Ch6 – The sixth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

“Missing, here means infinitely closer to death”


The huge glacier is like a long dormant dragon, and the drone camera ball rises above a thousand meters to take a bird’s-eye view of the magnificent glacier.

It was a very simple overview of the scene, but only ten seconds is enough for the audience in the live broadcast room to clearly feel the majesty and danger of the Arlok Glacier cluster.



When the camera returns to a place 100 meters above the ground, Lu Liran’s figure is like a tiny black spot in the endless snow field, giving the illusion of panic that seems impossible to get out of here forever.

“Arlok Glacier is considered a tourist attraction.
Although it is dangerous, many people still come here every year to enjoy the natural scenery.” 

“Whether they’re experienced climbers or rich people who know nothing about snow mountains.
When they first encounter the snowy mountains, they will be amazed and praise it, but there are also many people who will scream and cry in the end.” Lu Liran said while walking.


It didn’t take long before his breathing became a little short.
He pulled the collar of his high-speed drying shirt to cover most of his face, and against the strong wind on the glacier, he took a breath and continued: “The wind here is stronger, faster and colder than you can imagine.”

Wearing dark gloves, he caught the snowdrops against the wind, and the camera ball focused on it, showing it to the audience in the live broadcast room: “Not only the wind, but also such dense snowdrops that hit me.
If I wasn’t careful I could choke on my breath and it will enter my windpipe.”

[Hiss, it looks so cold! It feels like the host didn’t bring any high-tech things.
It’s all the most primitive equipment, this will be cold, right?]


[It’s only been a few minutes since the start, and I have already raised my heart for the anchor, my mom]

[Although I can’t see the host’s appearance clearly, it’s really high-definition!! I can see the little snow dew hanging on the anchor’s eyelashes]

[The anchor’s eyelashes are so long, dense and curled up, I bet the anchor must be a good-looking Xiao gege]


[The anchor’s voice is also very nice!] 

[I’m just here to squat for overturn 23333]

[It is impossible to overturn the car, no one knows how to survive in the wild better than the young master, okay]

[Young master? The anchor? This title is so strange 23333]

“I must find a way to find my mission target as soon as possible and leave this snow mountain.” Lu Liran hurriedly swept the live room, so far everything looks good, the number of people in the live room is slowly growing. 

“As I said just now, tourists come here every year, and most of them will stay in the safe area where they can go sightseeing, but there are always some who yearn for more wild natural scenery, going deeper into the Arlok Glacier, only relying on their own experience or money and high technology to survive here.”

“But the fact is that every year hundreds of people go missing in this huge glacier.”

“Missing here means infinitely close to death, if you’re lucky, you might even find a dead body.” Lu Liran was climbing up the high snowy mountain slope, while he was talking.
Stepping on the soft snow, a foot down almost reached his calf.

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“The target of my bounty mission this time is the son of a rich tycoon who fits one of the types of people I mentioned before.
He has been in the snowy mountains for three days and lost contact eighteen hours ago.” 

“Cr ojg jr P xcbk, yfobgf beg afjw fcafgfv, atfgf kjr jigfjvs j ugbeq bo qgbofrrlbcji rfjgmt afjwr atja gfaegcfv klatbea remmfrr.
Kb yf tbcfra, P vbc’a atlcx atf mtjcmfr bo atja bcf regnlnlcu lr nfgs tlut, yea P klrt tlw kfii.”

[Hahahaha wish him alive, for the bounty]


[Hey, the anchor said there was a team? But why could I only see the anchor?]

[Yes, what about the others???] 

Oe Olgjc rjk atf yjggjuf lc atf ilnf ygbjvmjra gbbw, jcv gfqilfv: “Ktbrf afjw wfwyfgr jgf cba relajyif, atfs klii bcis tbiv wf yjmx.”

Jin Fei was holding Zai-Zai in the hotel suite and was watching the live broadcast.
Hearing the young master’s straight forward words, he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

[Holding him back….so crazy cool]

[Anchor, be careful, you might be slapped in the face.
In a place as dangerous as Arlok, you acted alone.
Either you have infinite underestimation of environmental dangers, or just an arrogant rookie] 

[How come there is no positive option, upstairs]

[This is the truth]

[I don’t think the anchor underestimated the danger…]

“Right now I’m walking up to the snowy mountain ridge over there against the astral wind, intending to walk up to the higher ridge, we have to see the environment we’re in first.” 

“Although finding the missing target is the top priority, the most important thing is to ensure survival.
I hope to find a place where there are people, and determine the route we will take in the future, at least I would not wander here blindly.”

“Due to the harsh environment here, people who go missing in the snow-capped mountains usually do not leave the range of one kilometer from the place where they disappeared.
After confirming the situation we are in, I will head towards the place where the other party disappeared, hoping to find some clues along the way.”

Lu Liran saw the content on the bullet screen, but he didn’t bother to pay attention to it.
The snow under his feet became thicker and softer as he went up.
From time to time, he would fall into waist-high snow, which made his walking much more difficult.

