to return at once and without stopping when we have located Bianca.”

The nonchalant tone of Bianca’s brother elicited an overblown response from her mother.

“You mean to tell me that you are letting her enter the mansion dressed like this? She looks like a commoner from the countryside.
It would be inappropriate for her to be seen by the servants in this way.
Hey, Bianca, what do you think?”

Even if she asked me what I thought of… Bianca looked at her attire.
It was given to her at the monastery.
She was wearing a skirt, a simple shirt, and a thin cloak, which was standard in the city.
What could she possibly say was lacking?

“For me, this is enough.”

Irene remarked with wonder, “Well, I wonder whether the loss of memory alters one’s personality.”

“I don’t know what kind of person I was before.”

Bianca lowered her eyebrows in distress.
She had doubts about this woman, who identified herself as her mother.
On top of that, her brother, sitting across from her, has been expressionless since earlier.
Bianca could not tell whether he was in a foul mood or if this was his true nature.

“Um, I’ve been wondering since a while ago: am I indeed your daughter? Both the color of our eyes and hair vary.”

Anxiety threatened to overwhelm her, and an honest question involuntarily escaped her mouth.
Irene possessed golden-brown hair and eyes.

“Oh my, I don’t think so.
We share similar facial features.
Our hair color is only slightly different,” said Irene defensively, as if pushing off.
When Bianca cast a glance at Satias, he remained impassive.
Evidently, he had no intention of interrupting.
Was he a reserved one?

“Your eye color is very rare and unique to the Kesler family.
Therefore, you are a Kesler daughter.”

Bianca’s eyes were vermilion, the exact colour of sunsets.

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