So stop looking ugly.
Aren’t you embarrassed?

“What –?”

Roman’s expression darkened.
He never imagined that Rin would do such a thing.
But that was only for a short while.
The second uncle’s anger control function was broken again in an instant. 

“This –!” 

As if he couldn’t stand it any longer, Roman threw away the brush he was holding and gnashed his teeth. 

“A stupid and even ungrateful girl! It’s obvious that you will use Grigori, being unaware of the grace he has personally brought to my castle!” 

The second wife, who let out a small sigh, hugged Roman’s hand and quietly comforted him.
“Roman, stop it.
Do you really have to say something bad about a child with a bad complexion? Yana said it was a mistake too.

“Yana! I will send you back to Pindias Great Prayer.” 

That’s a familiar name.
What was it? Oh, right.
It was a school for saints. 

Was Yana also a candidate for a saintess? The second mistress stopped Roman with a startled voice, “No! If Yana visits the Pindias Great Prayer.

“You still lack education.
Go there and learn from scratch again!” 

“Ah, Roman –”

What is this? 

It seems like the perfect time to be extremely shocked and distressed 

Since I don’t know why.

As you can see, there is no veto. 

Yana scratched her head and nodded roughly.

Roman’s anger control function began to creak in succession.
He screamed, stomping on the brush he had thrown away with his shoe. 

“Get out! Don’t come to me again!” 

As soon as Rin stood there, the second mistress, who had been watching Roman’s eyes, hugged her by the shoulder and left the studio. 

The second mistress took Rin to her bedroom and gave her a warm hug. 

“Yana, I know that you are reluctant to attend the Pindias Great Prayer.
I’ll try to dissuade the second Lord, so don’t worry too much.” 

It seems that Yana was really the candidate for the saintess. 

“Thank you, second wife.” 

The second mistress, who smiled kindly, turned her back and walked away.
After all, the only woman who thinks of Yana.
What she did was that her heart was a little relieved, thanks to her. 

Still, I can’t just trust that woman and wait.

Didn’t Yana say that Pindias Great Prayer was terrible? 

If so. 

Is there anything else I can do but not go even if I die? 

* * *

That night, Yana’s body showed Rin another memory from the past. 

In the dream, Yana was praying in a very large and sacred space.
But at some point, small whispers began to be heard from the prayer table from far away. 

“Will this question really appear in the exam this winter?”

“Huh? Well I just know that the hero who sealed the orb appears in the apprentice saint test every year.”

“Should I just memorize who the final heroes are?”

“Great Emperor Aurelian, Archmage Sabrina, Sword King Theon, and Saint Clara.
Four of them.” 

.There seems to have been someone with the title of pathfinder.”

“Pathfinder Rin? Hey, she’s not a hero.
At least, I don’t remember? She betrayed Sabrina the Archmage and Theon the Sword King and was caught trying to steal the Orb of Evil.
She was a dirty traitor.” 

“That’s right! I think I heard about it in history class.” 

Rin the Pathfinder is a traitor? 

No, Pathfinder Rin is not a traitor. 

The book is wrong.
She is not the one to be ridiculed by you! 

Yana eventually turned her back.
The girl reprimanded her candidates who were eagerly looking through her book. 



“You are wrong.
It’s not four heroes.
It’s actually five.
Pathfinder Rin did not betray anyone.
She must have been used to seal the evil orb.” 


Yana’s voice stopped at the blatant ridicule.
The cold stares of her saintess candidates stabbed Yana fiercely into her face. 

“What else is she talking about?” 

“If the traitor Rin becomes a real hero, then Yana Tuslena who has no sacred powers, will become a candidate for the saintess position.
That’s why both are fake.” 

Fake hero and fake saint woman candidates.
How perfect.
They can both play with each other.” 

The girls, who had stuck out their tongues and laughed, soon left the prayer room with their arms crossed.
Left alone in the spacious prayer room, Yana gritted her teeth and looked at her face again. 

