Chapter 38

There was a heavy silence in the Hero livestream room.
The two commentators stared dumbfounded at the arrogant man in black.

However, the comments became lively again.

“Did I hear wrongly? This guy wants to fight one against two, and his opponents are Prodigal Swordsman and Demon Dragon?”

“Is there something wrong with this black-clothed man’s brain? Our family’s Demon Dragon can beat him up with a single hand, alright? Why is he pretending to be an idiot!”

“But this man in black doesn’t look like he’s bluffing.
Can he really fight two Grade-A Heroes at the same time? This is too scary!”

“What’s this big shot’s name? He’s always dressed in black and masked.
What if he’s not human?”

“…Er, I know lip-reading.
When Demon Dragon was talking to Prodigal Swordsman just now, he seemed to have called out his name.
Sounded something like West Chicken or Silent?”

“Looking at his mask, could it be that his name or title is West Chicken?”

“The title of the Esper is usually related to his Esper Ability.
What kind of Esper Ability does the West Chicken represent?”

“Are you blind? He’s obviously a metal-type expert.
West Chicken is probably just a nickname given to him by his organization.
It’s probably related to the Twelve Zodiacs or something…”

“D*mn, he’s so stupid!”

“I feel like I’m already a fan of this West Chicken.
How domineering!”

Compared to the cheerfulness of the viewers on the bullet screen, the atmosphere in the commentator stands was a little heavy.

Coach Ge frowned as he analyzed the situation.
Finally, he voiced his understanding.

“Dear viewers, this person is called West Chicken, right? Okay.” Coach Ge confirmed with the staff member and said, “His words are not as simple as posturing or being arrogant.
While he’s doing that, it is also a psychological tactic!”

“Think about it, if you were Prodigal Swordsman or Demon Dragon, as a lofty Grade-A Hero, would you really be able to gang up and fight without caring about your face simply based on a few words of your opponent provoking you? Although we hope to quickly resolve this Esper battle, I think there is a high possibility that only either Demon Dragon or Prodigal Swordsman would take up his challenge.”

After hearing Yang Xi’s words, Demon Dragon sneered.
His thoughts were similar to what Coach Ge had analyzed.
He felt that Yang Xi was betting that he would fight him alone because of his pride as a Grade-A Hero.

“I say, are you underestimating me too much? Even if you didn’t say that, I wouldn’t have joined forces with Prodigal Swordsman to deal with you.”

The reason was naturally not for the so-called pride of a Grade-A Hero.
Compared to Yang Xi’s taunt, he was more concerned about the ring on Yang Xi’s hand.
His intuition told him that the secret of the disappearance of Esper Abilities was related to this strangely shaped ring.

To defeat an opponent, one had to understand him.

Demon Dragon crossed his arms and tapped the ground lightly with the tip of his combat boots before landing beside Prodigal Swordsman.

“There’s something odd about the ring on his finger.
Maybe it has something to do with that incident.”

As the participant of the meeting, Prodigal Swordsman naturally understood what incident Demon Dragon was referring to.

Prodigal Swordsman wiped his sword with the snow on the ground.
“Don’t worry.
I want to see how he did it too.”


Demon Dragon nodded and gave him the battlefield.

Actually, even if he did not make a move, he would also give Yang Xi pressure just by being there.

“Are you the first to attack? What a pity, I was planning to try fighting one against two.
After all, the two of you are the best of the Grade-A Heroes, so the battle shouldn’t be too boring.”

The two wisps of long hair on Prodigal Swordsman’s forehead fluttered in the wind.
“As long as you can defeat me, Demon Dragon will naturally attack.”

The snow on the sword flowed down along with the blood of Aoi Matsushima, forming a pool of blood on the ground, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds.


The sword moved.

The wind also stirred.

A sword ray lit up the entire livestream.
The sudden burst of light was so intense that the audience in front of the screen could not help but close their eyes.

Recognizing Yang Xi’s strength, Prodigal Swordsman unleashed his Gale Sword Intent without reservation.

Yang Xi beckoned and the surrounding metals converged in front of him, turning into liquid form and then condensing again into a hard and smooth round shield.

The sword intent sliced through the metal, producing an ear-piercing sound.

Yang Xi snorted coldly.
Stepping on a metal frisbee, he flew half a meter above the ground as though he was surfing a wave as he approached Prodigal Swordsman.

He did not choose to use his metal spikes for long-range attacks because Prodigal Swordsman’s Wall of Sighs perfectly countered almost all projectile-based attacks below Grade-A.

A metal sword condensed before his fingertips and collided with Prodigal Swordsman’s sword, causing sparks to fly.

However, Yang Xi’s true goal was actually Prodigal Swordsman’s sword!

Before the battle started, he’d already tried to control Prodigal Swordsman’s sword.
However, he reckoned that this sword was the same as Cursed Blade Murasama.
It was also a Mystic Beast armament.
Its material was basically not metal at all, so he could not control it.


Yang Xi could attach his own metal onto it!

“Dream on!”

Prodigal Swordsman quickly sensed Yang Xi’s intentions.
He activated a new sword intent on the blade and directly “blew” away Yang Xi’s liquid metal.

Yang Xi immediately fled after missing.

The metal shield in mid-air turned into liquid metal again and gathered beside Yang Xi.

The first exchange was a draw!

Yang Xi secretly felt somewhat helpless.
Although after obtaining the metal-type ability, he had taken the time to look up some methods of development on the internet, he had just advanced it to Grade-A after all.
In such a hurry, Yang Xi was completely unable to unleash the power of Metal Control.

As an experienced Grade-A Hero, Prodigal Swordsman had long abandoned the metal items on him after discovering Yang Xi’s Esper Ability attributes.

Otherwise, if he were to be caught wearing even an ear stud, Yang Xi would be able to kill him instantly!

In the battle just now, Yang Xi had not only used Metal Control, this one Esper Ability.
His five senses had been enhanced through Super Brain, and he’d mixed Puppet Control’s psychological cues to affect the enemy.
Even the Sun Moon Tri-Sword Flow sword technique was used with his moves, allowing Yang Xi to fight equally with Prodigal Swordsman in close combat.

“I have to make a decision.
If I don’t upgrade another Esper Ability to Grade-A, it will be very difficult for me to defeat Prodigal Swordsman in a short time, not to mention that there is still a Demon Dragon eyeing me from behind.”

Yang Xi decisively disassembled the Grade-A Esper Ability Snow Maiden that he had just obtained, turning it into a Grade-C Esper Ability Bead.
He directly used the remaining Dark Energy Cubes to upgrade Puppet Control to Grade-A.

[Esper Ability: Puppet Control

Introduction: Illusionary interference can be performed on Grade-A targets.
Brainwashing can be cast on targets below Grade-B (including Grade-B).
Obtain absolute loyalty from the target for ten years.
Also, the soul can enter the puppet’s body for two hours every day (Puppet number: 0/3).

Evaluation: Grade-A.
A shameless skill!]

The moment Yang Xi finished raising the ability’s grade, Prodigal Swordsman looked at his eyes under the mask and suddenly felt dazed.

Yang Xi seemed to have transformed into his long dead sister.

“Ah Gang, are you going to raise your sword against me?”

Prodigal Swordsman hesitated.

However, Yang Xi would not hesitate.

A piece of metal instantly pierced towards Prodigal Swordsman.

Initially, Yang Xi was aiming for a vital point.
However, at the critical moment, Prodigal Swordsman used his sword to block it.
The price was that his wrist was slashed with a deep wound and his sword fell to the ground.

“Spirit type Esper Ability? This guy is indeed a dual-attribute Esper!”

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