Giggs examined the gold bar presented by the Empress.
“I’ll see what the dress is like and pay for it, but is it okay if I use up these gold bars without leaving a balance?” she inquired, wanting to give the impression that the Empress was generous.

“I brought it specifically for that purpose, so don’t leave it behind and use it,” the Empress replied calmly, sipping on some cold water to soothe her stomach.

“How is this possible? Adele asked.
“I don’t believe there is any budget for the empress’ palace.
Is there no budget for the Empress Palace?”

“At the end of the year, the Ehmont Imperial Palace prepares the budget for the following year, but since Her Majesty was not present the previous year, the budget was most likely not prepared,” Mrs.
Giggs explained.

“So you’re saying this is normal?”

“Of course not,” Mrs.
Giggs replied.
“Through the emergency supplementary budget system, it is possible to reorganise the budget as much as possible.
The issue is that only His Majesty the Emperor has authority over supplementary budgets.”

Just as the conversation was about to continue, a maid announced the arrival of the owner of the dress shop.
Adele and Mrs.
Giggs both stood up to greet the new arrival.

The empress gave Mrs.
Giggs a friendly pat on the shoulder and smiled, “Take good care of it.”

“Don’t worry.
But where are you going, Your Majesty?”

The empress laughed sarcastically and said, “There is no way to lose if you know your enemy and yourself,” it was a smile that made even the elderly lady, who had survived everything from prenatal battles to air battles, feel cold.

“Don’t be concerned; I’ll see you later,” the Empress said before adding, “Allow them to stay in my palace today.”

She then strode away with a smile on her lips.
Giggs stared at her dark hair, which was blowing in the wind as if possessed.


Giggs was lost in thought for quite some time until the lady-in-waiting approached and addressed her by name.
She quickly regained her composure and smiled.

“Allow me to lead you.”

“Of course, please follow me,”

Adele arrived at the Imperial Palace, which housed the emperor’s bedroom and the general meeting room for managing state affairs.
The palace was a neat and practical space compared to the magnificent Empress’ palace.

As Adele walked through the palace, she saw people gathered in groups of three and five, dressed in various uniforms, as if a meeting of the ministers was taking place.
When the Empress unexpectedly appeared, they quickly corrected their posture and respectfully bowed their heads as Adele passed through the crowd.

“Does it appear that there is a meeting?” Adele asked the gatekeeper as they walked through the front door.

“Yes,” the gatekeeper politely replied.

As soon as the attendants learned of the Empress’s visit, they rushed out to greet her.
Adele explained the reason for her visit.
“I’d like to meet with His Majesty the Emperor,” she said.

“Her Majesty the Empress, yes,” the attendant replied.
“If you wait in the drawing room for a while, I will inquire of Your Majesty and respond.”

“Drawing area?” the Empress asked.

“Yes,” the attendant replied.

The Empress nodded, then narrowed her eyes and tilted her head as if she were thinking about something.

“Doesn’t the Central News Conference have a waiting room?”

“Of course, there is a waiting room, but it isn’t as comfortable as the drawing room, to which we will direct you.”

“It doesn’t matter,” the Empress said.
“I’d also like to see the meeting place of high officials in Ehmont, so please point me in the right direction.”

The Empress ordered in a firm tone as if she didn’t want any objections, so the attendants had no choice but to obey her.

The Zhongxin Conference Hall was nearby at the time.
The Emperor sat in the seat of honor with a bored expression, scribbling on the documents in front of him.
The Duke of Despone, who sat to the Emperor’s right, stretched his neck and looked at the papers in front of him.
When he couldn’t see the document’s contents, he frowned and turned his gaze away.

His gaze met the man on the other side of him, Theseus Baldr, a young servant who wears glasses and is twenty-nine this year.
He is the head of the Baldr family, who owns a vast territory.
Despite his youth, he was considered the best Duke of Baldr.
When Theseus caught Duke Despone’s gaze, he naturally turned to face his brother, Lionel Baldr, who had turned 27 this year.

Lionel Baldr, the younger brother of Theseus Baldr, was born a soldier and is now the head of the Imperial Guard and the Ehmont Minister of Defense.
He was referred to as “Captain” by the knights and “Minister of Defense” by the high officials.

Duke Despone licked his lips as he looked at the Baldr brothers.
He wishes he could have a son like them! He would have cherished and loved his son if they had been similar.
They were the sons of the late Duke of Baldr, so it would have been difficult for him to share his thoughts.
It was when Duke Despone was lost in thought and stared at the Baldr brothers.

Suddenly, a man’s scream interrupted his thoughts.
“Oh, your Majesty!” the man cried out.
“Please, please send strikers and keepers our way.
Everyone is perishin’! They are currently dying!”

Duke Despone was annoyed by the man’s cries and whines, like a child.
He turned his head away with a click of his tongue.

“No matter how hard you try, it keeps coming out.” Even the flying monster is appearing now, and there is no way to stop it.
“Unless the striker and keeper take down the tower…

“Well, do you know where we’re going?”

Lennox Poitiers, who sat to the right of the Duke of Despone, broke the weeping appeal.

“Even those who have first- and second-level towers built on their territory don’t say anything right now, right?” In any case! “What has been constructed in Calvin County is only a fourth-grade tower.”

“Didn’t you say it’s gotten bigger in diameter?” The aerial masquerade has been discovered! “It’s not even level four!”

“How can you refuse when the document specifies Level 4?”

Count Calvin swallowed his rage, jumped up from his seat, and kneeled before the emperor as Lennox cried out in blood.

“Honorable His Majesty the Emperor! Please help me!

“Your Majesty, you are a very selfish person!” “For the time being, Calvin Bag beat the knights and keep them at bay!”

When a low voice interrupted, the kneeling Count Calvin clenched his fists and glared at Lennox.

“Because the manor is deteriorating, those who appeal are self-centered.”

Lennox and Count Calvin’s gazes were drawn to the same location at the same time.

“Isn’t that right?” A mid-to-large tower with a flying monster would be a disaster on the estate.
Seriously, would the Lord of the Lord come here and ask for assistance? You are self-centered! Bag Poitiers, please stop arguing!

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