ass covered with dirt: “This is for you.”

Winter spring grass can nourish injured organs, and it is a medium-precious herb.
The wild herbs in no-man’s land are even more valuable.

Jin Fei was slightly startled, he pursed his lips, and did not make hypocritical excuses, he needed this. 

“Thank you, young master.”

Lu Liran patted Jin Fei on the shoulder: “Also, there’s good news, we’re moving.”


Lu Liran had already considered this issue on the way back, he then said to Jin Fei, “I have already contacted the transport airship, we will move out tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?! Are you in such a hurry?” Jin Fei was a little surprised. 

“There is nothing to linger on and hesitate.” Lu Liran picked up the little boy, and scratched the tip of the little guy’s nose, and said with a slight smile.

He added: “Let’s stay at the Central hotel first, where the security is better, at least the situation today will not happen again.
I will continue to look for a permanent residence.”

“Is there enough money?” Jin Fei frowned.
One night at the Star City Central Hotel is the living expenses of most residents on this planet for a month.

Just as Jin Fei finished speaking, a message popped up on Lu Liran’s communicator—— 

[Great god! Great god! I just auctioned off all that stuff!]

[The black timor deer, excluding the skeleton and internal organs, was sold for 280,000.
The two adult rabbit eagles were sold for 40,000, and the other bits and pieces were sold for a total of less than 70,000.
I will send you a detailed list later!]

[Hehe, in addition to the previously agreed upon agent fee of 5%, I’ll transfer a total of 370,000 to you, great god.
You can confirm your account now!]

[Yes, yes, there is one more thing.
I received a message that someone is asking about your situation, great god, and probably wanted your cooperation, but I didn’t take the liberty of giving them your information!] 

Lu Liran read the message sent by the black market businessman at a glance, and just replied “Got it” to the other party, when he heard the prompt sound of star coins arriving in his account.

[Your friend Xiao Hei (remark: Black Marker Businessman in No man’s land) transfers to you: 370,000 star coins]

Lu Liran looked at Jin Fei: “I will earn it.”

Jin Fei let out a sigh of relief: “If you need anything, just ask.” 

Lu Liran responded without saying anything.

Afterwards, he took Lu Ziqian back to the cub’s room and stayed with him for a while.
The little guy seemed tired and fell asleep lazily again.

Lu Liran quietly went downstairs, he walked into the kitchen, and poured himself a glass of strong wine.

He needs a higher bounty, more rewarding rate, and the level of difficulty is secondary. 

Jin Fei noticed him and followed silently.

The panel seemed to capture Lu Liran’s thoughts, and a line of light with golden lettering pops up, suspended in the air as if flowing:


[The newly opened interstellar live broadcast function can help you earn more rewards under the same risk.
The popularity value and bounty generated in the live broadcast can be converted into cash flow proportionally.]

Lu Liran paused, he looked up at jin Fei: “Have you heard of live broadcast?” 

Jin Fei: “?”

It seems that he doesn’t understand it either. Lu Liran thought.

A new line pops up on the panel that reads:

[But the live broadcast requires you to at least interact with the audience, otherwise you will lose the audience, and there will be no follow-up popularity and rewards.
You can check out how other people’s interstellar broadcasts are conducted.] 

Lu Liran paused, and muttered in his heart, the ghost knows what to say during live broadcast, he needs to observe and learn.

He entered the interstellar live broadcast platform and found that most of them were live broadcasts at home—— cooking at home, aerobic coaching at home, a gaming king at home, a female singer at home…

Lu Liran also saw the classification of live broadcasts in the wild.
He went in to have a look with great interest, and then backed out expressionlessly.

He poked at the live broadcast with the title of ‘survival in the wild’ on his optical brain, and couldn’t help complaining to Jin Fei: “That’s it, dare to say survival in the wild?” 

It’s just a rich second generation driving an airship that can capture dynamic projections, then take the audience to appreciate the scenery.

The airship is covered with tens of thousands of high-definition 8K lenses inside and outside, projecting the landscape directly into the airship, like being in it rather than in an airship.

Such technology is rarely used in private entertainment because of its high price, and only this super-rich second generation have such a luxury, this bluffed the vast majority of viewers in the live broadcast room who had never heard of it.

Lu Liran saw through the other party’s tricks after just one glance, because the core design of this technology came from the Lu Group. 

Jin Fei couldn’t help laughing, and said: “Young master, do you want to start a live broadcast? Then you must be a clear stream in this kind of live broadcast.”

For a moment, Lu Liran couldn’t tell whether his housekeeper was praising him or teasing him. 

He showed Jin Fei the list of rewards received.
The highest anchor earns more than 100,000, even the crappy “survival” of the rich second generation is on the list.

The housekeeper’s pupils quivered, and he said immediately: “Young master, please make sure to open the live broadcast! Even that can be listed, if you don’t open one, it will be too wasteful!”


Lu Liran smiled, and then muttered to himself in a low voice: “First of all, I hope my appearance won’t scare the audience away.”

Jin Fei looked at Lu Liran disapprovingly: “Your scars just make you look more heroic.
Although you don’t look like an Omega, what does that matter?” 

Lu Liran laughed, his housekeeper’s calf-protecting skills are in the same line as his family.

He downed the strong wine in his glass and casually turned on the TV light screen hanging on the fireplace.

That incomparable seven-year-long interstellar war has come to an end, and news about the First Commander of the Federation has been everywhere recently.

“It is reported that the long campaign of the seven-year war draws to a complete close today, with the First Commander of the Federation, Ke Ji, declaring the Federation victorious and the defeated completely out of our galaxy.” 

The commander’s mecha appeared on the screen.
The First Commander of the Federation always appeared in front of the public with that unique steel blue mecha, and in front of him were rows of troops in neat formation.

Jin Fei looked at the picture on the TV and smiled a little: “The war is finally over.
We used to be there, ah.”

“By the way, young master, which team were you in before?” Jin Fei asked curiously.

“Mobile Team One.” Lu Liran replied. 

“Team one? Is it directly under the Commander? Have you met the Commander?” Jin Fei suddenly became excited.

Lu Liran looked at his housekeeper with some amusement.
But it’s no wonder, among all the soldiers who participated in that war, there’s no one who does not worship Ke Ji.
If it was him, if Ke Ji was standing right in front of him, he would be trembling with excitement too, right?

He squinted his eyes, as if he was recalling something, and said after a pause, “I guess…I’ve seen him before, ba.”

Lu Liran drank all the wine in his glass again and was stopped by Jin Fei when he wanted to refill it for himself. 

“Young master, you drank enough tonight.” Jin Fei looked at him disapprovingly.

Lu Liran had no choice but to withdraw his hand, he turned around reluctantly and walked back upstairs, muttering in a low voice: “Okay, okay, I’m going to sleep.”

Jin Fei laughed, and he turned off the TV casually, completely oblivious to the fact that a missing person news was being broadcast on the TV at the moment——

“Federal billionaire and successor of the Lu Group, Lu Liqing, offers a high price for his biological brother who was lost in the war…” 

The author has something to say:

The former Lu Liran: If I don’t join the army, I have to go home and inherit a billion dollar family fortune


The current Lu Liran: Isn’t it good to inherit hundreds of millions of family property???

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