Hannah Giggs had long been a powerful figure in the imperial court, having gained her position as the Grand Duchess’s nanny and godmother due to her connection with the previous Empress.
But her life was turned upside down when an unexpected character appeared: Diane Poitier.
Giggs, like a lily in a vase, was stunned the moment she saw Diane.
She was the opposite of the former Empress, who was the cause of the illness that killed her.
Diane Poitier had an atmosphere that was eerily similar to Karl Ulrich’s birth mother.
The emperor quickly fell in love with her and one day withdrew all authority from Mrs.
Diane Poitier played the role of the Emperor.
This was possible with the Emperor’s permission while the empress was absent.
Diane’s first command was to expel Mrs.
Giggs from the palace.
The Duke of Grand personally disputed this decision, but Emperor Charles did not overturn Diane’s decree, revealing his intentions.
Hannah Giggs was forced to leave the palace in this manner, without even a retirement ceremony.

The cry of the newly crowned empress made the old lady, who had resigned in disgrace, feel like her heart was going to burst.
She wore a suit dress with a collar similar to her sign and had her hair tied up neatly.
Giggs’ narrow blue eyes reflected the blue sky in the snow.
Giggs reminded Adele of a bone-chilling snow field, while Adele reminded her of deep blackness.

“Please come in.
Thank you for granting my request.”

“I am delighted, Your Majesty.

Giggs was respectful to the Empress.

“Keep your head held high.”

As she gently raised her head, Mrs.
Giggs examined the empress’s drawing room with her eyes.
She felt cold in her nose and the corners of her eyes were burning, so she blinked quickly and swallowed her breath.
This was her existence.
Her strictness and coolness, which had settled like frost on each of her deep and light wrinkles, were disappearing only because she had entered this area.
Adele waited for the old lady to regain composure.
Giggs changed her expression and apologized to the Empress as she returned to reality.

“I apologize, Your Majesty.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, so I’m moved.”

“It must be the same as the former empress used it, right?” Mrs.
Giggs asked, delicately sweeping the sofa.

“I chose this sofa as well.
However, because they are quite old goods, Your Majesty, it seems that it is time to replace them.”

At that, Adele tilted her head and lifted her lips into a smile.
Her fascinating golden eyes curled long, and her cheeks lifted as her lips slanted like the lying moon.
At the scene that drew everyone’s attention, even Mrs.
Giggs stared blankly at the empress’s face while Adele remained silent.

“Would you mind leaving some of those items with Mrs.
Giggs?” Adele asked her lady-inwaiting.

“Oh no need, Your Majesty.” Mrs.
Giggs immediately said.

“Why not?”

“Thank you, but His Majesty the Emperor will be dissatisfied.”

“Do you mean you’re okay with it?”

Giggs raised her back, which had been tense even before the question, and placed her hand on her chest.

“As I previously stated, Your Majesty the Empress, it is my pleasure.”

“I appreciate it.
Do whatever you want me to do right now.
I am capable of doing it.”

Adele stood up from her seat and nodded.
She had intended to discuss the Imperial Palace Law Series with Mrs.
Giggs, but an unexpected event arose.
The maid who was waiting outside gently knocked on the door and entered to inform the Empress of something.

“Your Majesty, I… The dress I ordered recently has just arrived.”

“What’s the matter?”

“That is… there.”

After the maid hesitated for a long time, even Mrs.
Giggs, who was sitting on the sofa, stood up with a frown on her face.

“Don’t be difficult, just say it clearly.”

The lady-in-waiting took a deep breath, as if determined, and then stated, “The Imperial Palace Finance Office said they couldn’t pay for Your Majesty’s garment,”

The empress was angry and asked, “What?” She was so enraged that she thought a nut might jump out of her throat.
Adele took a deep breath and pressed her tongue shut.

“So my dress arrived, but the Imperial Palace Finance Office can’t pay for it…”

The empress closed her eyes and remained quiet for a moment, her face appeared tranquil, yet the energy around her was threatening.
When she opened her eyes, it revealed her wild golden eyes.
The maid was afraid and bowed her head to avoid looking at the Empress.
The Empress then turned her attention to Mrs.

Giggs suggested that the empress should handle the unpaid bill by paying it personally through the Empress’ palace.
She explained that if rumors of the unpaid bill were to spread, it could harm the Empress’s reputation, and so it would be best to summon the person responsible to the palace to pay them and give them extra money in exchange for their silence.

“There is no reason for Her Majesty to meet him in person.
Let me handle it.” Mrs.
Giggs offered.

The empress agreed and commanded, “Go find them.”

The maid replied, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Adele quickly went to her room and retrieved her emergency money when the lady-in-waiting rushed out of the drawing room in a panic.
Adele took out a gold bar and placed it in her silk pouch, her fingers turning white from the weight of the purse.

She muttered to herself, “Let’s give it a try,” her eyes brighter than gleaming gold.

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