“Welcome back, Nina.
I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Um, I-I’m back…?”

How could he have recognized me from a distance with just one glance, even though I was now a completely different person?

As if seeing through my feelings, Alvin-sama smiled at me when we met again for the first time in two years.

“How could I not recognize you?”

At the same time as being told so, my transformation magic is forcibly released.
Alvin-sama is the first prince of this country and also the best wizard.

Indeed, a wizard of his caliber could easily see through my newly learned transformation magic.

In the reflection of his beautiful violet eyes, I reverted back to my real form.
Soon, Alvin-sama’s lips curled into a beautiful arc as if he was satisfied with my appearance.

“Let me see your face better.”

“U-Um, Alvin-sama, I feel like we’re really close.”

I really missed you.
Do you know how I’ve felt ever since your sudden disappearance?”

He clutched me in his arms as if clinging to me without any restraint, and a surprisingly good fragrance wafted up my nose.
Alvin-sama buried his face in my shoulder, and his soft blond hair tickled my neck.

Apparently, Alvin-sama thought of me as a more important companion than I had thought.

Of course, I was happy, but we had been too close since a few minutes ago.
His unrealistic beauty even made me dizzy.

“Hey, why did you betray me and return to your original world?”

“Betray…? No, it’s a misunderstanding!”

Of course, I had no intention of betraying him.
To my bewildered face, Alvin-sama chuckled.

“I’m glad to hear that.
Because I won’t let you escape again.”


“I need Nina in my world.”

And so, at the same time as I was hugged tightly again, my leisurely slow life, which was short and fleeting, came to a complete end.

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