There’s No Way I Could Shake Him Off


I was stunned for a while but jumped back in a panic when Alvin-sama suddenly brought his face close to mine.

“That’s too bad.
I was going to kiss you.”


“I’m just kidding.
I wouldn’t do that without Nina’s permission.”

Alvin-sama laughed as he said that and took my hand and started walking away.
His expression was so cheerful that he looked like a different person from the one I had seen earlier in the plaza.

I was urged to sit down on the sofa, and we ended up sitting right next to each other.
When I gently took some distance from him because he was too close, he closed the distance with a smile.

I wondered if this person was really the Alvin-sama I knew, and decided to stop my futile resistance for the moment.

“Let’s talk slowly, there are many things I want to ask you.”


I nodded, believing that it would be impossible for me to return to Cerevista now and that Bruno would probably also understand the situation.

Soon after, Alvin-sama touched the crystal on the table and the maid immediately came.

As soon as she saw me, she stopped and froze.
She must have been working at the royal castle two years ago.
It was completely normal to be surprised when the former saintess, who had supposedly disappeared, was suddenly in the prince’s room.

Alvin-sama told the maid, “Prepare tea for Nina and me, and some of Nina’s favorite pastries.
Do you understand?”.
She nodded repeatedly and quickly left the room.

When the door closed, I looked up at Alvin-sama.

“Um, I’d like my presence here today to be hidden.”

“I don’t mind, but do you have to meet anyone other than me? For me, it’s best if Nina doesn’t leave this room.
Still, I know you would probably feel a bit stuffy, so I thought I’d let you walk around the castle as much as you like.”


I didn’t feel like we were on the same page.
For some reason, the conversation was proceeding under the assumption that I would live here, in this room.

While I was confused, a few maids came in and began to quickly prepare tea.
My favorite tea and tea sweets were neatly arranged on the table.

“All of you, keep quiet about Nina’s presence here.”

“Understood, sir.”

After the maids left, Alvin-sama offered me a cup of tea.

To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood for a leisurely tea time, but I decided to have a cup of tea before it got cold.

“Alvin-sama, you’re going to drill a hole into me.”

“I’m sorry.
It’s just like a dream to have Nina right in front of me.”

I felt uncomfortable because he was staring at me so intently.
Alvin-sama said that he could look at me for the rest of his life, and elegantly picked up his own teacup.

It’s delicious.”

“I’m glad.
Nina is very cute.”

Just by drinking the tea and saying a few words, Alvin-sama looked so happy.
Seeing that, for some reason, my heart ached.

I took a deep breath, wondering where to start, but I opened my mouth carefully.

Um, do you really like me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Not as a companion or a friend?”

Nina is the only woman for me.”

When he said it again, I was embarrassed.
It seemed that Alvin-sama really liked me as a member of the opposite sex.

I had never noticed it before, but when I recalled the relatively shocking words I just heard, I felt that the feelings directed toward me were quite powerful.

“S-Since when….?”

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