He actually sent his adorable granddaughter to return the money.
Is it so easy to give away the money of our Qian family? I actually had to spend money to look for this uncle on the missing person notice too.

Qian Duoduo held her face and recalled the feeling she had when she was with the uncle that night.
She felt her face burning.

Before she knew it, she was walking on a deserted alley.
The piles of trash, the stained walls, and the rusty fence door gave her an ominous feeling.

“Little girl, obediently hand over our things.
Perhaps we can spare your life!”

The three people who were following Qian Duoduo finally jumped out.

This was a combination of two men and a woman.
Their heights were relatively short.

It was difficult to describe the looks of the two men in a few words.
In short, the younger one had a punk-ish yellow hairstyle.

While the older one had a tuft of mustache under his nose.

The only female looked more proper.
She did not seem to be afraid of the cold in the middle of winter.
She was wearing a dark green sailor uniform.
Although her legs were short, the curves on her body were extremely exaggerated.
It conflicted with the style of the clothes on her body, making her stand out.

However, this made Qian Duoduo extremely jealous.
There was actually someone more exaggerated than Sister Rong in this world!

“What things? I, Qian Duoduo, only have my own belongings on me!”

Qian Duoduo could negotiate on anything except for money.

These three people from District Six asked her for something the moment they met.
They didn’t give her any face at all.

The mustached middle-aged man cursed out angrily, “You liar! You bullied our Young Master for being young and ignorant and actually used a fake pearl to exchange for his sword.
If you don’t want to die a miserable death, then obediently hand over the item.”

“Hand it over!” The yellow-haired punk echoed.

Only the female Esper in the sailor uniform didn’t say anything.
She stared at Qian Duoduo expressionlessly.
Even Yang Xi, who was watching from behind, could feel the oppressive power emanating from her.

That woman’s Esper Ability level was definitely not low.

“People from District Six? Qian Duoduo really knows how to stir up trouble.
Even the people in District Six was cheated and swindled by her.
So in the end, the real owner came to find her?”

Yang Xi intended to watch a good show.
This girl was not as simple as she appeared to be.
There were many good items hidden in her storage bag.
When Yang Xi checked online for Grade-B Mystic Beast armaments the last time, he realized that the price was extremely exaggerated.

Indeed, only stingy money-minded people could become wealthy?

If it wasn’t for Qian Duoduo’s young age, Yang Xi even felt that he could gather a group of rich ladies to provide for him.

Qian Duoduo rolled her eyes and immediately remembered the sword that she had “exchanged” for previously with a snot-nosed kid when she was traveling in District Six.

That sword called “Murasama” was indeed a good thing.
She didn’t waste the fake pearl worth 500 dollars in vain, hehe.

However, the moment the good stuff had landed in her hands, there was no way that Qian Duoduo would spit it back out again.
“What nonsense are you guys talking about? I haven’t gone out at all during this period of time.
What Young Master? I’ve never even heard of him, let alone met him.
You’ve got the wrong person.”

Yang Xi looked at Qian Duoduo, who was putting on a Grade-B Mystic Beast armor while quibbling and he couldn’t help but laugh.
This girl had a real talent to be a comedian.
It was a pity to just be a little thief.

The girl in the sailor suit said coldly, “There’s no need to say anything more.
If you don’t hand over the Cursed Blade Murasama, then die!”


Under the command of the female sailor, the two male Espers attacked Qian Duoduo without hesitation.

The yellow-haired punk pulled out a katana from his body and a sharp blade aura appeared out of thin air.
“Military Style—Tri-Blade Flow!”

As for the middle-aged man with the small mustache, he turned into a mist and said, “Shadowmeld—Shadow Clone Technique!”

The both of them were actually Heritage type Espers, and their levels were not low!

From the looks of it, they were at least at Grade-C.

Yang Xi suppressed his urge to make a move.
He wanted to see what tricks Qian Duoduo had up her sleeves.
Previously, at the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center, this lass seemed to be in a dangerous situation.
However, even in the face of the danger of almost being swallowed by the Mystic Beast, she was able to remain calm.

This time, she’d clearly learned her lesson from last time.
Before the fight even began, she had already put on the Grade-B Mystic Beast armor.

“Wow, you guys really don’t care about our Brahman Sea Merchant Association.
It’s a good thing Grandfather let me bring out some good stuff today!”

Qian Duoduo took out a huge fan from her storage bag and proudly said, “This is a Grade-B offensive Mystic Beast armament, the ‘Weasel Scythe’.
Prepare to turn into a kite and fly for me!”

Qian Duoduo held onto the fan with both hands and waved it forcefully.
Instantly, a strong gust of wind appeared in the alley.
A heavy trash bin was sent flying like a toy towards the two Heritage type Espers.

The Shadow Clone Technique user had two of his clones destroyed, and he himself struggled to hold on by pressing himself against the wall.

On the other hand, the yellow-haired punk seemed to be stronger.
Under the strong winds, although his cheeks were blown like bubble gum, he still tried his best to send a slash towards Qian Duoduo.

He wielded a katana in each of his hands and held a slightly shorter one in his mouth.
Then, his body started spinning rapidly and the three katana made a whooshing sound, cutting through the air.
The might of this move was terrifying!


Qian Duoduo had thought that she could blow the two of them away instantly.
After all, the Weasel Scythe was one of her grandfather’s rare treasures.
She had spent a long time coaxing him to let her bring it out to play, but she did not expect someone to be able to withstand the strong winds of the Weasel Scythe!

Seeing Qian Duoduo’s panicked expression, Yang Xi thought that it was time for him to appear.

However, before Yang Xi could move, Qian Duoduo took out an old katana from her storage bag and raised it above her head.

“My two elder brothers and elder sister, I was wrong! How about I sell this katana to you for 1,000 dollars!”

Yang Xi, who had just gotten up, nearly fell down.

You’re really something, Qian Duoduo!

The yellow-haired man stopped attacking and looked at the woman in the sailor uniform.

“Give it to her!”

The sailor woman nodded.

When the yellow-haired man moved to take out the money, Qian Duoduo suddenly pulled out a pair of small wings from her pocket and put them on.
Then, she stepped on the wind and flew up.

“Haha, this young lady has never had the habit of returning the things I took!”

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