”I see…
But you made a good decision.
To throw away such a rare specimen for the monsters to fight each other…”

 ”Oh, I still have one more secured.”

 '(^ω^) If you prepare, there will be no sorrow!!'


 When I showed another talisman from my pocket, Botan looked at me in silence.
Hey, cut it out.
Don't give me such a cold look.
It wasn't my decision.
If you want to look, look at the hummingbird on my shoulder.
Hey, old man, stop averting your gaze.
Face your granddaughter.

 ”Well then, let's put that aside for now…
Should we let them fight?”

 'φ(゜▽゜*)♪ Nuhahahaha!!'

 Realizing that, I cut short my excuses to Botan and rushed forward.
I kicked the staff the mummy king was using.


 With the staff supporting its weight taken away, the mummy crashed back onto the floor.
It seemed pretty obvious that this luxurious mummy would be a troublesome opponent.
Because this guy could pointed at me when it got up and attacked me with fireballs, so be on your guard.
'(*´,_ゝ`) Hahaha!! (*゚∀゚) Did you think I would overlook my eyes!?'—Hey, you noisy dung spider.

 ”That's right…
Take this, and eat it plenty!!”


 I twist the staff into the mouth of the mummy.
Twisting the staff, I mercilessly drive it through its back until it reaches all the way to the spine.
The mummy, now resembling a salt-grilled sweetfish, has lost its legs and is unable to bend its back due to the impaled staff, making it incapable of standing up properly.
It can only wriggle and flounder on the floor in a ridiculous manner.
I leave the scene, feeling accomplished with my work

 While I couldn't completely destroy it, in this state, it wouldn't be able to move properly.
My goal was to rescue Tamaki and the others, not to engage every monster I encountered.
Besides, it would be impossible.



 I glanced down as I heard the carefree meowing of a cat.
The two-tailed cat that had appeared out of nowhere was carrying a hand mirror in its mouth as it passed by me.
It then confidently presented the mirror to Botan.

 ”Thank you.”

 Botan calmly accepted the offered hand mirror without any surprise.
By the way, while Botan had been sorting through the scattered scrolls and books in the chaotic library due to the slime and alien's intense battle, she had managed to find some useful items and concealed them inside talismans.


 ”I'm just doing what's necessary.
Let's take some useful things with us.”

 ”You're really something else.”

 '(*´・ω・) That's right'

 From facing an almost ero-game-like situation just moments ago to now methodically searching for items, Botan was truly courageous.
Like grandfather, like granddaughter.
Look at the protagonist, still a bit dazed, huh?

 ”We should probably leave now.
We can discuss the reward later…
Also, we're likely to have more company coming soon.”

 If I strained my ears, I could hear the sound of a large number of bugs approaching from a distance.
I wasn't sure what it was, but it definitely didn't sound good.
We should make our escape while we still had the chance.

 ”That's true.
…Hey, what are you spacing out for? Snap back to reality already.”


 While Tamaki had been absentmindedly listening to our conversation, she was brought back to reality by Botan poking her with a serious expression.
She let out a weird noise, but we ignored it.

 ”Miss Tamaki, focus.
Are you alright?”

 ”I'm fine, but…
Oh, wait! There's still one more person!”

 As Tamaki turned around, a freshly caught tentacle was tossed aside.

these guys are really persistent! So, who are you? You came in quite flashy, but who are you?”

 ”…I am Onitsuki Family servant's Yun-shoku.
My name is Tomobe.”

 '(*>∇<) I'm an idol with multiple roles!'

 Facing the dubious-looking beastkin who questioned me aggressively, I replied after a short pause.
Yep, stupid spider, I'm pretty sure she can't hear your voice.


 After mentally making a retort, I glanced at Botan.
Through our eye contact, I continued speaking.

 ”For now, let's get out of this noisy room…
It seems like we can escape from this room through that gate.”

 I briefly glanced at the stone gate behind the stone coffin.
But it was being crushed and pushed by the struggling aliens and slime.



 Suddenly, everyone present exchanged glances, struck by the unexpected situation.
And then…

 ”What!? You're kidding, right?”

 ”Oh, this is the worst!”

 ”Darn it! Isn't there any other way out?”

 '(´・д・) Ahhaha!'

 In a panic, we desperately searched the chaotic room for an escape route.

* * *

 The room quickly became more chaotic.
The aliens and slime were engaged in a seemingly never-ending back-and-forth battle.
The mummy king was still flopping around on the floor.

 And amidst all that, we continued searching through the chaos.

 ”D*mn! Is there no way out here either? Anywhere, anywhere at all?”

 ”Please, stay calm! You're distracting me! Ahh, this book is useless too!”

 We searched through the traps on the walls and floor, and rummaged through the scattered scrolls and burial items, desperately looking for a way out.
Unfortunately, we hadn't found any results yet.

 '(・∀・) Your back!'

 ”Whoa!? That's dangerous!”

 White Spider's warning? I swung my dagger to fend off a slimy tentacle that was reaching out.
The severed tentacle, still wriggling on the floor like a grilled salted sweetfish, was quickly crushed.

 'Clip-clop! Clip-clip-clip!'

 ”Hey, don't look this way…!!”

 '(* >ω<) Kyaa! She's so naughty!!'

 As I noticed the gaze, I saw one of the slime creatures staring at me with countless eyeballs.
Red, shining like beads or crystals, its eyes bore into me with an eerie feeling, evoking a primal fear.
Well, stupid spider, I'm pretty sure it's not looking at you!



 The slime's second attack was intercepted by a beam fired from the side.
The alien concentrated green beams from its arm and shot back at the slime.
However, it was quickly attacked by another slime and began firing its green beams wildly in a frenzy.

 '(・д・oノ)ノ Whoa-!?

 ”Hey! Stop shooting at us with those creepy beams!”

 I hid behind a fallen bookshelf to dodge the beams.
Looking around, I saw that Botan and the others were also hiding behind bookshelves for emergency evacuation.
Hey bear, sorry to break it to you, but you're too big to hide behind the bookshelf properly.
You're exposing your head while trying to hide your butt! 'Kuun!!?' Oh, now a stray beam hit your butt, and you're screaming.

 ”Well, this is like a festival.
We won't get anywhere like this.”

 ”I wish there was something we could do…”

 Shishimai and Tamaki murmured.
I shifted my gaze to Botan, who was reading ancient books amidst the chaos.
Her hands, which had been roughly flipping through the pages, stopped.
Did she find something?

 ”This demon magic book might be useful.
For now…
'Guardians, bring destruction upon them!'”

 '(・`ω・´) Roger that, I'll bring it on!'

 Botan, with a slightly smug expression, chanted the curse.
Instantly, soldiers with dog faces emerged from the wall paintings.
They were the guardians protecting the pyramid, armed with spears and sickles.
There were eight of them.
Following Botan's command, they joined the fray, fighting alongside the monsters.
Hey spider, why are you still making that cocky face?

 ”This should buy us some time.
this is it, the teleportation.”

 Flipping through a few pages, Botan pointed to a specific section.

 ”Sounds good.
Let's get out of here and say goodbye to these monsters.”

 ”Unfortunately, it's not that simple.
This doesn't seem to be such a convenient curse.
Moreover, it seems to require a sacrifice.”

 With those words, Botan glanced at me.
Hey, stop that.
Don't look at me after talking about sacrifices.

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