Notice, Don’t Notice


I always thought that Alvin-sama was perfect, always calm, and stronger than anyone else.

That was why I couldn’t hide my surprise at seeing such tears from him for the first time, and more importantly, at the fact that he realized it was me.

“Nina, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Bruno, who was next to me, peeked worriedly into my face as I froze in my tracks.

“Ah, sorry, I─”

The moment I hurriedly opened my mouth, my right hand, which was connected to Bruno’s, was yanked away, and my body was enveloped in a floating sensation.
I remembered this feeling of my whole body being covered by the light and wind.

Without a doubt, this was teleportation magic.

At the same time, I felt a soft embrace.
After a few seconds of closing my eyes due to the light, I slowly opened them.


As soon as I saw Alvin-sama’s face in front of me, I gasped.

I had been to this place where I was standing now only once before, two years ago.
I must have been transported to Alvin-sama’s private chambers in the royal castle using teleportation magic.

I was puzzled as to why I had been brought here, and I had no idea of the meaning of the tears he had just shed.

Eventually, Alvin-sama gently touched my cheek with his cold hand.
There were no more tears in his eyes.

“Welcome back, Nina.
I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Um, I-I’m back…?”

How could he have recognized me from a distance with just one glance, even though I was now a completely different person?

Alvin-sama smiled as if he could see through my feelings.

“How could I not recognize you?”

At the same time as being told so, my transformation magic was forcibly released.
As expected, Alvin-sama was the best wizard in the country.

A wizard of his caliber could easily see through my newly learned transformation magic.

In the reflection of his beautiful violet eyes, I reverted back to my real appearance.
Alvin-sama’s lips curled into a beautiful arc.

“Show me your face properly.”

“U-Um, Alvin-sama, I feel like we’re really close.”

I really missed you.
Do you know how I’ve felt ever since your sudden disappearance?”

He clutched me in his arms as if clinging to me without any restraint, and a surprisingly good fragrance wafted up my nose.
Alvin-sama buried his face in my shoulder, and his soft blond hair tickled my neck.

It seemed that Alvin-sama thought of me as a more important companion than I had thought.

Of course, I was happy, but we had been too close since a few minutes ago.
His unrealistic beauty even made me dizzy.

“Hey, why did you betray me and go back to your original world?”

“Betray…? No, it’s a misunderstanding!”

Of course, I had no intention of betraying him.
To my bewildered face, Alvin-sama chuckled.

“I’m glad to hear that.
Because I won’t let you escape again.”


“I need Nina in my world.”

What on earth did that mean? There was already a saintess named Erica in this world.

He hugged me tighter, and I froze again, not understanding what was happening, but then I came to my senses.

I remembered that I had left Bruno behind and that Owen had told me not to let Alvin-sama find me.
Anyway, I should probably calm him down and talk to him properly.

I felt uncomfortable in this position, so I gently pushed his chest with my hand, and Alvin-sama looked terribly hurt. 

“Um, Alvin-sama, for now, let’s talk.”

Hey, who is that guy from earlier? You were holding hands with him, do you like that man? Since when? Have you been with him all this time, forgetting about me?”

“Eh? Uh, no, you’re wrong…”

I’m so angry that I want to kill him, but I have a soft spot for Nina.
From now on, you just have to only look at me.”

Although I could somewhat understand what he said, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Scooping up my hand that held Bruno’s before, Alvin-sama dropped a kiss on the back of my hand.
Seeing my face suddenly heated up, he smiled contentedly at me.

Something, no, everything wasn’t right.

The Alvin-sama I knew never said such a thing or touched me like this.

“Alvin-sama, um, what’s going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“That, you never used to be like this….”

Alvin-sama seemed to have understood what I wanted to say.

“I had originally planned to slowly close the distance between us to accommodate Nina’s thick-headedness.
Little by little, I want to become an existence that Nina needs.”


“But then Nina suddenly disappeared from my life.
I detest everything in this world.
I thought that I would never see Nina again and that I would die without ever being anything to her.”

What was Alvin-sama saying?

“I don’t want to have that kind of regret again.
That’s why I’ve stopped holding back.
I want to be Nina’s only one.”


“Nina, can you help me? It hurts when Nina isn’t by my side, it’s unbearably painful.”

Because this was like─ 

“I love you, Nina.
Please become my reason for existing.”

I could no longer utter a single word as he looked at me as if he was clinging to me.
In the corner of my blank mind, I vaguely recalled his blackened heart.

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