I can’t believe it took so long to admit it.
Foolish Louella.

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Oh my!

I was so surprised to see myself drop the cookies I had been saving!

Why did I have to drop them?

The most important thing I can do when I’m young is to save my life and my future, but there’s one more thing! As I got younger, my brain isn’t as good as I thought it was! I can’t remember the most important details of my life!


I picked up the poor cookies on the floor and ran to where my mother was.

The maid informed me that she had no schedule today outside, so she must be working in the office by now.


“Why? What’s wrong?”

My mother, who ran out of confusion after shouting, hugged me.
I wrapped my arms around my mom’s neck.
Being in her arms made me tear up.

I must be really stupid, aren’t I?

I can’t believe I finally remembered another reason why I decided to leave Gerald.

When I turned twenty-nine, my dad began to get sick.

And I regretted so much that I couldn’t hug my mom like this.
After some time, my mom tried her best to show that she was okay.

I became a scaredy-cat.
I was afraid of my mother collapsing after hugging, and of crying in front of her when my dad was sick.

“Lulu? What’s wrong?”

I shook my head as a response.

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“Lulu .
Did your brother tease you?”


“Or, are you looking for me?”

“No, not really .

“Then? Did you have a nightmare?”

I shook my head again.

I got it.”

My mom gave me a big hug.

“My baby.
You want to eat more cookies, don’t you?”

Oh my god.

Mom, I’m no longer an 8-year-old kid hungry for cookies!

Okay, maybe I am?

I shook my head recklessly, but I couldn’t ignore the cookie that came into my mouth.

My mom always said that there’s nothing wrong with wanting more food.

It was definitely delicious!

* * *

Mom was surprised but hugged me back.
But I was lost in thought after that.

My dad started to get sick when I was 29 years old .

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He would gradually lose his eyesight and then become deaf.
It became such a scary disease that led to death.

That’s why my brother inherited the Duke’s title at an early age as my father’s health began to deteriorate rapidly.

There must be a way to save my dad.

I must remember the name of the disease.

“I think it was Nisephor .

I remember that there were extremely few doctors who knew how to treat rare diseases.
In addition, it was a disease with a high mortality rate due to difficulties in treatment.
There was a possibility of saving the person catching the disease only when diagnosed early.

My father developed it when I was 29, so now I’m 8 years old.

It will happen 21 years from now.

Then, I had to think about it.

It was necessary to find out how my father was infected with the disease, Nisephor.

And I need to find the right doctor who could treat my father.

It won’t be easy.

I couldn’t bear to notice the shadow of darkness approaching me even when I was so lost in thought.

“You said that, you pig!”


My brother, whose face turned red, spilled water over me.

Return as much as you give. It was my brother’s belief, not mine.

But then again, who am I?

I am Louella Leander.

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Yeah, it’s a war.
You punk!

* * *

“Why can’t you stay still for a second?”

“He said that first!”

“Louella Leander! How can you address your older brother informally?”

“Hing .

“That’s what Lulu said…”….”

“When you became an older brother, I never said that you had to improve your grades or anything.
I already said that you, as the older brother, had to take care of your younger sister, and as a younger sister, you should love your brother.
Didn’t I?”

“You did, mom.”

“You did .

Both Alexid and I answered with a sullen look.

Even at this age, I can’t believe that I’m upset about being scolded by my mom.

As I bowed my head and pouted, my mother said in a relaxed voice.
“Hug each other and say ‘I love you.’”

W-What? What did you say, Mom?

My brother raised his rebellious face.

“Hurry up!” Mom said with a stern look.

Oh .
This isn’t it.
 I can’t even imagine hugging my brother who is 32 years old and me as a 30-year-old grown-up woman.

No matter how old he is now, right now, I may look like a kid but I’m already 30 years old in my mind and my soul.

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My brother cried and hugged me.
His body became a crooked figure and his butt pulled back.

But then, I saw my mom smiling.

“Lulu, you too!”

I reached out and put my hand on my brother’s back.
Very slightly.

“Say I love you.” Mom ordered.

I love you .

I love you.”

This was my limit.

“Kiss on the cheek!”

Oh my god!! No!

This is really shocking for me!.
This is not it! What’s more shocking is that Alexid kissed me on the cheek as if it was the most natural thing to do for him.


While screaming internally, my mother’s voice echoed.

“Lulu, you too!”

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .
I pursed my lips tightly.

It turns out that you’ve been fooled by this guy since you were young, mom! I’m starting to hate you.

I cried and kissed Alexid on the cheek.

I’m in denial.
Did I really do it?!

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