“Originally, it’s in the order I just told you, but….
the order changed when Nina-san arrived here the first time, didn’t it?”

“That’s right.
I don’t about know the timing, but I think we can prepare to some extent.”

They dealt with the situation with Nina before in the same way.
In her case, however, she solved every problem so easily with her excellent holy magic that no preparation was needed.

“Regarding the kidnapping, I’m pretty sure there was a death-bad ending where I said something bad to the kidnapper that drove him into a frenzy and got me killed.”

This time around, you should be obedient to the kidnapper.”

“Of course! I’ll do the cleaning, laundry, and whatever else I have to do until you all come to my rescue!”

“By all means, do that.”

Alvin smiled a little when he said that.
He was in a really good mood as if he was a different person just the other day.

As for Erica’s kidnapping, there would be no problem if they had her put on a magical tool for tracking and went to her aid immediately.
Even a mass outbreak of demons would not be a problem if a few of them head there with the knights.

“As for the Evil Dragon, we have no choice but to ask Erica to do her best.
We can only weaken it to some extent.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

Based on the notes that Nina had made for her, Erica was working hard every day.
Thanks to her efforts, she had grown remarkably.

“Please share this with Dirk and the others.
Tell them that Lara should focus on her prophecies in the future.”

“I understand.”

Owen could only hope that Erica would continue to fulfill her duties as a saintess safely and without incident.

Before long, Erica, who had to practice, left the office and Owen was alone with Alvin.
He took a sip of her lukewarm tea and turned his attention back to Alvin.

“I don’t think Nina is cut out to be a queen.”

“I agree.”

“Well, first you have to persuade Nina.”

No one else had everything like Alvin.
A normal woman would fall for him in an instant.

But in Nina’s case, he wasn’t sure.
She was horribly insensitive when it came to love.

She had been favored by Alvin and Dirk so much two years ago, but she had not noticed any of it.
It seemed that Alvin had a long way to go.

“Oh, she said before that she liked Alvin’s face.”

“… I see.”

Just by saying that, Alvin, who always had cold eyes, showed a look of embarrassment, so love and things like romance were truly terrifying.

“Well, I’m rooting for you.
Be nice to Nina.”

“Even though you like Nina too?”

“I like her.
I also like girls who like me.
Though I don’t like to fight without a chance to win.”

With that, he got up and left the office.

He wasn’t really in love with her right now.
She was like a cute little sister to him.

Now, how am I going to go see Nina?”

Even if you were a little bit mean to Alvin, you wouldn’t get punished.

Even Dirk, who had been single-mindedly devoted to Nina, still had a chance.
While thinking that, Owen released several of his familiars into the royal castle for search purposes.

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