y began tingling and going numb.
I squeezed and unclenched my hand, meeting Calix’s eyes. 

After checking the doorway to make sure no one else was there, I opened my mouth.

“Is it common for the emperor to spy on you?”

It’s not common, but it’s also not rare.
Simply put, it’s not surprising.”

He stretched out his arm and called me over.
I obediently sat in the seat next to him.
Calix grabbed my waist and pulled me into a familiar embrace. 

“The story of my taking a woman must have reached the emperor’s ears already.
I’m sorry, this was due to my negligence.” 


I didn’t respond to Calix’s apology and thought about it.

I can roughly guess where Calix and I were seen.
It was probably at Pensir Station. 

More importantly, the emperor’s attitude towards us.
If it’s true that the wizard was sent by the emperor to try to spy on us…

Only one hypothesis ran through my mind. 

“Is the emperor still looking for me…?”

It was not a common occurrence for an emperor to pay so much attention a mere duke’s scandal. 

Calix’s arm, which was embracing me, tightened.
It seemed that he was thinking the same thing as I was.
He whispered as he kissed my hair. 

“I will never let anything happen to you.
I swear.”

“That’s not something you can decide by yourself.”

After I answered bluntly, I recieved a series of kisses laced with anxiety from Calix. 

While being wrapped in his arms, I sorted out my complicated thoughts. 

‘What the hell is the emperor looking for?’

Was it simply to find those belonging to the bloodline of the traitor?

“What are you thinking about?” 


I had an ominous feeling that one day I would have to go to the capital and face the emperor.


“It has been cut off.”

Inside the ornately decorated office. 

The wizard, whose eyes were closed, raised his head. 

“……”Cut off”? I thought you said that there would be no problems if it was a stopped train, even from this distance.

Next to him was a middle-aged woman pressing her temples.

“I’m sorry, but using living things as a medium comes at the cost of a lot of variables…” 

Tell me what you saw.”

The wizard swallowed, proceeding to tell the woman what he had seen. 

In the special compartment of a train, a man and a woman sitting on seats covered in red velvet.
The bewilderment of the investigator who had entered that compartment.

“……You said he was kissing her?”

As soon as the magic was connected, I saw it”. 

The middle-aged woman, surprised, raised her head.
There was a gleam of interest in her eyes.
The wizard lowered his head, not knowing what to do.

“Calix Hertrio was kissing a woman…” 

The woman tapped the arm of the chair she was sitting in, lost in her thoughts. 

“Isn’t that funny? There were rumours that he couldn’t do his job because he kept looking at women like they were stones.” 

“Yes, yes…”

The wizard bowed his head, sweating. 

“Is it possible that he noticed your magic and put on an act?” 

“That wouldn’t be a possibility.
As soon as I connected the magic, I immediately saw them kissing.
In this case, they would have started doing so before then…”  

“Did you see her face?” 

It was not visible.”

The woman raised her eyebrows.
As if she had suddenly remembered something, she asked the wizard with a rather impatient attitude. 

“How about her hair?”


“Did she have pink hair?”

“Yes? Yes, no.
She had black hair.” 

“Black hair…”

The woman rubbed her temples in a circular motion, bowing her head down.
After a moment’s thought, she gestured impatiently at the wizard. 

“I see.
You may leave now, sir.” 

“Yes, Your Majesty! May God bless you!”  

After politely bowing, the wizard left the room, and the emperor, who was left alone, stood up and looked out the window. 

“Where are you? That kid…”

The emperor’s words echoed throughout the office.


After the stormy special inspection passed, the train ride continued without any incidents.
Since we had a late departure, it quickly became night.
As soon as we finished dinner, Calix led me to a bed in the special class compartment.

“We will be arriving tomorrow morning.
Until then, get some sleep.” 

“I can’t sleep now because earlier, in the carriage, I had already slept too much.”

“If you lie down and close your eyes for a bit, you will become sleepy.”

With the tone of a parent putting their mischievous child to sleep, Calix forced me to sit down on the bed.
I did as he asked and sat down on the corner of the bed, watching Calix draw the curtains. 

Sensing my gaze, Calix turned his head and smiled at me.

“Do you like looking at me because I’m so handsome? You want to take care of your husband, don’t you?” 

Without answering, I patted the bed, calling for Calix. 

“You come here too.”

“Rena, if you’re already acting like this right now, what are you going to do later…”

“Shut up and come here.”


As soon as Calix sat down next to me, I grabbed him so he couldn’t escape.
It was finally time to talk to him.

How long will we be continuing this ridiculous play? In addition, if he’s planning on taking me as a wizard to his estate, what were his plans?

I made eye contact with him and asked seriously.

“Isn’t there something you want to say to me?”

“Want to say?”

“You should know better.”


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