“At such an altitude, walking such a mountain road undoubtedly has very strict requirements on physical fitness.” Every time Lu Liran took a step, he needed to pull himself out of the snow.
He was panting heavily, and the frequency of his speaking became much less. 

[God, if I fall into this kind of ghost place, I can’t even walk hundred meters before I have to gasps to death]

[Anchor, stop talking.
Save your energy!]

It took Lu Liran nearly two hours to climb from the position close to the valley to the ridge.
Over the blind spot of his vision, he finally reached the peak.

But the scene before his eyes was different from what he expected.
It is still a vast expanse of whiteness, and the rolling snowfield is endless, as if there is no difference whether it is on the ridge or in the valley. 

[Laughing to death, the anchor tried his best to climb up, and this is the result?]

[This…is this a waste of time??]


[The biggest waterloo in the anchor’s live broadcast]

“It’s impossible to climb in vain.” While replying to the barrage, Lu Liran lay down on the ridge to adjust his breathing.
He then pointed to the sky on the other side of the mountain.
The clouds were so thick that they looked like they were going to fall, and this, when in the valley, could not be seen. 

“Did you see that over there?” Lu Liran exhaled, “Those clouds.”

Following Lu Liran’s instructions, the camera ball lifted into the sky, it photographed the dark clouds in the distance, covering the mountains, oppressive and dangerous, and seemed to be coming towards him.

[Damn, what’s going on over there?!]

[Blizzard? It’s a blizzard coming!?] 

[Mama, where will you find shelter in such a ghost place?]

“Yes, as you can see, I need to get moving.” Lu Liran got up and slid down the mountain.

He said as he ran: “A piece of advice, if the clouds look dangerous, don’t hesitate to run, because their appearance is usually highly consistent with the actual danger.”

Lu Liran went down the mountain much faster than he went up. 

He maintained his inclination with the side slope of the mountain, using inertia to fly and exchange his left and right legs to slide down the side.
His movement is crisp and steady, it’s like being on a normal gentle hillside.

In fact, his descent was very steep, surrounded by exposed rock and snow and ice.

The camera ball rose into the air, showing a panoramic view to the audience in the live broadcast room.

Under the panoramic view, Lu Liran’s figure can be seen rapidly sliding down a hillside at an angle close to fifty degrees. 

There are irregular rock protrusions everywhere up, down, left, and right, and the snow is full of loose snow blocks, and if he’s not careful, he will step into the air.

But Lu Liran, as if he knows what will happen in the next second, can always prepare in advance.

[I…fuck…what the hell is this extreme snow mountain parkour?! This is fucking amazing?!]

[The anchor is awesome! I’ll follow this!!!——OneZongzi gifted the anchor 100x rice grain] 

[Fuck! This is the first time I have seen such an exciting wilderness scene! 666666 little brother, I admire you!——Watchingtheskythroughtheclouds gifted the anchor 1x sushi]

Lu Liran quickly descended to a relatively flat place, he slowed down and panted slightly.


For the first time, he noticed that the special effects of gifts appeared on the transparent panel, and after looking closely at the content of the barrage, he realized that someone had already offered him a gift.

Panting lightly, he smiled and said: “Thank you one zongzi for 100 rice grains, and Watching the sky through the clouds for 1 sushi.” 

Rice grains and sushi are both items that can be exchanged for star coins.
The former can be obtained by watching the live broadcast time and daily check-in, and the exchange rate is also the lowest, 100x rice grains is equivalent to 50 cents and 1 sushi is one coin.

In addition to rice grain and sushi, there are sukiyaki pot, top-quality wagyu beef, white truffle, and Buddha jumping over the wall.

The corresponding exchange amounts are five coins, ten coins, fifty coins, and one thousand coins. 

Lu Liran suspects that the boss of the live broadcast platform is a foodie.

Although he has only received one coin and fifty cents, when the audience base increases, the cumulative amount of rewards will become very considerable.

Back to the main point, Lu Liran glanced at the sky.
The line of clouds originally seen on the ridge was far away on the other side, but now it was forcing its way into view.

Lu Liran rubbed his hands vigorously, he jumped up and down twice, and gasped: “Although I have been running just now, it is still very cold.
Now the temperature has dropped rapidly,  probably more than 10 degrees below zero.” 

“When the snowstorm really comes, the temperature here will even drop below the deadly minus thirty degrees.
Ho, I must warm my hands and feet as soon as possible.”

[Gasping sounds are so good!!!]

[Ei, I don’t know why I actually changed color]

[Because you are a premium member (doge)] 

Lu Liran quickly did a few burpees: “When you are cold, doing it a few times can quickly warm up your body.”

“Did you see the slope over there? It’s a leeward slope, and we’re going to make a temporary shelter there.” Lu Liran said, trotting over there, “I hope we can make it in time.”

[What?? Am I hallucinating? The anchor said that he wanted to build a shelter in the snowy mountain?]

[??? What do you use to make it ah?! Isn’t there only snow here?] 

[If the anchor can create a shelter, I will immediately give the anchor a Buddha jump over the wall!]

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I even thought of putting those emojis ever time someone gave Lu Liran gifts…but then I thought…its too troublesome, hahaha…



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