Adele nodded thoughtfully at Mrs.
Giggs’s words.
She understood that the former empress and the current emperor had not gotten along well and that it would be best to avoid wearing a dress that reminded him of the former empress.
Adele knew that she needed more people she could trust, like Mrs.
Giggs, who had been a close confidant of the former empress.

“I understand, Mrs.
Thank you for your advice.
I will be more careful in the future.”

Adele paused for a moment before continuing.
“Do you know of any other advisors or confidants that I can trust in the palace? I need more people I can rely on.”

Giggs nodded.
“I can recommend a few people, Your Majesty.
There are several ladies-in-waiting and advisors who are loyal to the empress and can be trusted.
I will make a list for you.”

Adele smiled gratefully.
“Thank you, Mrs.
I appreciate your help.”

As Mrs.
Giggs began to list names of trusted advisors and ladies-in-waiting, Adele listened attentively and made mental notes of those she should approach.
She knew building a support network within the palace would be essential to her success as an empress.


Diane was out of breath as she returned to the Ivory Palace.
Seeing her displeased, her attendants slipped away.
Diane bit her lip hard and shut herself in her own room, pulling the thick blackout curtains closed to block out the sunlight.
She curled up in a cocoon-like position, letting her rich blonde hair fall into her ears as she felt isolated and alone.
Tears poured down her face as she cried uncontrollably, forgetting the reason for her tears.
Eventually, she clutched her stomach with both hands and cried out,

“Why, why, why won’t it happen? Why the hell does it have to be this way?” She needed a child so badly, and the thought of Empress Xu Yi taking away her authority was unbearable.

“She was born a princess and have always had everything without any effort.
It’s not fair.”

She hit her chest hard and laughed through her tears, her face distorted and stained by her crying.

After some time, Diane wiped her face with the handkerchief the emperor had given her and rose from her seat, pulling her hair back from her face.
She looked at the brightly lit room with determination, taking in the marble floor that shone like a pearl, the golden moldings, the ceiling embroidered with masterpieces, and the chandelier made with thousands of crystals woven together.
This was the most beautiful room in the Ivory Palace and was said to be the most beautiful in Ehmont.

“That woman won’t defeat me,” she muttered before composing herself and leaving the room.

She will not be lost.
This is her sanctuary, the fruit of her efforts, obtained through her own blood and sweat.

Neither Karl Ulrich nor this place will I give up.
I will not be pushed aside by empresses who are mere shells.

Diane took a deep breath and exhaled, pressing her hand against her chest.

‘The ivory palace.
It’s where my biological mother, Lady Beatrice, wanted to live.’

Remembering Karl’s words, Diane lifted her lips into a smile.

His Majesty cannot abandon me.
No need to get excited.

Diane tried to imitate the emperor’s biological mother in every way – her appearance, her way of speaking, her behavior, and even her favorite food.
She only felt at ease when the emperor began to confuse whether she was Diane Poitier or Madame Beatrice.
Diane sat at the desk calmly, as if she had never cried.
How much had she prepared for this day?

“Lorraine!” Diane called out, and Lorraine, who had been waiting outside, rushed in and bowed her head.
“Bring the imperial budget.
We will create an additional budget.”

“Yes, my lord.” the maid said

Malice shone in Diane’s beautiful eyes.


Two tall men were sitting in a grand ebony carriage.
The elderly wives whispered to each other, marveling at how two brothers could be handsome.

“If only we could guarantee that our sons would turn out like them, we would have one child after another!”

The young ladies also couldn’t help but envy the Balder brothers, who were literally the flowers of Ehmont’s social world.
But it seemed like the brothers didn’t care.
Theseus, lost in thought for a while, suddenly spoke up with a faint sneer on his lips.

“The Duke of Despone was the one who dared to recommend the Princess of Gotthov across the sea as the empress, just to make a scarecrow empress.
But it seems like he failed.”

Looking out the window, Lionel also nodded at his older brother’s words, recalling the empress.
No, from the first time they met the empress at Ehmont, she had been stuck in his head.
He vividly remembered the image of the empress, smiling as she rode her horse, wild but carefree.

But what a surprise it was when the Emperor was rumored that he  went to the Ivory Palace as soon as her wedding was over The attention of the nobles was focused on the empress’s actions, and even her noble ladies insulted her beyond imagination, but she proudly broke everyone’s expectations.
In the banquet hall and in the waiting room of the high court meeting, the empress looked relaxed and confident, without the slightest shrinkage.

Her refined smile and intimidation, characteristic of those in power, were artificial, but she was spotless.
It was hard to believe that this was the same woman who had laughed like a girl while riding her horse.
But every time Lionel saw his perfect empress with her thread, he couldn’t help but feel a strange attraction.
Was this the feeling of watching over a tree that remained tall and strong despite being hit by a fierce storm? Then, Theseus rubbed his chin lightly and muttered.

“She was someone who knew how to control the atmosphere with just one hand.
Seeing that, Theseus understood why the late Empress Dowager Gottrov would use her spirit and try to send his daughter across the sea.
Since the newly crowned emperor was only 14 years old, Geisen’s sister wouldn’t have been able to help much in strengthening imperial authority.”

Lionel nodded and continued, “Anyway, it seems that the emperor will leave the tower of Calvin’s estate as it is.
I’m worried that if a flying monster appears, the neighborhood will become a mess in no time.”

Theseus rubbed his chin with his hand and thought for a moment.
The carriage fell silent for a moment.
Lionel opened the window and a gust of wind blew his dark blue hair, sticking it to his forehead.
Theseus stared blankly at his brother, who was staring out the window with his arms crossed, his slightly wrinkled eyebrows, shadowy eyes, and tightly closed mouth.

“Lionel.” At his brother’s call, Lionel turned his head.
“What are you worried about?”


Lionel didn’t answer the question, turning his head back to look out the window.
The scenery outside may have been beautiful, but it was meaningless to Lionel now.
Because something else dominated his mind.

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