I’m Not Lost

I found another red stone glinting at my feet.

“Oh, there it is! That’s the 46th one.” 

I picked it up and put it in a cloth bag that I slung onto my shoulder, and then proceeded to find my next prey.

─Four days after I promised to teach Erica-san magic, I came to the mountains to hunt wild boars.

Of course, it was a job, not a hobby.
Two days ago, I told Bruno that I was getting a little tired of constantly stewing potions, and he asked what else I could do.

“What… You can even kill demons?”

“Yeah, don’t tell anyone.”

“You’re really amazing.
What do you need?”

We had only known each other for a short time, but I was sure that Bruno would keep it a secret.
I was strangely confident of this.

With this in mind, I spoke to him with less restraint.

“I see.
A job that can be done without being noticed.”

I don’t want people to see me using magic, and I don’t want them to know that I’ve defeated demons.”

“Oh, I’ve got just the thing for that.”

That was how I was introduced to this flaming wild boar hunt.
The number of flaming wild boars in this mountain where I was now had increased so much that they were destroying even the villages at the foot of the mountain.

If I just kept on killing boars deep in the mountains and then picked up the magic cores, which were the source of energy for demons, I would be rewarded for my efforts.
Bruno seemed to handle all of that exchange well, so I didn’t have to worry about my identity being exposed.

There seemed to be some money from the government for this mass outbreak, and as the rewards were quite good, I accepted the job without hesitation.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay? Flame boars are D-rank.
And if you go into the mountains, there will be tons of them.”

“I’ll be fine, you just wait and see.”

After declaring that to Bruno, I had been hunting boars diligently since morning.
Since I said I would pay him 10% of my earnings, I had to hunt a lot as a way of thanking him.

When a demon was defeated by attacking it with normal magic, it would be quite difficult to remove the magic core.
It wasn’t only troublesome but also grotesque, as it needed to be roughly dismantled with a knife or sword and taken out.

However, in my case, thanks to the fact that I could use purification magic to melt everything except the demon nucleus, I only had to pick it up after defeating the demon.
It was very easy, and it was all thanks to holy magic.

Although this job was more efficient than the mass production of potions, you needed to register as an adventurer in order to receive rewards for subduing demons.
I couldn’t do it because I had to register and manage my identity and magical abilities, which was why I had to hide in various ways.

I couldn’t rely on Bruno, who was a merchant, every time, so I was thinking of taking this time to rest a little bit and continued to make potions and magical tools diligently after.

I think I’ve beaten most of them.”

Every time I felt the weight of the cloth bag, I got all giddy.

When did I become such a cash-crazy woman, unlike those days when I was desperately trying to defeat demons? But we all needed money to survive.

As I was thinking about that, I heard a rustling sound behind me and turned to see three flaming boars.
I was lucky that they all came out at once, as I still had plenty of magic power left in me, so I held out both hands for a ranged attack.

“Look out! Stand back, please!”


Suddenly, I heard such a voice and turned my gaze to see several knights.
I was puzzled but hastily hid my hands behind my back.

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