In the previous lives, foxes, raccoon dogs (tanuki), and cats are believed to have been animals that wielded the art of transformation and the Youkai jutsu.
They were called “bake-danuki” or “bake-neko” (monster raccoon dogs or cats).


 In this world, too, it is the same.
A monster fox that has gained wisdom and youkai power by eating the flesh of a human being with spiritual power or a youkai with youkai power is called a youkai fox in particular.


 Especially in the East, including Fuso-kuni, the Calamity Youkai of fox that has continued to accumulate their power for a thousand years are called “Celestial Fox” and are feared, but this is because at one time in the continent, the Calamity Youkai of Celestial Fox appeared one after another and destroyed the continental dynasty that constituted the largest human community at the time by their scheming and intriguing ways.
Their intelligence is higher than that of other monsters since they were small Youkai, and therefore, they can easily survive and bloom into powerful monsters.
They were also very knowledgeable about the affairs of the human world and were good at playing cunning tricks.
Because of this, the Imperial Court encouraged the active hunting of the monster foxes after the tragedy on the continent.


 Of course, the fact that the Imperial Court actively encourages them means that their hatred against the Court is also fierce too…


 Therefore, it may be natural that a lone monster fox is looking down on the capital with overwhelming malice and hostility under the moonlit sky.


 Now, the capital, which has a history of more than 1,000 years and has functioned as the center of the “human” species in this Fuso-kuni, has been the target of invasions and “feeding grounds” of numerous Youkai in the past, as well as humans, due to its rich land and powerful spiritual veins.


 In some eras, it was flooded by the hordes of the dead like rivers of death, and in other eras, it was ruled by the Four Evil Youkai.
In another time, a serpent swallowed the land, trampling villages and cities on its way to the land as it marched eastward, and when the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons attacked, the national army and the people worked together under the emperor's command to successfully defend the city.


 …However, the Youkai “Kuuban”, who was loyal to his instincts and desires, was strong and united the monsters who would normally not cooperate with him, and organized them into the most powerful and intelligent group, causing the city to become a hell filled with the corpses of Youkai and humans that covered the ground both inside and outside of the city.


 And even through all those years, humans continued to hold the land.
Now hundreds of thousands of people live in the capital, which is literally the center of Fuso-kuni.
To put it paradoxically, if this capital were to fall, the country would be destroyed by itself.
And for youkai, by acquiring a powerful spiritual vein residing in this capital, the youkai will reach the next level of Calamity Youkai.
Yes, a mythical entity of which only a few have been recorded in history, and which may or may not even be true…


 ”That's why I've built such a huge army.
To destroy the city of the vain and vain of the abominable humans, and to aim higher.”


 With an air of arrogance, the Youkai fox…
a figure with nine silvery tails and distinctive animal ears on her head, giggles and scoffs.
Behind her, she finds herself surrounded by an army of thousands of monsters.
They are an army of monsters that she has spent decades roaming the country, multiplying and forging.
In fact, her army, which has already eradicated several small cities and a few, albeit weak, families of exorcists, is not deceptive.


 ”Well, let's get going.
You, go on.
Those who run, those who defy, and those who resist, devour them all equally and eat them up!”


 The confidence of the Youkai fox is not a lie.
Indeed, it is not an easy task to destroy a city or a house of exorcists.
After all, the army of a city or a family of exorcists would not be easily defeated if all the lords and houses of exorcists were to join forces to defeat them.


 That is why the hubris of a young Youkai fox less than a hundred years old, even Calamity Youkai, is in a sense unjustifiable…
and so, at this time, she has paid for her sins of naivete with her own body.




 In the next instant, the vortex of crimson flame that forms behind her burns over a thousand Youkai, many of them medium Youkai, and even a dozen or more great Youkai, most of whom are burnt to a crisp and disappeared, and some of the lucky ones that didn't burn up fell to the ground with their burned-up bodies…


 ”Is that…
a dragon?”


 The Youkai fox turns around and stares dumbstruck at the being that has nearly obliterated half of the Youkai hordes she has spent so much time preparing.
At the same time, she is aware of the overwhelming difference between the two groups.


 The sacred dragon curled up in a coil…
the Onmyoji sitting at its head slurps down a gourd of sake, then smiles an abusive smile and commands the familiar.


 ”Here's one more shot.
Go ahead, White Lotus (Byakure/白蓮)!”


 A shrill roar is released in response.
At the same time, burning breaths of fire are released.
Ignoring the thick shells of the monsters, their flame-resistant fur, and the barriers of Youkai power, the Youkai are instantly incinerated and burned to a crisp.
The incineration, which nullified all defenses, was a fire of karma that rose to the level of a conceptual attack.


Nonsense!? With just two attacks…
my servants…!?”


