I Can’t Become Cinderella 2

After that, things settled down in the camp, and once again Dirk was able to send me on my way.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
They are all better now because of the potion you gave them.
Thank you.”

“No, I didn’t do anything.
I’m just glad they’re all okay.”

Yeah, that’s true.”

Dirk’s terribly relieved appearance warmed my heart.
He was someone who cared about his companions, and he must have been more heartbroken than anyone else.

As I walked towards the silver wolf while vigorously jostling my shoes, I was still full of smiles at how cute it was.

It seemed to be well accustomed to people, and when I gently stroked it, it squinted its eyes pleasantly, which made me fall more in love with it.

“It’s so cute.
What a good boy!”

“You like animals, don’t you?”

I like them very much.”

Dirk waited for me to finish, and after I had thoroughly enjoyed petting the silver wolf, we both climbed onto its back.
I thought about it earlier, but if you rode the silver wolf with two people, the distance between them would be much closer.

That said, Dirk and I used to ride horses together, so we rode down the mountain without any embarrassment.
It was like a roller coaster ride, so much fun.

“I heard you rode a silver wolf for the first time just before you came to the camp, aren’t you scared? I hear that some women faint.”

“Is that so? It’s not scary for me, it’s fun.”

Having been bitten by a poisonous dragon summoned by a drunken Lara and swung around in the sea at a tremendous speed, I was no longer afraid of anything.
I seriously thought I was going to die at the time.

I remembered that Alvin-sama was really angry with me, and Lara was even under a pledge spell to swear off alcohol.
That incident would have resulted in death if the person that had been taken hadn’t been me.

By the way, Dirk shouldn’t have been a man of many words to begin with.
It felt unusual for him to talk so much to a woman he had just met for the first time.
However, he might have changed in two years.

There would probably be more things I didn’t know about my friends in the future.
Thinking about it made me feel lonely.


While I was gloomily praying for everyone’s happiness in the future, my leather shoes suddenly came off just before we arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Even though the string was tied tightly, they probably couldn’t stand the speed and weight.
In an instant, all my feelings of joy and sentimentality were gone.

I grabbed the shoes off with lightning speed and threw them into the grass nearby.
I didn’t want someone to pick them up, so I would have to retrieve them later.

“Did your shoes come off? Let’s go back right away.”

“N-No, I’m fine! I have a change of shoes.”

“… Aren’t your feet awfully wet?”

“Ah, I think I spilled a little potion on them.”

No matter how you looked at it, it wasn’t just a little bit, but I hoped he didn’t think about it.
Luckily, I had my short boots tucked away in my bag, so I didn’t have to go home barefoot.

Dirk tried to go back to pick them up, “They were originally tattered and trashy, so it’s really okay!” I desperately tried to persuade him.
He seemed relieved when I got off, wiped my feet, and put on a new pair of shoes.

Eventually, we made it safely to the front of the town and I bowed my head.

“Thank you for sending me this far.”

“Are you sure this is the right place?”

Take care of yourself, Dirk-sama.”

Got it.
Thank you.”

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