The question of where she was, was immediately resolved after checking the bedroom. 

It was clearly not Yana’s bedroom. 



“How do you feel?”

How she feels? Of course it’s not that good.
I was trying to admire my weakness, which is even worse than that of a grasshopper’s, but something completely different came out of my mouth. 

“Are you okay?” 

– Um, yes, I’m sorry, but what is your honest feeling about being sick? 

I heard a small whisper as I controlled my breathing which in turn contained my gagging. 

“I’m okay.” 

Jihad closed his book and stared into space with an incomprehensible expression. 

“Didn’t you pass out twice in one day after you picked and ate that fruit? If you add up today, it’s a total of three times.
I wonder why you asked if I’m okay.” 

.Are you really worried? 

Not very trustworthy. 

Didn’t the second mistress, who she thought cared about her, use Yana without hesitation for her daughter? Everyone in this family can’t be trusted. 



“What kind of wind has blown that has led you to call me uncle?”

At first I thought ‘I don’t want to be called uncle by an illegitimate child like you!’ was what he meant, but soon, the Lord’s surprised expression in the carriage crossed my mind. 

Ah, can it be that Yana has been calling him the Fourth Lord? 

It was a very inappropriate title.
Although it is a corner of the house that will disappear, it still exists. 

“I call you uncle because you are my uncle.
Is something wrong?”

“I never said anything was wrong.” 

“Then I will continue to call you uncle.” 

Fortunately, Jihad did not put much distance. 

“By the way, Uncle, why am I lying here?” 

“Because I decided to take care of you for the time being.
Stay here until the poison from the Celestial Flower is gone.” 

“Yes? But why did my uncle.

Jihad left the room before Rin could finish asking her question. 

Indeed, the number of lords is four. 

While admiring the action befitting the name, a very savory scent suddenly emanated from somewhere in the room.
It was from the soup on the table. 

“It’s a pity that we don’t have bread and meat.” 

Eating meat makes your body stronger. 

Well now, if I eat it, I’ll just regurgitate it.

Did you just prepare the soup with that in mind? Rin recalled Jihad’s handsome, unnecessarily cold expression.
Well, it can’t be. 

Let’s eat and sleep. 

* * *

The next morning, at Rin’s request, Olga began to stay in the main building as well. 

“Hey, what happened all of a sudden? No way – are you going to be staying in the main building from now on?”

“No, just for a little while.” 

Her face, which was half nervous and half excited, cooled down in an instant.
It’s strange that she can’t stay still in her stead and keeps looking around.
I ask why.

“Of course I am nervous! A young maid like me only works in the annex, not in the main building.
On the way here, the other maids looked at me with disapproval – is territorialism not a joke?”

“Do you have a territorial attitude?” 

What does a young lady know.

“Stop scolding.
What kind of bullshit is that?”

I said a word to save my words, “It’s okay, so be honest, have you said that before? If you lie stupidly, it shows on your face.
Don’t forget that being honest to the point of pissing off is one of your strengths.” 

.All right.

According to her, there are three main districts in Tuslena. 

The first is the main building. 

It is the residence of the immediate family, including the Duke and Duchess.
It is assigned mainly to employees who have worked in Tuslena for a long time, and the salary is said to be quite high. 

The second is the hall. 

It was a building as wide as the main building, located behind it.
Talents recruited to Tuslena and Saint Bright Knights belonging to Tuslena live there.
Recognized employees from Tuslena are assigned. 

Finally, the annex. 

The building is lined with small halls and other miscellaneous rooms, but Yana is the only person currently staying there.
Mainly new hires are assigned there. 

Isn’t something strange? Now matter how illegitimate, only fourteen year old Yana lives in the annex?

Pretending not to remember anything from her childhood, she asked Olga insinuatingly, “Since when did I start living in the annex?” 

I wasn’t there at the time, so I don’t know the details.
.Maybe six years ago? I think it was said that only the young lady in the family had a nasty contagious disease.
At that time, you were quarantined in the annex for a while and you stayed there ever since?”

It was for that reason. 

Is she not only locked up socially, but also physically?

Bad people. 

“Do you have a fever?”

Rin left the room after roughly wiping her face with the wash water Olga had prepared. 

“Uh, where are you going?”

“To work out.” 

You need to develop your stamina and strength as soon as possible so that you can use your aura more proficiently.
Anger is a good nutrient for strength, so I had to work harder at times like these. 

“Yes? What would you do if you got caught by the second Lord?”

“What should I do? Do you think I’m a maid like you? Wherever you are, whatever you do, it’s my heart.” 

Miss, you’re not really sick, are you? They said that if people change too much, they will die before the day is over.
.Miss you can’t die.
I’m in trouble too!” 

I’m already dead, so. 

However, Rin’s ambitious plan to head to the gymnasium collapsed as soon as it started. 

Why are there so many people? 

Today’s gymnasium was not simply crowded. 

Between the white uniforms of the Knights of St.
Bright, unfamiliar black and turquoise uniforms were mixed in as well.
Even at a glance, it seemed that the quality of the material was not typical for knights. 

.Olga, Grandpa.
Where the hell has he been?” 

“Hey, Grandpa? Didn’t you originally call him the Duke?”

“I will call him Grandpa from now on, so answer me.” 

Olga answered with a pouting lip, “Where is he? Around this time, every year, the Idryiol Conference is held, right? This year’s meeting was hosted by your great family, but you returned home before the guests arrived.”

“Who are the guests?” 

“I checked earlier.  .” 

Olga looked up and down the aisle, where only two people were going, then came to the side and whispered, “Soon you will be visited by the second lord and his son.
The second wife is in trouble.
Their son is the only son.” 

Not much information. 

If you use that few information you have, you may be able to get access to the big shareholder. 

“Yes? How does a maid like me know that? Rather, aren’t you curious about the only son of the second Lord? I’ve been looking all over!”

“It’s okay.” 

“Why? Don’t you know? Have you and and the only son made eye contact? Since you are staying in the main building, you have to take something with you! If you’re lucky enough to get engaged, the young lady and I will survive together!”

“It’s hard for a child who talks like a snob.” 

“Joy, because the lady is younger!” 

But she was not wrong. 

Did Yana really not know that living in the annex was against her? 

When I first woke up in this body, I remembered what Olga said. 

“Do you think people are stupid? Everyone knows that the young lady is fooling around to get the attention of the great lord.” 

Maybe Yana had been working hard for a long time. 

“Olga, the day I ate the fruit.
Why did you think it was done to get the attention of the great lord?” 

“You’re trying to scold me for being mad right now.” 

“I’m not, so tell me honestly.” 

Olga, who had noticeably become calmer, responded cautiously, “Because the young lady always wanted to leave the castle.” 

“I have?”

“When the second mistress asked what you wanted on New Year’s Day, or for your birthday, you always said, ‘I want to stay in a secluded place outside Tuslena’.
No one has ever granted your wish.” 


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