You can’t cry. 

If you cry, you lose. 

* * *

Rin woke up feeling strange. 

The saintess candidate.

Looking back on the conversation, the place that came out of the dream was like the PIndias Great Prayer. 

I can understand why Roman threatened to send me back to the Pindias Great Prayer.

Even there, Yana was alone. 

If she was ignored as an illegitimate child in Tuslena Castle, then she would be ignored as a fake saintly candidate in the Great Prayer of Pindias.
Seeing that she became a candidate for sainthood without holy power, it seems that she was sent forcibly due to the circumstances of the adults. 

Why Yana’s soul disappeared.
.I can’t be sure, but I think I know it vaguely. 

Yana had a lonely and difficult time before she took over.
To think that she would steal the body of such a pitiful girl.
She felt some guilt. 

How can I make her come back? 

Giving back is also giving back, but how would she get the original Yana to come back? If you were placed in an unreasonable environment again, wouldn’t you want to run away again as well? 

“Let’s start by fixing the home environment.
If Yana’s body becomes happy, then Yana’s soul will return naturally.” 

Besides, running away with such a young and weak body only makes it more dangerous. 

Rin recalled the voice of Yana who supported her, and faced the two very unpleasant beings head on again. 


To leave behind the lie that I betrayed them to future generations. 

That bullshit they talked about before they died is still vivid in my ears! 

“Don’t worry, Rin.
I will tell the outside world that it was your own choice.
You voluntarily sacrificed yourself for the cause.”

Thirty years. 

A whopping thirty years have passed.
But on the contrary, it was only thirty years. 

Since only thirty years have passed, both of them must still be alive and breathing in this world. 

The great archmage and the sword king.
What undeserving titles. 

To see and live like that? I can’t. 

Yana is in a shitty situation, and she is in a shitty situation now.
The two had no choice but to join forces now. 

After all, there is only one answer.
We need to change this damn family.

Only when Yana’s position within Tuslena changes will she be able to use wealth or power as she pleases. 

After that, when you are all ready to use it.

Sabrina and Theon.

They will meet revenge. 

That was the only way for Rin to rest peacefully. 

* * *

From that day on, Rin had a new schedule. 

During lunch, she took up jogging 

The feeling of running with a skinny, weak body and less detoxification – it was literally like hell. 

“Huck, huck.
This – body –”

Are you weak like garbage?

Yana, how could you live in a body like this? 

There is something that the master used to tell Rin out of habit. 

“In a body that is weak like garbage, a weak mind like garbage dwells.
So, move your body first.
Your first task is to get rid of all useless thoughts.”

In order to bring Yana back, Rin has to make her body healthy.
If I were to poke her like this.
.don’t giggle.
This body is like a dandelion.
It would be fortunate if she even possesses a sword. 

First of all, I’m going to go to the knight’s gymnasium and start practicing swordsmanship after building up my stamina. 

I was also good at exercising at noon.
It was lunch time, so there was no one in the castle.
The point of turning the last lap like that. 

Huh? Are you coming? 

Employees were gathered in groups behind the kitchen, which had been empty until earlier.
I saw the familiar back of a head, so I slowed down and checked.
Like I suspected, it was definitely Olga. 

Olga’s dismissal was canceled.
Of course, thanks to Rin. 

She was able to get a hold of her by giving the reason that there was no employer as comfortable as her.
As if she had heard a murmur from the second wife, after that day, her Olga became noticeably quieter. 

Besides, it seems like you’re avoiding me without realizing it. 

Hey, if you stay strong even after being treated like that, you’re a bastard.
Rin looked at Olga as she walked slowly, taking her breath away.

But something was strange.
Not a single employee talked to Olga the whole time. 

“Let’s finish over there.” 


Even the maids on the roads that overlapped with hers openly avoided Olga. 

It wasn’t an illusion. 

Olga was being ostracized by the other employees. 

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