“Certainly, from what I understand, Nina’s presence now is a complete anomaly.
It is unprecedented for two saints to appear at the same time.
I can understand Nina’s actions.”

Nina-san have been caring about me all this time.
I’m sorry I’ve been so unreliable.”

“No, it’s me who’s wrong.
Don’t apologize anymore.”

There were games that had two heroines, but there was no such system for “Adolescence of Swords and Magic.” More importantly, since this was the world of the sequel, my existence was abnormal.

“But how did you return to your original world?”

“Suddenly one day, I returned regardless of my will.”

If they knew that I was killed that day, they would surely blame themselves.
I should probably talk about this matter with them at the right time.

“So, what do you want to do now, Nina?”

Owen, who was sitting across from me, reached out his hand toward me and brushed my cheek.

He must have made a lot of women cry over the past two years, as he did this with ease.

“Did you have to touch me now?”

“Of course.
It’s not as much as that guy, but I think I like Nina again.”


“Say something.”

Why were you telling everyone that? I decided to just ignore it and answered his previous question.

“I want to live a free life.
I want ordinary happiness.”

That was all I ever wanted.
I had come to another world twice and had cheat-like abilities, and although it seemed like what was normal here, I had never had freedom in the first place.

Then, Owen lowered his eyebrows, saying, “Then, I’m in trouble.”

As soon as I report this to Alvin, that will definitely not come true.”


“Your freedom would be gone, and I’m sure that the kind Nina won’t be able to push Alvin away in that state.”

Did that mean that I would still be treated as a former saintess and would no longer be able to lead an ordinary life in the countryside?

Holy magic was omnipotent.
The less freedom we had, the busier we might be as before.
The next king, Alvin-sama, must also be very busy.

“Nina has worked so hard for us and for this world, so I want her to be happy.
As a friend, I want to respect Nina’s feelings.”


“Nina wants to live quietly and freely here, right? In that case, I’ll hide it well from Alvin.
He is not in the capital at the moment.”

Owen stroked my head as he said that.
He had always spoiled me somehow.

“… But is Alvin really okay with that? That guy would love to see Nina right now.”

Theo looked up and muttered quietly.
Alvin-sama seemed to want to see me so much.

“Of course, it’s not a good idea.
I’m worried about Alvin, too.
But I would at least like to listen to the first request of the girl who saved this world.”

Owen’s kindness and words warmed my heart.

Looking back, I didn’t want any reward for saving the world.
I didn’t want any money, status, or anything in particular.

I just wanted to enjoy spending time with everyone for many years to come.

“Besides, Alvin seems to have finally calmed down after two years.
I think it would be better for both of us if he didn’t see Nina for a while.”

What do you mean by that?”

“Nina doesn’t need to know.
Anyway, it’s better not to let Alvin know about your existence.”

Owen’s expression was unusually serious as he said this, and I nodded my head, not really understanding.

Of course, I also missed Alvin-sama, but Owen wasn’t the kind of person who would say something like this for no reason.

“But Nina has always been unlucky, and it’s likely he’ll find her eventually even if we don’t tell him.”

In the midst of all this, Theo laughed mischievously.

“I’ve seen things that you wouldn’t expect to happen happen often.
When I saw her being bitten by an ancient dragon I thought was extinct, I really thought she was really unlucky.”

“Hey, that’s pretty traumatic for me, so stop it.”

“Theo-san, you mustn’t say those things! If you say things like that, it’s going to come true.”

I was laughing at Erica, saying, “Sure,” but I didn’t expect what happened the next day.

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