Two Young People, in the Forest at Midnight


That night, I kept sighing as I swirled the large pot of liquid that was the source of the potion around and around.

What had I done to Mr.
Alvin? No matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t know.
The last conversation I had with him was the night I was killed, and all he asked me to do was to talk to him alone.

Anyway, I decided to do some research on this matter.
I put my palm over the pot and used some magic power.

“Hmm, as I thought, if you try to make an intermediate-level potion with poor-quality herbs, it loses its color.”

The finished potion was beautifully transparent.
When I put a lot of my saintly magic power into it and tried to force the quality up, what was initially green would become transparent.

If such a thing were to appear on the market, I would surely be exposed.

The medicinal herbs that could be found in this area were plentiful but of poor quality.
Looking back, I remembered that there were quite good medicinal herbs growing near the area where the Demon King, the last boss, was located.
It had a very game-like and opportunistic feel to it.

─I recalled Bruno telling me the other day, “With the current quality of beginner’s potions, at this rate, you’ll soon stop selling them.”

It was probably because other light wizards could also make them if they were made with a certain reduced quality.
Besides, the price seemed to be going down because I was selling off large quantities of them every week.

“You can make a better one, can’t you? I’ll handle the distribution well, so you should make that one.”

I believed Bruno when he said so and decided to make intermediate and higher-grade potions in the future, but then the color problem arose.

As expected, the world wasn’t so sweet.
If I were to make a large amount of intermediate-level or higher potions from this place, I would have to start by growing medicinal herbs.

After buying a house, I planned to build a farm, but that would take time and was still a long way off.

And since good medicinal herbs were quite expensive to buy, I would have to find another way if possible.

Misiam herb?”

After that, I was dutifully reading a book I had bought the other day to see if there was any other way, and I discovered that there was a herb that could produce the same color as the potion’s coloring.

In the past, there were incidents of inferior potions being sold using this herb, which seemed to just added color to the water.

In other words, it might be possible to cheat by adding Misiam grass to the transparent intermediate potion afterward.
It didn’t seem to harm the body at all, and of course, if I made it, the quality wouldn’t only be fine, it would even be good.

I had seen Owen appraised potions before, but I was sure he didn’t know the ingredients.
This world was still showing the possibility of being naive to certain things.

The Misiam herb seemed to glow green at night and was easiest to find at this time of the day.
I quickly put on my jacket, grabbed my basket, and headed into the forest to retrieve the medicinal herb.

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