Gerald was a silent but thoughtful son, everyone thought that way.

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“Gerald, how are you and Louella doing?”

Well, I don’t know.”

His eyes definitely resembled his father’s, Royce shook his head sadly.
He felt it was hard to bear.

He knew it! He knew it!

This is all because he looks just like his dad.

What’s the charm of being blunt without being playful? Such a serious aura would only be good when one is mature.

How can it look good to Louella, who is only eight years old?

Hey, hey!

Royce put his hand on his left heart and exhaled.

How could he explain this?

Royce spoke to Gerald, who was sitting in a neat posture.

People often need to be flexible.”


He shouldn’t agree that easily.

Looking at his son, Royce pointed at his forehead.

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I’m telling you, it’s all because he resembles me.

“Gerald, do you know what it means?” asked Merce.


“Your mom wanted to say… Um, you should make an effort to get to know what Louella likes and what she wants.”

“Well .

Merce hesitated to speak, “Sometimes.
A wild dog .

She wanted to tell his son that he does act like one.

A wild dog that is usually silent.

Well, you know what?

Umm .

But she couldn’t tell little Gerald that.

“Sometimes you act like a cute puppy.” Royce tried to say it in better words.

To which, Gerald nodded.
“I know what you mean.”


“Yes, Mother,” said Gerald with a smile.

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Oh, one that looks like a real baby.
In fact, Merce fell in love with her husband because of his face.

Perhaps because of his strong bloodline, Gerald was just like his father .

All right.
He looked perfect.

Fighting, Jeje!”

“Yes, Mother,”

“He’s my son, but he’s really boring.” Royce breathed a sigh.

* * *

The Kingdom of Turantot had a unique culture.
In addition, his mother followed a particularly unique custom.

It was true that the Turantot family had three kings in three years, and rebellion followed.

It was his maternal grandfather who finally took the lead.

She said that she had to rely on a commoner’s family to hide her identity until she was fifteen.

Mother believed that there was something to learn anywhere, regardless of her status.

That’s why they were educated in a different way than other noble families.

For example, if you did something wrong, you raised your arms and was punished, or if you made a big mistake, you sat in a thinking chair and were punished.

Usually, the noble families of the Empire punished their children by beating them.

Oh, barbaric.

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Fortunately, Alexid did not receive such an ‘education’.

Anyway, thanks to their mother’s unique aspect, we grew up more freely than other aristocrats.

However, that news cannot be leaked outside this family.

“Greetings, I’m Alexid from the Leander family.”

It was a perfect courtesy.

In fact, instead of Gerald and Alexid revealing their internal problems with each other, will they be fine if the external problems in return?

His mother called the two of them abominable pricks.

Alexid’s mature appearance made the ladies’ eyes sparkle.
Another invitation came from the Herrington family.

Perhaps if he remembered correctly, the Herrington family’s current business was not successful.

Even now, it seemed that they were somehow trying to raise investment funds.

Anyway, it was that kind of occasion.

And the nobles who gathered here were bound to measure the children against each other.

And today was a little serious.
So, unlike before, all the children stayed silently next to their mothers and fathers.

“Oh, my.
You’re only ten years old, aren’t you? From the eyes to the posture.
That’s perfect.
How did you raise your son so well, Duchess?”

“Well .

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“I know.
I wish my son could only do half of it.”


“Ugly! Do you like Gerald or me? Huh?”

He remembered the face who had been stirring him up until this morning.

Was it really half? Does she like both of us?

He couldn’t believe it.

And there was definitely someone who stood out.

“This is Gerald, the son of the Logan family.”

He behaves in an adult-like manner, usually has a solemn expression, and a more handsome appearance than anyone else.
It was as though he ertr a doll made of jewels and snow.

There were times when Gerald saw girls at his age blush as he hid behind his mother’s dress.

Gerald, like a unicorn that he was, seduced the girls with his mysterious beauty.

He was so riled up.

It was useless jealousy.

Of course, among the children hiding behind their parents, there was also a girl he really hated.

Flora Peronita.

That girl was the one Gerald and Alexid kept pushing away from each other even after they got married.

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