When the early morning came the next day, Rin regained consciousness in Yana’s body.
There was an existence that appeared in her mind as if she had been waiting for it. 

The Orb of Evil. 

That’s right.
Why did I forget about this crazy orb? 

Could it be that she didn’t have the brain to think about it because she just couldn’t believe that she had come back from the dead? The damn orb must have said that right before she died. 

[ The Contract Has Been Established ]

It’s like a bull’s bead.
Why are you signing a contract alone? 

Those who achieve their wishes using the evil orb become monsters.
As Rin pursued the ghastly monsters, she realized the terrifying power of the Evil Orb. 

Is that why? No matter what tempting proposals the evil orb made, she had no desire to let go. 

If I passed, the master would have found me and killed me.
It must be. 

When I recalled the monster’s bloodless and tearless eyes, chills ran through my whole body. 

Yeah, I’m sure he would have refused. 

However, the situation where Rin stole the body of a girl whose name she only knew and possessed it.
.Where did the soul of Yana, the owner of this body, go? 

“It’s disgusting.” 

Just disgusting. 

All in all, why did I wake up in the body of a girl with a bright future? A body that is about to die of old age would’ve made me less guilty!


A chuckle was heard from the door. 

The act of knocking was nonexistent, and it was Olga who burst open the door and entered.
Unsuccessful today, Olga prepared breakfast noisily, then glanced at Rin and said, “Soon the second Lord will come.
The young lady said she collapsed twice, so he will check her condition.” 

The secon dlord? 

Ah, that’s right.
This place is Tuslena Castle. 


The memory of the name gave rise to thorns in my brain, and the mention of it made sand stick to my tongue. 

There was no bad relationship with the Tuslena family itself.
To be precise, the thought of two families among the so called [ Four Great Families of the Ra Empire ] including Tuslena, made her feel very dirty. 

God’s Apostle Tuslena. 

The golden. 

Treasure trove of wisdom. 

Berger of honor. 

Theon who betrayed Rin was from the Berger family and Sabrina was from the Lil family. 

And now, thirty years later. 

Where are those two and what are they doing? 

Just imagining it made me feel bad in an instant. 

I immediately erased the curiosity that sprouted from my head.
There was something more urgent than thinking about the two traitors who were only feeling good right now. 

The owner of this body, Yana. 

I need to know about Yana Tuslena. 

“Would you like to be what you want? I got scolded for turning the newspaper into a rag yesterday.” 

After only two days of having the facial, Rin recognized Olga’s characteristic: she wanted to have her snout sewn up. 

“As punishment, I stayed alone in the kitchen late at night to sweep the floor.
The kids, whose routine is to bully others, bring lye and sprinkle it all over the floor.” 

Rin, who let Olga’s annoyance go in one ear, gathered her heart. 

Okay, this time I’m saying it properly.
It’s noisy, so shut your mouth! Got it? 

But the result. 


– It’s like this stuffy muzzle.

Why can’t you curse? Why can’t you just scream shut up? Why do you keep apologizing to that maid?!

And as if waiting, the vomit came up. 


“Huh? No, be patient! The duvet is really washable.


“I’m sorry.” 


“If you vomit like yesterday, the lady has to wash it.
I won’t wash it twice.
Keep that in mind.” 


“It’s embarrassing!” 


What? This time, the words came out right? 

In a timely manner, the vomit that had risen above her throat disappeared.
It was such a sudden change that Rin’s body froze without even realizing it.
At this time, a very plausible hypothesis passed through her mind. 

I can’t believe this, Rin said, looking directly at Olga who looked surprised. 

Lay the snow upon her yard. 



“Did you do that knowing you were sorry?”

One more. 

Lay the snow. 


“Okay, not once or twice.
I’ll get really angry if you throw up in the bed again.

One more time!

Lay down your eyes! 

“No, spread your eyes!” 

Ah, it came out right this time. 


I couldn’t even see Olga’s stupidly asking face.
It seems that her hypothesis was correct. 

This body.
I don’t know why, but it keeps trying to apologize. 

And if the second hypothesis is also correct, Rin will soon empty her stomach. 


If you just apologize, you will definitely vomit. 


After that, the whole body will lose strength and fall down. 


Look at this, right? After all, I’m smart.

“Lady! Wake up! The second lord is coming soon, yes?”

Over the clouding mind, Olga’s urgent voice quickly receded. 

It’s been two days since I became this body. 

It was already the second fainting. 

* * *

The stunned Rin had a dream. 

No, correct me. 

This is not her dream.
It was a dream of Yana’s body.
Yana in the dream was smaller and less attractive than now, and was left alone in the middle of the vast Tuslena castle. 

