A Certain White Wizard’s Monologue

“Hey, Alvin.
Sorry to bother you.”


When Owen visited the office of Alvin, the first prince, he seemed to be working on a high pile of paperwork today as well.

When he saw him absorbed in his work as if he was running away from something, he always thought he would die young.
However, no matter what he or other people said, he never listened.

Alvin could only hear what she had to say.

“That’s all I have to report.”

“I see.
Anything else unusual?”

“Well, recently there’s been a lot of beginner-level potions on the market.”

“Are there any quality problems?”

Alvin asked as he continued to work on the paperwork.

Owen placed the vial containing the potion, which he had just acquired, on Alvin’s desk.

“Not only is there no problem, it’s about as good quality as you can get.
I’ve had it appraised, but it’s really just an ordinary potion.
Maybe they’ve got a bunch of light wizards somewhere making them in large quantities.”


“People who make money by making potions are also in trouble.
They said the prices are going down.”

As Owen let out a sigh of annoyance, a knock sounded unexpectedly.
When Alvin called out to them, Theo and Erica came inside.

Apparently, they had just returned from a trip around towns and villages near the second city.
He had expected them to return depressed because they had failed to defeat any of the demons, but they seemed to be somewhat happy.

“I’m back! Ah, Owen-san is here too, hello.”

Welcome back, both of you.”

“Yep! And tomorrow, we’re going to go back to the countryside.
I’m going to go to the forest where there are demons and train her.”

I see.”

Alvin felt a little out of place with the way the two of them were so enthusiastic, but he had nothing to say.

Alvin suddenly stopped Erica as she followed Theo out.

“Erica, what do you think of this?”

What Alvin picked up and showed her was the vial containing the potion that had just recently started to appear on the market.
Erica’s eyes, which could see magic power, were special and different from those of Owen, which had the ability to appraise it.

They were so precious that there was no one else in the country had eyes like hers.
He just wished her good luck with her magic.

“You mean, with the potion?”


She stared at the vial, then her expression brightened.

“Wow, it’s such a beautiful silver color…!”


At that moment, Alvin’s long, narrow eyes widened.

“Yes! Ah, I’m sorry, I’m coming! Well then, Alvin-sama, Owen-san, please excuse me.”

Hearing Theo’s voice telling her to hurry up, Erica hurriedly bowed her head and pattered out of the office.

Soon there was a too-quiet silence between him and Alvin.
Silver magic meant holy magic.


“Yes, yes, I understand.
Check it out, right?”

I don’t care how much money you have to spend.
Have Erica check out the other potions.
I’ll hold onto this for a while.”

Saying this, Alvin quietly put the vial containing the potion in his desk drawer.
The way he handled the vial was completely different from before.

Owen smiled, thinking that this prince was really easy to understand.

─But it probably won’t be the result he expected.
She was no longer in this world.

It’s really sad.”

After leaving the office, Owen muttered to himself and thought about her lovely smile, which made him feel nostalgic.

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