I’m Suddenly in a Pinch

Theo was one of the capture targets of “Adolescence of Swords and Magic,” an elven boy with beautiful light green hair and emerald eyes that suited him well.

He was good with the bow and arrow and nature magic.
He was also good-natured, cheerful, and was like a cute little brother to me.

He was much taller than he was two years ago, when he was 16 years old, the same age as me when we met.
But we spent a year together, and after another two years, he must be 19 years old right now.

Theo’s current appearance also convinced me that this was definitely the world of “Adolescence of Swords and Magic 2,” which took place two years later.

“… But I’m glad Theo seems to be doing well.”

Theo was the first person I befriended.
He didn’t know how much his cheerfulness and honesty saved my life.

As an elf, Theo was originally good-looking, and as he grew up, he became even more beautiful, but….

“Oi, hurry up! You’re walking too slow!”

“I-I’m sorry!”

The only thing he apparently hadn’t fixed was his bad language, which didn’t suit his beautiful face.
That was also very Theo-like, and I couldn’t help but smiled.

Theo quickly walked away, and the Saintess frantically followed him with a brisk pace.


“Ow… I’m sorry, I did it again…”

“Damn it, what the hell are you doing? Let’s go.”

She seemed to have fallen down hard, and Theo was holding out his hand to her in dismay.
Her fluffy impression and way of speaking were quite a gap from her cool-looking appearance.

Her knee was bleeding a little from the abrasion, and she noticed it and drank a potion from her pocket.
I tilted my head and wondered why she didn’t use her saint powers to heal it.

“Huff, huff, sorry──Kyaa!”

Then, when she tried to stand up, she stepped on her own robe and fell down again.
She seemed to have an excessively clumsy attribute.

I was a little worried about whether she was really going to be okay at that rate.
“Adolescence of Swords and Magic 2” had a strong FD ─ fan disc ─ element[1], focusing mainly on romance, and there were no enemies as powerful as the Demon King.
Still, there should be some demons that were quite strong.

“Ah, it’s not the time to worry about other people.”

Yes, in order to live comfortably in the future, I had to work and save money.
There must be many people around the saintess who would protect her, so she should be fine.

“Come to think of it, I heard that the saintess and her group are staying at the village chief’s house tonight.
They’re going to have a dinner party with everyone, so why don’t you join us, Nina-chan?”

“Eh? Well, I’d rather not.”

“It’s a shame.
It seems that a lot of young knights who work for the Royal Guard will be there, so it’s a chance to catch the elite.”

The ideal age for marriage for women in this world was around 18 to 20 years old, and I was right in the middle now.

Worried about me being lonely for the rest of my life, the villagers encouraged me to get married, but I had no intention of doing so at this point in my life.

I had a vague idea that I would like to get married someday, in either world, but I was still not quite sure.

“Even so, the Saintess is a delicate person, isn’t she? Ah, I wonder if her atmosphere change sharply when she uses magic?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure… Um, speaking of which, do you know anything about the previous saintess?”

I had always wondered how I had been treated after my sudden disappearance.
Somehow, I had missed the timing to ask, so I decided to ask her now with the right topic.

Aunt Betty immediately covered my mouth with her hands and looked around in a panic.

“Hey, Nina-chan! Do you want to be imprisoned!?”


“Ah, Nina-chan came from another country, didn’t you? No wonder you don’t know… All right.
In this country, you must never talk about the former saintess.”


Having finally freed my mouth, I asked the quietly speaking Aunt Betty again.

I was concerned both about the absolute prohibition against talking about the former saint, i.e., me, and about the overly deafening word “imprisonment.”

Eventually, Aunt Betty secretly whispered into my ear.

“I heard that the first prince, Alvin-sama, said that anyone who mentions the former saintess’ name will be imprisoned.”


I gasped in disbelief.
Apparently, during the past two years, I had become a person whose name must not be mentioned.

Why was this happening? I didn’t remember doing anything to Alvin-sama at all.

Was it because I had left this world without any notice? However, after having worked so hard to defeat the Demon King, it was hard to believe that this was the only reason.

“Ah, that’s right.
He also said that the former saintess will be captured as soon as he finds her, and he won’t let her out again.”


Did that mean that I would be sentenced to life imprisonment as soon as I was found? I was labeled as a terrible sinner.

Alvin-sama, who was a member of the royal family, was now the furthest person from me, a village girl, and it seemed unlikely that I would even get a chance to clear up the misunderstanding.

In the first place, it was doubtful that a cute word such as ‘misunderstanding’ could even be used.

If I was imprisoned just for mentioning my name, I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me as a former saintess.
Would I be spared of the torture? It was scary.

“Nina-chan? You look very pale, but it’s okay.
We just don’t have to talk about this anymore.”

“Y-Yes, that’s right…”

“I don’t know where the former saintess is, but you absolutely mustn’t get involved with her.
She could be a potential sinner.”

“Oh… yes….
that’s right….”

I nodded my head and inwardly wondered if I might need to leave the country to live.

Translator Notes:

1. A fan disc is a package of additional content, usually released by a game company after the successful launch of one of its titles.
The contents of fan discs varies, but often includes new images, music, minigames and miscellaneous information related to the original game. ↵

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