Have I fallen into heaven? 

That was the first thought Rin had when she woke up in a small bedroom. 

It was because the sunlight falling outside the window was too warm and soft to be called hell. 


It’s strange. 

Among them, her bony arms were especially strange.
Looking at them, it’s not just her arms that are skinny.
When she lowered her head to check, her entire body was dry and unsightly. 

A corpse? 

In addition, her skin was pale enough to reveal thread veins. 

Could I have been revived as an undead? 

She spun around and raised herself up.
Even she struggled with this action.
The body groaned as if it were truly undead. 

I’d rather die than become undead! 

Rin kicked off the thin summer blanket and ran to the mirror in the back of the bedroom. 


However, the reflection in the mirror was far more amazing than just undead. 

Long, light brown hair that swayed from her waist.
Indigo-colored eyes that made the already pale skin even paler.
Then, there are the  small, dense features and skinny shoulders that make the fragile body even more fragile. 

Above all, a lifeless, expressionless face. 

Oh my god.
Standing in the mirror was a girl who looked a little over ten years old at most! 

“–I’m sure they’re not undead.” 

Why do you look like a kid who couldn’t eat? Did you starve yourself to make your body undead? Is it a test subject? If not, what is it?

The bigger question was why she woke up in this body. 

I’m sorry. 

At that time, the door had been firmly closed, as if it were one body with the wall.
But then it  slowly opened.
Rin, who stiffened her body, hurriedly looked around, looking for something that could be used as a weapon. 

“Miss Yana?” 

The visitor was a strange maid. 

“You finally woke up.” 

The maid, who said something stupid, passed Rin’s side and set down the meal as if tossing it on a table for one person. 

“What are you doing there? I brought you a meal, so please come and sit down.” 

The moment I met the terribly pathetic eyes, I suddenly remembered the name of a woman I had completely forgotten about. 


Yes, the woman’s name was Olga.
She was her exclusive maid, Olga. 

But how do I know that woman’s name? 

As Olga said, we brought a chair and sat down before the meal. 

Not only was it cold, but the appetizing potato soup was waiting for Rin. 

“What are you doing, not eating?”

Olga, standing next to her, looked down at Rin with a prickly face. 

“Please eat.
I need to get rid of it quickly.” 

But why is the maid speaking so harshly? 

Does she sound sensitive because this body came back to life? 

“I have no appetite.” 

“Is it so? Then I shall eat it.
When I leave, I will tell everyone that the lady has finished eating, so you keep that in mind.” 

Look at this. 

Olga sat down on the chair across from her with a nonchalant expression on her face and started emptying Rin’s soup without hesitation. 

It was Rin who had seen all sorts of things in her life.
It was clear at once that the unlucky maid in front of her had no feelings for her. 

You said I was Lady Yana.

A young girl in a slovenly outfit.
She even has an antique bedroom at a glance.
Could the owner of this frail body be an aristocratic lady? 

Why is the noble’s complexion so bluish? Well, I should say I’m glad I have a house. 

Rin was originally an orphan. 

Growing up in a small orphanage in a mountain village, it was the childhood she remembers that led her to wield a sword in order to make ends meet.
She earned her reputation for her swordsmanship and guide skills, and after that she was almost dragged into the imperial family, where she joined the Evil Orb Subjugation Corps. 

At first, I thought it was stepping on poop.
The evil orb subjugation party was a regular subjugation party organized every year in the Ra Empire, but the survivors converged to zero. 

However, her pessimistic gaze changed trajectory as she built up affection with her colleagues. 

The five of us were moving towards one goal together.
Shedding blood and sweat for that goal.
And I realized how wonderful it is to have a friend who can rely on her. 

Money, eating, and living was not everything in life.
I was able to accept my life, which was constantly hard and unlucky, as part of my world. 

It wasn’t too bad. 

Until Theon and Sabrina betrayed me. 

But what about the second life? 

