tle confused about was the so-called “live broadcast” function, but he didn’t intend to figure it out now, after all, he was in no man’s land, and there was a kid waiting for him at home. 

Lu Liran squatted in front of the puddle and washed himself briefly, his face reflected in the puddle.

He looked indifferently at the reflection in the water.
He has a face that no one would want to get close to.
Two thick and long scars stretched across his face, dominating all the sense of existence and shattering his original delicate and beautiful facial features.

Long-term exposure to the sun and rain has polished his skin to a healthy wheat color, and the tight muscle lines wrap around his bones, creating smooth and powerful muscle curves.

Any random person who sees Lu Liran will regard him as an alpha with thin skeletal features, not an omega with a cub. 

Lu Liran put the hunting knife back to his side with no expression on his face, and quickly left the No man’s land.

Just at the edge of No Man’s Land is a camp area where bounty hunters, who intend to enter the No man’s land, or black market traders, who intend to try their luck in trading, stay.

Lu Liran found one of the black market dealers, and asked lightly: “Black timor deer, are you interested?”

The black market businessman was stunned.
The wild black timor deer is extremely aggressive and very alert.
Few teams of hunters have been able to capture one, and the black timor deer on the market are almost sold out at sky-high prices. 

Maybe it’s just a black timor deer calf? That’s not bad, he guessed.

Before the businessman could react, Lu Liran threw out the dead black timor deer from his storage compartment, and the 170-kilogram behemoth kicked up dust on the ground.

All of a sudden, the entire camp was boiling.

“Fuck! It’s actually an adult male black timor deer!? Brother, you’re amazing, ah! Are you alone?!” 

“Is it because the weather has turned cold recently, so the black timor deer have become less responsive? Is it now easier to catch?”

“Bullshit! Two days ago I formed a four-person field team to go in.
We encountered a group of black timor deer, and one of my team members was directly gutted! Easy catch my ass!”

Lu Liran looked up at the black market businessman, and asked again: “Are you interested?”

Only then did the black market businessman come to his senses.
He quickly nodded vigorously, with the corners of his mouth happily grinning behind his ears: “I’m interested, I’m interested! Let’s come in and talk about it! Put it away first!” 

The black market businessman brought Lu Liran into his luxurious tent, and looked at Lu Liran with bright eyes: “What else do you want to sell? I will take everything brought out of no man’s land! I’ll give you the best price!”

Being able to go in and out of no man’s land alone without being injured, and even killing an adult male hunting deer, this is definitely a bounty hunter worthy of friendship.


“Boss, let’s add a friend! I will accept your goods from anywhere, and the price is absolutely beautiful, just call me Xiao Hei!” After finishing the transaction, the black market businessman looked at Lu Liran, rubbed his hands and asked excitedly.

Lu Liran nodded and came out of the black market businessman’s tent. 

Outside the tent, there were still a lot of murmuring people who wanted to see what the hunter, who can solo a male black timor deer from no man’s land, looks like.

“Hiss…it’s amazing, it’s a pity that his face is disfigured like this…”

“I guess it was injured during a hunting trip? Tsk, it’s really scary.”

“This injury doesn’t look like it was caused by a wild animal.
My brother participated in the war before, and it was that great war.
After his injury receded, the wound was exactly the same as his, like Old Chen’s orange peel, and I would never forget it at a glance.”


When Lu Liran heard the words “great war”, his brown pupils trembled slightly, like an uncontrollable stress reaction.

In just that moment, he seemed to have returned to that great interstellar war five years ago.
With the trembling sound of war artillery shells in all directions, there were bloody mechas everywhere and the lifeless gazes of their companions. 

He was supposed to retreat back to his planet with a shipload of wounded, but he was shot down by enemy forces during the interstellar shuttle.
He was exiled on this planet, and survived with serious injuries.

During this period of exile, he tried to contact his father and brother countless times, but the long-term war restricted the interplanetary communication to only military level, and he was forced to become a member of the list of lost contact or even death.

Lu Liran took a deep breath, and the cold air choked into his lungs and woke him up.

He raised his eyes and looked around coldly, draping his cloak up, the wide hood of the cloak blocked almost all of his face. 

The price of the interstellar shuttle ticket is astonishingly high, but even so, he has to get it.
It’s the only way he can currently get in touch with his family, and his only hope of getting treatment for his little boy.

The airship slowly stopped over the address reserved by Lu Liran.

After the hatch was opened, Lu Liran dragged down the rope and descended rapidly, and reached the ground in a few seconds.
His movements are decisive and beautiful, just like a textbook style. 

He pulled out a young rabbit eagle cub in his storage compartment.
This is the cub of the rabbit eagle he hunted in no man’s land.
It looked like a rabbit when it was young, with a pair of fleshy wings tightly attached to its back.
When it grows up, it will spread its wings, with a wingspan of two meters.

Rabbit eagles have a docile personality and can be domesticated into a bird mount.
This is a small gift Lu Liran prepared for Lu Ziqian.


Thinking that he would be home soon, Lu Liran unconsciously accelerated his speed.
His figure passed through a dilapidated alley very quickly, bringing a gust of wind that swept past the three or two homeless people gathered on both sides of the alley.

“Damn, who is it! Scared me! Just appear and disappear suddenly in broad daylight!” 

“Isn’t that the man who lived in 371 with a kid? Didn’t he say he died in no man’s land?!”

“Yeah??? That’s no man’s land! It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s one of the top ten most dangerous places on this planet! But why does he look like he’s not even injured?”

“Awesome, look at the one he’s carrying in his hand, it’s a rabbit eagle that only exists in the no-man’s land, right? Absolutely, there must be a lot of rich people looking for him to bring goods in and out of the no-man’s land in the future.”

“I’m so envious…” 

“It’s over, Master Duan seems to have come to the door, saying that he will collect protection money or something, otherwise he will drive out all the people inside…”

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