“Purification Purge.”

While defeating the G-rank and E-rank demons that were gathering around me with one hand, I continued to pull out the Misiam herbs and stuffed them into my basket.

I found more than I expected and proceeded deeper into the forest, praying that I would be able to continue to earn money.
My goal now was to buy the large vacant house next to Jones-san’s house.

Incidentally, the ranks of demons were classified from S-rank to F-rank, and I alone could manage up to about B-rank.
Beyond that, I needed the help of my friends.


After proceeding forward, I found the Saintess and Theo.
They were talking secretly about something.

Why were the two of them here? People usually didn’t have business in the depths of this forest, where there were only plants and trees and demons, even more at this hour of the day.

“Ah, no way…!”

Then, my woman’s intuition unusually kicked in.
Theo was around 19 years old, and the Saintess should be around the same age.

The only thing such a young couple would do in the depths of the forest was a rendezvous.
They might have a lot of things to do because of their usual position.

It was when I turned my back on them with a warm feeling, thinking that I shouldn’t disturb them.

“Look, they’re coming out! Get on with it.”

“A-And I said I can’t do it! Kyaa!”


I heard a voice that didn’t match the sweet atmosphere I had imagined, and I turned around.
It seemed that a demon had appeared in front of them.

Most of the demons that appeared in this forest were weak demons of G-rank to E-rank, so there shouldn’t be any problems.
I thought that Theo would defeat them in an instant and that would be the end of it.

For some reason, he was pushing the reluctant Saintess toward the G-ranked slime.

“Didn’t Dirk also say that you should get used to it rather than learn it? I’m supposed to only kill one a day, so get on with it.
Just shine a light and hit them.”

“I-I’ve never been able to do it properly! I can’t do it! Kyaa! It’s scary!”

The Saintess, half-crying, clung to Theo’s arm.

Somehow, I couldn’t help but feel like I had seen something I shouldn’t have seen.
Perhaps the Saintess of this generation couldn’t handle magic well.
It made sense that she was healing her wounds with potions during the day.

A saintess role was not only to cure everyone’s injuries and illnesses with healing magic but also to purify and defeat demons.
I heard that it had already been three months since she came to this world.
If she couldn’t do anything so far, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good.

“If you don’t do something about it, Owen’s gonna be pissed off at me, too! Please just do it!”

I had seen Owen get angry a few times, but I remembered being pretty scared because the pressure was so great.

Theo also seemed to want to avoid that and desperately appealed to the Saintess.
In the first place, the holy magic used by the saintess was special, and the feeling was different from other magic.

Instead of having someone teach me, I just practiced and worked hard, and was able to master it.
In a way, it was true that practice makes perfect.

I-I understand! I’ll give it a try.”

“All right, go ahead.”

“T-take this! Like this…?”

Theo’s feelings were understood, and the Saintess, who had been running away for so long, finally stopped and turned to face the slime.

With tears in her big eyes and raising both hands, the faint light that eventually arose hit the demon with a plop.

At that moment, the slime’s size increased tenfold.


“You idiot! What are you doing applying enhancement magic to the enemy? I want to quit being your teacher!”

“Kyaa! I’m sorry!”


Why was I being subjected to an unfunny skit in the depths of the forest like this?

“Nina was so amazing…”

Just as I was about to quietly walk away again to pretend I hadn’t anything, I was startled when my name unexpectedly came out of Theo’s mouth.

I was moved by the thought that Theo might be remembering me from time to time, but I was thinking that he should be careful about the imprisonment punishment.

Suddenly, I saw a poisonous snake-shaped demon slithering out of the tree behind them.
Although it was an E-rank and didn’t have much strength, its speed and poison should be quite troublesome.

The demon was definitely targeting the Saintess.
But neither she, who has begun to cry, nor Theo, who consoled her in a panicked manner, were aware of it because they were in the shadow of the slime that had grown tenfold.

Theo’s strength was considerable, but he had always had a tendency to be distracted.


By the time I thought about throwing a stone at it so that the two of them would notice, it was too late, and the demon opened its mouth wide and headed toward the Saintess.
If she was bitten, the Saintess surely won’t have the power to heal herself.

There was no way I could overlook it, so I immediately raised both hands toward it.

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