Roman, you narrow-minded child! 

What are you trying to do by letting Yana go so quickly? 

I thought, of course, that I would’ve been sent in the Fall when a new saintess candidate was appointed. 

There’s no time to be annoyed like this. 

Rin immediately left Yana’s residence, the villa, and went to the main building where the second Tuslena couple lived.
But when she got there, she was met with the butler instead. 

In a cold voice, the butler stated, “The second mistress is not in Tuslena right now, Miss Yana.
Please come back next time.” 

Before I could ask when she would be back, the butler quickly disappeared.
How overly arrogant, to have such audacity to treat a young, noble lady like this. 

Yana wasn’t only treated condescendingly by the family members of this house. 

Even the employees openly ignored her, which meant that there was implicit permission for them to do this. 

I thought the second mistress cared about Yana quite a bit.
I suppose it was a hasty judgement. 

What is God’s Apostle, Tuslena? How unscrupulous. 

Fortunately, the desperate Olga quickly found out about the whereabouts of the second lord’s wife. 

“Miss! I asked the maids.
The second lady will be away from the castle until the day after tomorrow!” 

Not even half a day, but two days instead. 

Has she failed to persuade the second Lord after all? 

I didn’t even believe 100% in the first place.

Well, it cannot be helped.
I have no choice but to go to meet the narrow minded Roman in person instead. 

“Olga, I will go to Uncle Roman.” 

“To see the Lord Roman? I’ve been asking about him as well.
The second Lord has been ill since yesterday and has been lying down.” 

Seriously? Is it such a big deal that he has to lie down now? It looks like I’m going to go into the den of the demons who bullied Yana. 

If we leave now, we will not be able to find out why Rin entered Yana’s body, nor the whereabouts of Yana’s soul. 

Besides, if I’m taken away from here, I don’t know when I’ll be back in Tuslena. 

I went to see Roman in such a stately manner, but the door did not open for me. 

I must see my uncle today.” 

The second Lord told me not to take in Lady Yana.” 

When I pushed out the obstacles and opened the door, the servants stood in my way in embarrassment. 

“Ah, lady! It’s not possible!”

“Uncle Roman! I have something to tell you, so please open the door! Do you think it makes sense to throw your niece away just because you’re sick!” 

She shouted nonstop, but Roman never came out. 

“Miss! Calm down!” 

“Uncle! Open the door!” 

With Yana’s weak body, there was no way she could beat an adult man.
After being bounced over ten times, Rin eventually leads her tired body away. 

“Go and tell Uncle, I will wait here until he comes out to listen to my story.” 

I laid down on the floor. 

The servants glanced at Rin with a puzzled look on their faces, and went about with their work, being careful not to step on the brown hair that spread out in all directions.
All while complaining loud and small in an audible voice.

“Was Lady Yana originally like that?”

“I think she got a little weird after she almost died.” 

“I saw earlier that she was running around outside alone? On the subject of her having a weak body, what if she suddenly collapses?” 

.Listen to what we just said.
It really doesn’t help much.
Just like rat poop.” 

Hearing their ridicule, Rin remembered the advice her master had given her long ago. 

“The weak are not beaten.” 

“The ones who piss me off?”

“From the moment he holds the sword, the swordsman is always in conflict between his beastly instinct and human reason.
In short, it means standing between the easy road and the hard road.” 

“It’s complicated.” 

“Nevertheless, you must always be human in front of the weak, Rin.
Even you must not become a beast against them.” 

I have no intention of ridiculing the master’s beliefs. 

But even so, I couldn’t just listen to the disparagement of the employees.
Because the weak here was Yana, not the servants. 

I suppose it’s fine as long as you don’t beat the lady up, right?

What a set of bastards.

“I’m sorry, but wait a minute.
Everyone stop.” 

Ugh, this nasty feeling of vomiting. 

I’m sorry, reminding myself of the existence of the disease, I ordered the attendants in the most relaxed tone possible. 

“Would the two of you on the right go to the stable and get a basket of horse manure?”


The attendants didn’t even move, they just stupidly asked questions. 

Well, I bet you all didn’t think Yana Tuslena would let them do their job. 

Rin opened her mouth again for the stupid servants. 

“Why don’t you move? Surely you won’t ignore my words like Uncle Roman did? Go out and get horse manure right now.” 

The servants, startled by the cold stare, hurriedly descended the stairs. 

According to Olga’s information, the second wife won’t return until after two days and the third Lord has been away from the castle for quite some time. 

At this moment, the only adult living in Tuslena Castle was Roman. 

Soon the servants brought a basket of horse manure.
After roughly checking the inside of the basket, Rin pointed out the window and demanded, “Spray it outside the window.” 


For those who questioned with absurd faces, Rin personally demonstrated what she wanted by scooping up the horse manure with a shovel and spreading it over the flower bed outside the window. 

“Did you see how I did it? Now do what I did.
Scrape all the way down to the floor.” 

The servants looked at each other for a long time, and eventually, began to hesitantly follow Rin’s orders.
The lady’s intention is unknown, but as it was an order, they seemed to follow it. 

By the time the basket of horse manure was empty, Rin stated over the servants to hear, “The flower bed is dirty, isn’t it?” She smiles and pointed to the stairs, further adding, “Now go downstairs and clean it up.” 

The servants’ expressions who belatedly grasped the situation hardened. 

An employee who can’t even properly manage their expressions in front of their employer is unqualified. 

“Now that you have ordered us to spread horse manure, you are telling us to put the horse manure back?”


“If the second Lord finds out about this, he will be angry.”

Rin answered without blinking an eye, “Is that all? I’m sorry, but that kind of threat doesn’t work for me anymore.” 

Rather, it was the servants who were taken aback by the simple response.
I could tell just by looking at their faces.
They lost their composure at the sight of Rin acting the opposite of what they knew before. 

“Not a threat –” 

“If you want to let the adults know, let them know.
Then, this time, sprinkle filth in the courtyard – ugh – no, I will decorate the courtyard with filth.
Then to this corridor, then to your bedrooms.
I’ll leave the cleaning to you, of course.
Keep bothering me.
.and you shall see.” 

The servants were speechless. 

“Of course, I will be scolded and punished, but that will be it.
Because I am only a Tuslena girl, but you are only employees.
So I will be constantly punished and I will constantly care about you.
Until I leave this castle on my own two feet.” 


“Or how about this one? Let’s make a bet.
Would it be quicker for me to be kicked out of this family for repeating stupid things? Or would it be quicker for you to retire in dishonorable retirement from House Tuslena? Why don’t you give it a try?” 

“Uh, why only us –”

“I almost died and then I got weird.
Nothing you can do about it, right? You’re familiar with those words, right? That’s what you said while thinking I wouldn’t know, so I’ll tell you.
I have pierced ears.” 


“Or should I inform the head butler of the gossip?”

The attitude of the servants quickly became obedient, as if they were aware of the dire situation. 

Now I understand a little bit. 

“How long are you going to stand still? Oh, are you waiting for Uncle Roman to come out? I wonder if he will come out first, or if you guys will clean the flower beds first.
The flower you move, the more scolded you will be.” 

After all, the servants have to clean that flower bed themselves.
Whatever the process, they were the ones who put that shit on them, and the longer they take to clean it up, the farther the smell will spread. 

“I’ll clean it up right away!” 

They hurried out of their places. 

This will keep me quiet for a while. 

This is how servants work.
If you put your mind to it, you can easily kick them out of this castle.

It would be more efficient in the long run to change the attitude of Tuslena and the employees by giving them a big scare like this, however. 

Then I’ll start doing my own business.

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