And even that, in the body of a girl she doesn’t even know! Thinking it’s a fantasy from before she died, Rin squeezed her own cheek and twisted it. 

Ah, ouch! 

It’s understandable, but it hurt enough to close my eyes tightly. 

I don’t think it’s a dream – I need to figure out what happened. 

After clearing my mind, I made a request to Olga. 

“Olga, finish eating and bring me the newspaper.” 

“A newspaper? Why?” 

To ask stupid questions.
Did I ask you to bring me some broccoli from between your front teeth? 

As they looked at her without speaking, Olga glanced at her and soon grumbled. 

“Yes, my lady.” 

Olga left the room and returned after about ten minutes. 

“Here you go, newspaper.” 

Rin stared blankly at the newspaper thrown on the table.
I took her ten minutes to get this piece of paper, that’s it. 

Do you fight like this against your master? How kind of a lady was this body? 

‘Pick it up again and pass it properly’ was what she was about to say to Olga.

“I’m sorry, I must have bothered you.” 

Didn’t a polite apology come out of Rin’s mouth?


The moment I questioned the tongue moving against the owner’s will, it began to twist inside violently. 


I bit my lip, holding back the feeling of vomiting.
I don’t know why my body is like this.
Both the tongue and the mouth are selfish.
It was the worst. 

“What else are you up to? Because of the recent incident that the young lady committed, I’m starting to notice it for no reason, so please do it in moderation.”

‘When you’ve been calming down for a while.’ Olga, with a pouty expression, had a pretty useful rhyme. 

“What do you think I did?”

Fortunately, the words came out correctly this time. 

“It’s a self-made play.
Do you think people are stupid? Everyone knows that the young lady is fooling around to get the attention of the great lord.”

Judging from how they used the depression “great lord”, they don’t seem to be from a humble family. 

“Didn’t you steal the Celestial Flower fruit from the second Lord’s glasshouse the other day?” Olga continued with a confident face, “Even a young maid like me knows how poisonous the cherries are, but the young lady pretended not to know anything and secretly ate the fruit, while her body was also in a state of disrepair!”

This is already a weak body, but you followed poison and collapsed? 

Even because I ate one myself?

Olga exclaimed with a teary face, probably feeling uncomfortable sitting there and hearing no response.
“How can you not apologize? Do you know how hard it was for me to take care of the young lady?”

It’s hard.
Can you make me feel what’s really hard? 

The moment she was about to answer to Olga –

“I’m sorry.
Thank you for taking care of me.” 


Also, only words that were not even in my heart came out of my mouth. 

My insides, which seemed to have improved a little, turned over as if I had waited.
Unless you’re an idiot, it’s a phenomenon you can’t help but regard as bizarre. 

Why sometimes the words come out right, but other times they come out the opposite? 

Could it be that her body also contained the real Yana’s soul? If so, it was understandable that the lips often moved arbitrarily. 

“If you’re sorry, stop doing useless things in the future.
Here’s some advice for the lady.
You know that there is no one in Tuslena Castle who cares for the lady as much as I do.” 

For a moment I paused. 

“Did you say Tuslena?” 

“Yes? Yes.” 

Reflexively, both hands stretched out at the familiar absurd name.
Rin grabbed olga by the shoulder and shook her wildly. 

“No way that Tuslena –”

At the same time, there was a nasty vomit that I couldn’t stand anymore. 



As I vomited bitter gastric juices from my empty stomach, my whole body felt weak and my head went round and round.
I resent Olga, who was startled and put away the wet newspaper instead of doing something else. 

“Damn! Nasty.
You have to wipe again!” 

Newspaper is going away, and just before collapsing, the numbers passed by as if in front of my eyes. 

[ Published on July 9, 232 by Continental Calendar ]

Laughter came out of nowhere. 

As expected, this place wasn’t heaven. 

After thirty years, she suddenly came back alive in the body of a girl she had never met before. 

What is this shit situation..

So Rin lost her mind again.

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