 The shadow of the youkai fox, who had escaped the flames with her youkai jutsu, shouted words of abuse in disbelief.
It was overwhelmingly unreasonable anger, and her voice trembled with fear, though she would not admit it.


 ”D-Don't be ridiculous…! How many people does it take to raise an army this big…!!”

 ”How many people have you fed?”



 The voice echoes from behind her, and the Youkai fox twists around to unleash her sword.
Even with her bare hands, the Calamity Youkai's seriousness could easily decapitate a person's head…or rather, the upper half of their body.
In fact, the black-robed “human” standing behind her had her body blown off except for both of her legs.


 However, soon the pieces of flesh turned into black shadows, and the atomized shadows gathered in a trail and formed a figure again, as they should have.



 ”No, you killed this old man for sure.
But don't worry, this body is just strange…”


 The voice of the man who had just ridden the dragon echoes in Youkai Fox's ear as she yells.
At the same time, a shock echoes in her head.
Probably hit with a gourd, Youkai-fox plunges to the ground as if slammed to the ground.


 ”Gbbhh…!? Don't you dare, you human…!!”


 If it were a human, its skull would have been crushed and its contents would have popped out.
But even for a Youkai fox at the moment of impact, it suffers a concussion.
However, the next moment, the figure, which was just barely a doll, rapidly enlarges…
and with a roar, a huge silver-haired nine-tailed fox appears in the dark night.
That was the true form of this Youkai.


 'You bast*rd! I won't let any of you live…!'


 The Youkai fox shouts angrily.
She has fought strong men many times before.
She has used every means at her disposal, even the most cowardly and despicable, to win, and she has ignored the begged for the life of the vanquished, tormented them, and devoured them.
She had absolute confidence in her own wisdom and power.
So, if she attacks him with all her might…!!


 ”That's my line!!”


 A young shrine maiden kicked the Youkai fox in the face with a spinning kick in the air.
The blow with the leg strengthened by the overflowing spiritual power ripped the flesh of the Youkai fox's head, cracked her bones, and shattered some of her teeth.
The monster loses consciousness for a moment, and in the next moment, it suffers from unbearable pain.




 Youkai Fox falls down while vomiting a lot of blood.
However, the exorcists who protect the capital have no intention of showing any mercy to “her” as she falls, following the force of gravity.
So, from all sides, people attack to strike her with a final blow…


 'Ghhh…!!? You bast*rddddd!! In a place like this, in a place like this! This is so stupid! Will I die!!!'

 ”…!? It's not good, stop that youkai quickly…!!”


 Covered in deep wounds, Youkai fox uses her last resort.
The exorcists realize that the monster is about to do something and try to stop it.


 So, when the shadow of the fox is cut open by the exorcists, the next moment, the exorcists cast a powerful spell to set it ablaze, followed by a direct hit by lightning from a thunder cloud that suddenly appeared, and further pierced it with needles created by translucent wards that were generated from all directions.
All of the attacks were a blow to a great Youkai, and even a lower-level Calamity Youkai would not be safe if they were not prepared for them.


 ”You idiot! It's an illusion…!!”


 One of the exorcists, who specializes in magic and hypnosis, noticed something strange and shouted.
The remains of the creature, which was supposed to be a piece of meat, however, disappeared like a mist the next moment.
It was a masterpiece of illusion that Youkai Fox had created with all her remaining strength.




 Some literally kicked up in the air with just their muscles, some created a foothold in the air, some used shikigami, or constructed a formula in the air, some aimed with a bow and arrow, etc…
Each in their own way, they used Youkai-jutsu to stop the departed Youkai fox again and again.


 ”What the…!?”


 The next moment, the huge Youkai Fox emitted light.
The light was so intense that it covered the vision of those around it…
Several of them tried to attack it, aiming at its approximate position, but there was no response.
Then the huge light broke up into small particles of light…
and they began to fall on the city and its surroundings like a meteor shower.


 ”D*mn it, that's why you are doing that…!?”


 A few exorcists who can attack from a long distance successfully shoot down some of the streaks of light.
more than half of the light falls to the ground…
and disappears into the darkness.
The exorcists look on with a mysterious or bitter expressions on their faces…


 ”Contact the emperor and the ministers.
A pompous monster has left us a troublesome present just before dying.”


 A man dressed in black appears before they know it and orders the exorcists.
And the monster-killing experts affirm the order by making themselves invisible.




 The black-robed man sighs as the full moon appears fantastically in the blue darkness.
How could they have made such a blunder against a monster of “that caliber”? It is a mistake that would have been impossible in the days of the Great Rebellion.
After all, on the night of the full moon, blood boils and we become fools.
And since it is usually around this time of the year that the Youkai are so active, the situation is unbearable.


 ”…If only she'd come back.”


 The shadow in black sighs again thinking of a former comrade-in-arms who has retired from the service of the court due to injury and age.
A moment later, the black shadow disappears like a mist to do its duty…

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