“These hieroglyphs.
I said I memorized them all.
To be precise, I only memorized about one-fifth of this volume.
It’s just a matter of time before I memorize them all.”

Instant memory ability. 

This was the ability that allowed Rin to live as a pathfinder. 

She never forgot a road once passed, and she could remember every sentence in every book. 

Of course, there were times where Rin wasn’t free from terrible memories, as not forgetting coincided with the meaning of not forgetting.
All her terrible memories came from her childhood.
Through training with her aura, Rin learned to distance herself better from her unwanted memories. 

But I didn’t think this ability would transfer to Yana’s body as well. 

How could that be? 

Could it be that Yana also had the same abilities as Rin? It was a pretty plausible guess. 

The Duke, who stared at her with surprised eyes, soon comforted Rin with a light smile.
“Yes, Yana.
You should be able to memorize all of the Konrad.” 

I thought it was a lie.

In this case, there is nothing more certain than showing it directly.
Rin ran to her grandfather’s desk, grabbed his pen, and began drawing hieroglyphs on her blank sheet of paper. 

“Now look.
Did I write it correctly, Grandpa?”

The duke approached and opened his eyes wide as he checked the sentence that Rin had written. 

It’s still too early to be surprised, Grandfather. 

Rin, who hid a confident smile, continued the second and third sentences and showed them to the Duke.
He confirmed it one by one and spat out exclamations with an expression of disbelief, “Huh? I can’t – I can’t believe it! Yana, have you been learning hieroglyphics since you were little?”

“No, I have never learned anything from anyone.” 

“Then how – the time I was away from the office must have been three or four hours at most.
You said you memorized a fifth of this book during that time?” 

“Yes, I usually memorize things quickly.” 

So hurry up and use me! 

Leave anything smart to me.
Grind it until it crumbles and build trust.
Pay a fair price for it!


He’s obviously making an expression of realization, but he’s just quiet.
Also, the old-fashioned old man, do you feel remorse for using children to do things for you?

Frustrated, Rin decided to give the master a very light push.
Again, she grabbed a pen and began to draw several sentences as if she were drawing. 


“Are you having fun?” 

This is my first time! I want to know more.” 

After a long silence, the Duke held Rin’s shoulder and calmly parted his lips. 

“Yana, let me make you an offer.
As I said beforehand, this offer is not a coercion, but a request.
If you don’t like it, you can refuse, and there won’t be any disadvantages.” 

That’s it, Grandpa.

“Why don’t you come to Grandpa’s room every three days and put together a puzzle? It is a puzzle in which words in the Konrad Language are put together to form a single sentence.” 

That’s it, you’re doing great Grandpa.

“Please? So are you paying me too? I’m hired!” 

“Haha, I realized for the first time today that you are such a smart kid! Of course, Yana.
Do you have anything you want? Say anything.” 

This is the answer I have been waiting for. 

Having achieved what she wanted, Rin oo a step back and shyly shook her head. 

I’ll tell you later.
I don’t have anything on my mind right now.” 

“Are you going to do that?”

In fact, just being able to put together a puzzle with my grandfather is fun enough.
I was always alone in the annex.” 


You’re paying attention now, Grandpa.
You have to remember it well and call me to the main building later. 

“Then I will go.
I’m sorry I came into your room on my own.
Call me anytime.” 

I left the office with light steps. 

With this, the issue of going to the Pindias Great Prayer will be roughly resolved.
In the yard where I have to help the Duke’s work, I can’t afford to go that far away. 


A snort came out of nowhere.
She should go back to her room and sublimate this joy into some physical strength. 

By the way, why are you interpreting Konrad? 

Is it a philosophy book?

Thinking that it was a field that wa very suitable for the head of the family, Rn went back to her bedroom. 

* * *

Inside the large reception room in the northern corridor on the second floor, Roman took a slow breath. 

There wouldn’t have been such a tense and uncomfortable seat in the past year.
It was a crisis, not an opportunity, so he became more alert.
He’s been stressed for the past few days because of this, and now he’s even had stomach cramps. 

.Because of that girl.

It wasn’t long before a new voice was heard. 

Roman’s gaze met the gray haired man who entered at a leisurely pace. 


“My son.” 

When the old man sat down on a chair across his son’s, his wife brewed black tea as if she had been waiting for this.
His wife, Karen, as always, had a soft expression without any worries, which eased Roman’s tension. 

“You said you caught a cold? How is your condition?”

“It’s okay.
It’s almost healed, so don’t worry.” 

“Yes, Roman.
Looks like quite a few things happened while I was away.” 

As soon as you set up a seat, this becomes the main topic. 

Roman replied with a sad expression, “Sorry.
I have nothing to say.” 

Scared to lower her head, Karen, who was sitting next to him, tapped him with her elbow.
At the secret signal, roman continued the prepared talk. 

“Starting from this incident, we are in the process of improving the security vulnerabilities of the greenhouse.
In collaboration with an alchemist, we plan to develop an intrusion alarm that does not affect the greenhouse environment.
.I will post the details in a separate report, Father.” 

“Yes, you better pay more attention.
Yana’s accident is also still a grave accident.
Some poisonous plants growing in the greenhouse must never be leaked outside.
Do you know why?” 

“Of course I know.
As the director of the poisonous greenhouse, I will keep this in mind, Father.” 

He drank the tea without saying a word.
It was an expression of intention not to comment further on this matter. 


He spent an hour with this. 

It was a very trivial ending compared to what he was greatly worried about, but that was why he was more fortunate.
It was proof that the Duke trusted him. 

Hmph, you ignorant bastard.
You should have used your brain. 

The Duke, who had quenched his throat with milk tea, calmly called Roman. 



“Yana has changed a lot.
Did something happen while I was away?”

Roman was a bit surprised even though he brought up a new topic with his own mouth.
In fact, the period when he almost couldn’t see Yana was approaching a new season. 

Young children change quickly.
However, it was unimaginable that Yana would be the first subject of that change. 

Besides, the color is fine.
She’s also gained a little weight.

In other words, this would mean that the color was not good before. 

That Tuslena’s child wasn’t pretty?

The Duke slowly recalled Yana of the past, but right away, he couldn’t even remember what that kind was like at the beginning of the year.
The girl always had her head bowed helplessly, clothes too..
even the clothes seemed normal.
It was probably achromatic like the dress she was wearing today. 

Was I that indifferent? 

One side of his heart became heavy. 

.I hate to say this, but my wife, Karen, has a lot to do with it.
Even after she collapsed after eating the Celestial Flower fruit, Karen took care of her with all her utmost sincerity, so she must have realized something.” 

“Roman, that means –”

“You’re right, Karen.
There is no need to be too humble between family members.
My father must have asked in a positive way.
Isn’t that right, Father?”

Karen shyly shook her head as Roman held her hand and laughed out loud. 

Usually, it was a price to burst out laughing at their close relationship, but today was a little different. 

“I wonder what you realized.
A child who is only fourteen at most.” 

.Oh, heck.
Doesn’t that have multiple meanings? When you’re fourteen, you’re all grown up.
Puberty seems to have passed quickly, haha.”

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