Chapter 37

At Deer City Starlight Club, Liu Yuan was watching the live broadcast with Glacier Hero.

The table was filled with various kinds of wine, and the fruit platter was filled with all kinds of strange fruits.
Thanks to the wood-elemental Espers among the elemental Espers, the edible fruits and vegetables on Planet Azure had been improved several times.

“Ah! What a pity! If Snow Maiden had acted a little faster, she would’ve turned this detestable black-robed man into an ice sculpture!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
If that happened, Kunlun’s people can simply tie up this man in black and send him over.
Let Young Master Liu vent his anger!”

Liu Yuan was originally smacking his lips while eating the pentagonal grapes, but when he heard this, he directly slapped the girl’s face.

Damn it, who do you think you are to speak ill of my Godfather?

“Vent your head!”

The girl immediately knew that she had said something wrong.
Ignoring the blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, she hurriedly went forward to apologize to Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan waved his hand and continued watching the live broadcast.

Glacier Hero smiled and said, “Second Young Master, this man in black is indeed not simple.
Whether it is his strength or schemes, he is very powerful.
It was not wrong for you to lose to him.”

The moment Glacier Hero said that, the surrounding girls hid to the side in fear.
It was fine for a Grade-A Hero like him to say such words, but they were afraid that Liu Yuan would vent his anger on them.

Liu Yuan shook his head, “I don’t want to talk about the past.
This world is one where the strong prey on the weak.
But with Brother Li here, there’s nothing to fear even if this masked man came.”

Liu Yuan gestured for one of the hostesses to pour Li Canyang a glass of wine.
“How many times have I told you? Just call me Ah Yuan will do.
Second Young Master or whatever, it sounds too distant!”

Glacier Hero smiled and said nothing more.

Meanwhile, Liu Yuan focused his attention on the live broadcast and silently cheered Yang Xi on in his heart.

Godfather! Let them see the strength of our Judgment organization!

Teach my insufferably arrogant big brother a good lesson! Let him know how deep the waters in this world run.
He is just a frog in the well!

From the start of this live broadcast, Liu Yuan had never thought that Yang Xi would lose.

It could be said that on the entire Planet Azure, he was the person who had the most confidence in Yang Xi.

Even Qian Duoduo, who was brought to a safe area by Blazing Butterfly and was watching the broadcast on the big screen outside the building, broke out in a cold sweat for Yang Xi.

Snow Maiden struggled to her feet.
She sealed her wounds with ice and stared at Yang Xi with a resentful expression.

“I’ll definitely come back for you!”

She took one last look at the unconscious Shadowmeld who was lying on the ground.
A trace of guilt flashed across her eyes as the wind and snow wrapped her body and flew towards the sky.

Seeing this, Hat Emperor said anxiously, “This Snow Maiden is trying to escape!”

Coach Ge sighed.
“She won’t be able to run away.
Don’t forget that when we fought before, she had already been struck by Prodigal Swordsman’s Gale Sword Intent.”

Hat Emperor was enlightened.
“Coach Ge, you mean…”

The comments on the livestream changed after Coach Ge finished speaking.
Rows of different colored words filled the screen, and the content was all these words: “Death is like the wind, ever encompassing!!!”

“Prodigal Swordsman, charge!!!”

The stingy male fans erupted with astonishing combat power at this moment.
Rows of rockets and yachts began to flood the screen.

Sure enough, even though the snowstorm carried Snow Maiden away, Demon Dragon and Prodigal Swordsman were still chatting happily.

Demon Dragon smiled, “Still not chasing?”

Prodigal Swordsman pressed down on his cowboy hat as a glint flashed in his eye.
“Let her fly for three more seconds.”

He slowly took a step back, stretched, and placed his right hand on the hilt of his sword.

Three seconds later, Prodigal Swordsman disappeared with a swoosh, leaving only some snow behind him.

The figure of Prodigal Swordsman suddenly appeared behind Snow Maiden.