Adults passing by only glanced at Yana and whispered: 

“That child is the illegitimate daughter of the dead eldest son.

“That’s right.
He’s the only idiot of the sacred Tuslena family.” 

“Looking at her dressed up, she seems to be treated like a young lady even if her parents are dead.” 

“I hear she is just  a peasant girl.
They say that her biological mother is so lowly that no one acknowledges her.
At least, the second and third sons, who followed the deceased eldest son well, can take her in and raise her.” 

“A half nephew? He’s also kind hearted.” 

“It’s a tearful brotherhood.” 

What do you do when your brotherly love overflows? They say that they feed, clothe, and have them study decently.
The child is far from worthy of the family, however.”

After that, many people passed by Yana. 

A lady, a public official, a knight, a priest, a merchant – but not a single one of them looked at Yana with her beautiful eyes. 

Not even one. 

* * *

“Oh my God.” 

Rin woke up in bed with her shoulders shaking, as if she had been burned. 

I took a deep breath and looked around.
This is Yana’s bedroom.
It is early in the morning, and the sunlight outside the window is bright. 

The scenes just – it’s not a dream. 

It wasn’t a dream.
It was the past of Yana, the owner of this body.
It was what she had been through.
This poor girl was being treated harshly by the adults who didn’t even know her name. 

The illegitimate daughter of the eldest son. 

The position taken by the father’s brothers. 

An incompetent child who did not match the status of the divine Tuslena. 

What the? Who is falling short of whom? 

The memories she recalled were terrifying, but they were also useful information in other ways. 

Yana was the illegitimate child of the Tuslena family. 

The second son and the third son reaped it, but well, judging by Yana’s physical and mental weakness, it seems that she had a hard time waking up. 

Then did Yana eat the Celestial Flower herself? 

Because you don’t want to live anymore? But picking up an eating a few celestial flowers won’t harm your life, right? 

It was then. 



Olga pushed through the door, gasping for air, and forced Rin’s body up from the bed. 

Why is she like this? 

“Have a seat, young lady! The second mistress is coming.
Come on!”

Olga straightened Rin’s tangled hair with a frightened face.
She then rummaged through her drawer, took out her little cosmetic, and started rubbing it on her cheek.
It was a pink blush. 

“What are you doing?”

“Stay still! If the lady’s complexion is bad, I’m the only one who will be scolded.
You kept bothering me, so now please listen to me.” 

Did you make it difficult? Rin tried to curb Olga’s arrogance. 

Why do you speak that way? 

However, she tried to move her lips in a different direction. 

“Mimi –”

Oh, I’m sorry.
She got sick. 

A disease that causes you to pass out when you apologize.
So called sorry sickness.
Rin raised her hands and forced her lips together. 

“Why are you like that? Are you busy? Put your hands down!” 

It wasn’t until Olga forced her hand down that she realized what she had forgotten for a moment. 

Yana’s body is not normal. 

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be possible to change all the unpleasant sounds into an apology? Even this body hated the sound of ‘I’m sorry’ very severely. 

I said everything to the extent that my stomach had a seizure.
It’s safe to say that it’s the level of hatred. 

But why? 

Why, why do Yana’s lips keep trying to apologize?

I’ll have to get rid of Olga.
If I continue to keep her by my side, I won’t be in good shape. 

But with her mouth like this, can she properly denounce Olga’s attitude to her superiors? 

.Well, there’s nothing that can be done. 

If words are hard, taking action is the way to go. 

Rin snatched the blusher from Olga’s hand and threw it to the floor. 


Olga’s startled eyes rolled on the floor, looking at the broken blusher.
She soon shouted at Rin with her face unable to hide her anger. 

“Miss! Are you crazy?!” 

Instead of answering, I ran to the table and gulped down the water in the teapot. 

This is better than vomiting on an empty stomach. 

The door, which had been firmly closed, suddenly opened. 


A well dressed woman entered the room.
At first glance, it was an outfit that felt like a noble status.
The woman who was supposed to be the second mistress, with her blond hair up, approached her with a worried look on her face. 

“Yana, are you okay? I heard you fell down twice.
How do you feel? Isn’t your head dizzy?”

The second mistress’s calm and friendly voice rang in Rin’s ears.
Rin apologized to Olga in front of the second mistress. 

“Olga, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you – I’m really, really sorry that I didn’t understand even though I was angry with you!” 

Woo-wook! My stomach felt full as if I had waited.
The water I had just drank soaked the floor. 

“Oh my God, Yana!”

The second mistress panicked and supported Rin up. 

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