Relying on a Certain White Wizard


“I see.
It’s very elaborate.”

Owen was investigating the source of the large amount of potions and found that it had gone through various routes and had lost all traces of the original source along the way.
It seemed that they wanted to hide their existence.

However, if holy magic was involved, it was completely normal.
There couldn’t be more than a few people who could use holy magic, and it was possible that a single person produced such a large amount of potions by themselves.

There was no way the country would leave such a wizard alone.
Perhaps because they knew this, they hid their identities out of a desire to be free.

This kind of power is like a saintess.”

Owen put the report on the table, thinking that if there really was such a person, Erica’s position would be complicated.
It was clear that he wouldn’t be able to get to the source of the problem unless he went directly to them and got them to confess.

He let out a troubled sigh and left the office.
Today was the day they all had dinner together once a month.

Then, Owen saw Theo coming from the end of the hallway.

“Oh, it’s Owen.
Let’s go together.”


“Ah, Erica hit the target twice today.”

“That’s great.
She’s doing well.”

Lately, Erica seemed to be practicing magic much harder than before.
On top of that, the other day she successfully attacked a slime for the first time.

While not inherently something to be praised for, it was great progress in her case.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Dirk lately.
Is he busy?”

“I don’t know, he’s been acting strange lately.
Last night, when I went to his room, he was looking at a woman’s shoes and sighing.”

“He was looking at a woman’s shoes….?”

Oh, and it was only one shoe.”

It was hard to believe that that Dirk was looking at women’s shoes.
Why shoes in the first place?

“When he went to deliver it, he was told that there was no such person.”

“I guess she lied to him.”


Nevertheless, Dirk must be very curious about the woman to deliver them himself and look at the shoes in his room.

If he was serious, Owen would support him.
Dirk was also one of the people who had feelings for her.

“What kind of woman is she?”

“I don’t know.
But isn’t she the woman he met at Mt.
Hyulia? He’s been absent-minded ever since.”

The incident at Mt.
Hyulia—the story that all the beginner-level potions drunk by the badly injured knights had all turned into advanced-level potions—was the talk of the town among the knights and within the royal castle.

“That case was strange, too, wasn’t it?”

“It really was.”

Only a limited number of light wizards in the Kingdom of Wymark could make advanced-level potions.
It was something that Owen himself and other high-ranking light wizards spent a lot of time making.

Each bottle was quite expensive and well-controlled.
There was absolutely no way that six of them could accidentally get mixed up with a beginner’s potion.

“I heard that a woman who happened to be there told everyone to drink the potion, right? That person is definitely suspicious, and I think she’s the one who dropped the shoes Dirk was carrying.
Wow, I’m so smart today.”

Indeed, it seems likely.”

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