“Fierce Gale Absolute Sword!”

Under Snow Maiden’s astonished gaze, Prodigal Swordsman’s sword struck her 36 times in an instant, and each strike struck a lethal point!

“I… I am unresigned!!!”

Snow Maiden spat out a mouthful of blood mist.
This time, she was unable to condense her blood into blood crystals.

Prodigal Swordsman landed steadily on the ground.

But Snow Maiden’s body was pierced through by a metal sword once more before she landed.
This sword had been shot out from between Yang Xi’s forefinger and middle finger.

“Apologies, she’s my prey.”

The metal sword quickly flew back, bringing Snow Maiden who was left with just her last breath, behind Yang Xi.

At the same time, Shadowmeld was also pierced through by the same metal sword and brought over together.

“Kill me if you have the guts!”

As she struggled with her dying breath, Snow Maiden’s cherry blossom kimono began to vaporize, reverting back to its original sailor suit.
The stunning Snow Maiden disappeared, leaving behind the ordinary-looking Aoi Matsushima.

Shadowmeld was awakened by the piercing pain through his abdomen and he immediately realized that he could no longer move his body.
Demon Dragon’s attack had broken his spine.

“Save me, Lady Snow Maiden! I don’t want to die!!!”

Aoi Matsushima cursed in annoyance, “Shut up, don’t embarrass the organization!”

However, Nairang did not seem to hear it at all.
He still lost control and cried.
A pool of yellow urine flowed down between his legs, “This Lord, please spare me!”

Yang Xi thought that he was too noisy and sent a Spirit Shock to calm him down.
At this moment, Nairang had already lost his will to fight.
He did not even last for a second and immediately lay down.

In front of Demon Dragon, Yang Xi secretly revealed the Star Devouring Ring’s metallic surface for an instant.
He believed that with Demon Dragon’s perceptive ability, he would definitely notice it.

Then, he used Strip.

[Esper Ability: Shadowmeld

Introduction: You can use shadows to create obscure clones and fight in the ninja world.

Evaluation: Grade-C.
A pretty good ninjutsu heritage Esper Ability.

Esper Ability: Snow Maiden

Introduction: Summon the Divine Snow Maiden to help you in battle.
You can also choose to fuse with her body.

Evaluation: Grade-A.
You have a cute little snow maiden and portable air conditioner in the summer.]

After reading the introduction, Yang Xi felt that the Esper who used the Shadowmeld ability was really useless.
The evaluation of this Esper Ability was proper and non-ironic, which was really hard to come by.
The Shadowmeld Esper ability was also actually very strong.
Unfortunately, the owner was a useless person.

The Shadow Clone created by Shadowmeld was different from the doppelganger created by the Esper Ability Clone.
The former did not have any intelligence and was only a combat doppelganger formed by the rough outline of shadow.
The latter was a real physical body and possessed physical strength similar to Yang Xi.
Only, its strength could not be compared to the main body.
Furthermore, after it disappeared and returned, their memories would converge.

The ability Snow Maiden was even more surprising to Yang Xi.
After fighting for so long, he had always thought that this was an elemental type Esper Ability.
But it turned out to be a summoning type!

Damn, this was simply the ultimate dream of all men!

Generally, summoned creatures would not go against their masters’ wishes.
This, this, this… Yang Xi might not be able to control himself after summoning Snow Maiden out.

As for the fusion battle style, Yang Xi would definitely not consider it.
Although he would become a little stronger, he did not lack this bit of combat power, right?

The snowflakes that filled the sky finally disappeared, and sunlight pierced through the clouds and landed on the ground.

Snow Maiden finally breathed her last, and Yang Xi also summoned some metal spikes to pierce through the vital points of Nairang’s body.

At this moment, the three Espers in the Sakura Group were all killed.

“Now, which of you is coming first?”

The voice of the man in black from under the white-gold mask sounded very calm.

“Or are you attacking together?”

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