’t say anymore and proceeded to look out the window again.

My previously interrupted thoughts continued.

It was an obvious problem that I could barely remember anything from the original novel.
I’d be a step ahead if I remembered.
But, it was a novel I read seven years ago.
If anyone could remember a novel from that long ago, that would be even weirder. 

After I had decided to escape from this world, I stopped caring about it because the story was going to develop as usual without me.
If I had known that this was going to happen, I would have memorized as much information as possible. 

The only things that came to mind were the description of the female lead’s appearance and the location of the first kiss between the female lead and the male lead, as well as the appearance of the burning building.
Calix had saved the heroine from almost dying, at one point as well. 

‘How did the female lead and male lead meet in the first place?’

Calix needed the information the female lead knew.

In the original story, Calix always referred to the female lead as Renia.
I don’t know if it was her nickname or her real name, or if that name came from his dead first love’s name. 

Two things were for certain.

The Troxia family committing treason was a false accusation, and that someone wants me dead.
That person is still freely walking around outside. 

After riding the carriage for a long time, I suddenly had an idea and turned my head, facing Calix, feeling a bit mischievous. 



“You said we got married.
Who was the one to propose?”


I didn’t miss the fluctuating eyes of Calix, who was flustered.

“Who said ‘I like you’ first?”

I couldn’t stop the playfulness in me from coming out.
I wanted to hear Calix’s answer.
I wanted to see what he would say, so I deliberately asked him in a mischievous way. 

Calix slowly closed and opened his eyes, meeting mine.
Gently closing those bright blue eyes once again, he opened his mouth. 

“Of course, you asked me to marry you first.”


“When you were a kid, you fell for me and followed me around.
After a week of our meeting, you asked me to marry you.” 

“Did I say that…?”

That’s right.”

It was clear what he was implying.

‘Are you still going to pretend you don’t know me?’

However, I didn’t want to admit defeat with my own hands now either.
I nodded my head innocently, acting as though I didn’t know anything. 

“I see, then I must remember you quickly.
I suppose it was love at first sight then, but now I feel sorry because your face isn’t to my liking.
I’m sorry I didn’t fall for you at first sight again, like back then.” 

“That’s alright, you will remember it later.” 

Calix kissed me on the cheek.

The curtain on such an elaborate scam has risen. 

I pretended not to remember him, and Calix pretended to be fooled by me even though he knows my words were all lies.

It was a scam where there were only cheaters and no victims.


I was the one who told Calix to go to sleep when he felt tired, but I ended up falling asleep first.
I couldn’t stand the increasingly boring journey, being in a carriage for several hours while only seeing the same scenery.

‘Would you like to sleep if you’re tired?’

“If you’re tired, would you want to sleep?”

I couldn’t resist Calix’s offer and leaned on him, unable to resist the way he nuzzled me as he spoke.
When I came to my sense, I was lying on the carriage seat, my head on Calix’s thigh.

I could feel Calix’s touch, who was wistfully stroking my shortened hair with regret. 

I could sense the calmness in the air surrounding him even though my eyes were closed, so I continued to pretend to be asleep, although I did feel embarrassed for some reason. 

Then, just as I was actually falling asleep again, I heard a knock on the carriage door.
At the same time, I noticed that the carriage was no longer moving and had stopped somewhere. 

“Come on in.”

The door of the carriage opened, and the voice of the man I assumed to be Calix’s knight could be heard.
It was the same voice I had heard in the morning. 

“When will you be leaving?”

The knight didn’t seem to be impatient and demanding for an answer.
Calix gently patted me on the shoulder. 

“In a little while.
I don’t want to wake up a sleeping child.”

There was a hint of laughter in Calix’s reply.
In an instant, I was treated as a ‘sleeping child’.
I was so embarrassed that I desperately tried to act like I was still sleeping so he wouldn’t have known that I’d already woken up. 

The knight asked.

“She is…?”

Only then did I realize that Calix had yet to explain a word about who I was to his knights.
I held my breath still, wondering what he was going to say. 

I felt Calix’s long fingers graze my cheek.
He opened his mouth with an air of hesitation.

“…The Wizard of the Territory.”

“A wizard? Didn’t you say you’d never let in a wizard to your territory? Is there any reason why you changed your mind?” 


What did you mean by a ‘wizard’.

“…I don’t have to wait any longer.”


Did Calix intend to take me in as a wizard?

You were confident that there was a way.
Was this the way? Cheating me in as a commoner wizard? 

‘You told me you’d take me as your wife.’

“Very well.
I’ll tell Mier to prepare the wizard’s room in the east wing of the mansion.”

Have her room be the room right next to mine.”

“…The room next to Your Excellency’s room?” 

I could feel the knight panicking from here.
Calix continued on regardless.

“All the furniture inside that room is to be the same as the ones in my room, the best.”

“…I have received your order.
Do you have any other instructions?”

“…One more thing.”

For a moment, there was a hint of hesitation.


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