br>Herrington was probably struggling.

They will try to attract investment by engaging the children of the Herrington family, who are just fourteen and seventeen.

That’s probably why they invite all the children of the noble family to hold brunch.
One can’t go to social parties under the age of fifteen.

I snuck away because nothing was relevant.

Oh, really.

I didn’t think of this.
It’s good to be back, but I have to go through all this again.

I walked into the garden chewing on some sweets.
The roses in full bloom shook gently.

“Oh, that looks good,”


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“Oh my god! You scared me!”

Gerald’s sudden appearance from behind almost gave me a heart attack.
The snack I brought almost fell off.

This kid doesn’t know how hard it was to take care of it without your mom knowing.

This is the best when you’re low on sugar.

“Where are you going?”

Gerald held my sleeve.

What’s wrong with him these days? He’s like a lost child.

“Where are you going? The event is going to be there.” Gerald replied curtly.

“I’m coming with you.”

“No, I don’t want you to.

Now it’s a conditional reflex.
The mere sight of Gerald’s face made me say no.
And he seemed to have developed immunity with me saying no all the time.

Whether I did say so or not, Gerald wouldn’t let go of my hand.

What? This is the same.

Even in his old age, Gerald caught me every time I turned my back on him.

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“I’m coming with you.”

I knew Gerald wouldn’t let me go at a time like this anyway.
Then I sighed and said, “Yes, I understand.”

I have nothing else to do anyway.



“Why have you become so talkative these days?” he asked.
“Why did you glare at me earlier? Did I do something wrong?”

“I didn’t glare at you.”

“Then what? You looked at me earlier.”

“I just looked at you like how I usually stare at others.”

“Why did you look at me earlier?

Oh, Flora!”

I was so excited just a while ago, but now I wonder why.
Marry Flora or not .
It’s a little unfair, but .
Anyway, whatever!

“Why did you look at me?”


T/N: I’m having problems with the POV so much and I had to guess whose POV it was because the author doesn’t give in too much information as well.
T__T If there are any mistakes, please tell me.

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