As Owen stepped into the exclusive dining room while talking with Theo, he saw Erica and Lara already there.
It had been about a month since he had last seen Lara.

Before long, the person they were talking about, Dir and Alvin arrived as well.
At the same time, the maids started preparing the meal.

Theo, who was sitting next to him, opened his mouth and said, “Ah, that’s right.”

“Dirk, you haven’t found that woman yet, have you? Owen said he was going to help you find her.”



Before he could deny it, Dirk gave him an expectant look and Owen couldn’t say anything.
Theo was a terrible person.

“Oh, has spring finally come to Dirk?”

“Ehh!? Congratulations!”

“It’s not like that.
I’m just delivering what she dropped.”

“Why don’t you just let your subordinates do that?”

Next to a beaming Erica, Lara swirled a glass of red wine and smiled wickedly at Dirk.

“That’s right, why do you care so much?”

She looked like Nina.”

Dirk muttered in response to Theo’s question.
Owen wasn’t surprised, as he knew it was probably something like that anyway.

“I’d like to meet her too, does she have such a similar face?”

“No, everything but the face was similar.
It’s not just a resemblance, even the way she folded her hands when she felt relieved, and the angle of her bows were the same.
Her body shape is also the same as Nina’s.”

You’re disgusting.”

While agreeing with Lara, who seemed to be taken aback, for Dirk to say that much, he must have seen quite a resemblance.

From the start, Dirk’s insight was excellent.
The fact that the woman had lied about where she lived was also troubling.

“I really wish it was Nina.”

“If it were Nina, she would have come to see me by now.” 

“There might be some circumstances preventing her from doing so.”

“I would love to meet Nina-sama!”

─What if it was really Nina?

If it was true, the story about the beginner-level potions being turned into advanced-level potions, and the large amount of advanced-level potions on the market made sense.
It would be easy for her.

Although Owen didn’t think it was possible, he couldn’t shake the strange feeling in his heart.

“Even Alvin thinks it would be nice if it was Nina, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

Alvin, who had been silent for a long time, nodded without changing his expression.
As soon as he found out that bad rumors were circulating about Nina, he gave permission to put such statues all over the country, so it was only natural.

The idea came from Erica, and to be honest, Owen wasn’t sure if it would work, but the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up, and the effect was remarkable.

“So, you should definitely look for her.
If she looks like Nina, she’s definitely a good person, so maybe we can become friends.”

It should be noted that Theo’s vigilance was lower than that of a baby when it came to Nina.
Ever since she saved his hometown, he had placed his absolute trust in her.

I’ll do my best.”

Owen replied with a sigh, never imagining that he would actually find Nina three days later.

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