Quite Different From What I Expected


In response to my nod, Alvin-sama said, “I’ll make you happy for the rest of your life,” with a smile that seemed to be filled with happiness.

Feeling that I wasn’t able to laugh off the idea that a lifetime was an exaggeration, I nodded again.

“So, Nina has been living in Meisa Village for a long time.
What were you doing in Cerevista earlier?”

“I wanted to have a magical beast, so I went to see the stalls.”

“So, you were going on a date with him… Who was that man?”

It wasn’t a date at all, so calm down.
The air around Alvin-sama became cold in an instant.

He had looked like he didn’t care about the past earlier, but in the end, he made me explain everything from the time I met Bruno to now.

“I’m glad, so you’re just business partners.
But then I guess there was no need to hold hands.”

“I-I’m sorry…?”

“It’s okay.
Just don’t ever do that again.”

Alvin-sama said so while tightly intertwining his fingers with mine.
I didn’t think it was necessary to hold hands now, but the atmosphere right now wasn’t appropriate for me to say such things even if my mouth was agape.

“How have you been spending your time, Alvin-sama?”

“I spent my life thinking about seeing Nina again.
I’m really glad you came back.”


“I feel like I’m still in a dream.
Thank you.”

Even though I didn’t do anything to warrant a thank-you.
Alvin-sama gently combed my hair with his unconnected hand and narrowed his eyes softly.

“So, what should I do now?”

I felt it was strange to ask such a question, but since he asked me to stay by his side and I agreed, I wanted to understand his intentions.

Alvin smiled happily and said, “Nina is still very kind,” and stroked my fingertips.

“Really, I just want you to stay by my side.
Nina wants to live a comfortable and slow life in nature, right? What kind of house do you want to live in? I’ll have it built right away in the woods behind the castle.
I’m not particular about it, so I’ll go along with you.”


“I really want you to stay in this room forever, but I will endure it.”

It was all kinds of strange.
He talked as if the two of us were going to live in a new house together.
In the first place, how could they build a house behind the royal castle?

“Ah, but I have to stay at the royal castle at night, so I guess I’ll go there on my days off.”

“No, um…”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, so you’ll have to spend your nights at the castle too.
I’ll prepare Nina’s bedroom next door.
Is there anything else you need? Oh right, let’s get the magical beast that Nina likes.”

I was at a loss as to where to begin, but Alvin-sama continued.

“If you are afraid of changing the scenario, it would be better if you don’t meet anyone but me.”


“Nina’s existence is too big for them.
It’s obvious that Nina will be prioritized in case of emergency.”

To begin with, “Adolescence of Swords and Magic 2” started with the premise that the former saintess had retired after nurturing friendships with her capture targets and saving the world.
Whether she returned to her original world or remained in this world wasn’t specified.

Two years later, the main story was that the capture targets started a new life with a new saintess who appeared and fell in love with her.

It should be easier to raise the favorability than in the first version, and easier to get to the next level.
The story of the former saintess appeared about one line or so in the opening prologue.

That was why it was strange that everyone still liked me so much.
Of course, I was happy, but my existence itself was the strangest thing of all.

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