My brother held a long grudge.

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I’ve been grumbling since early in the morning about the fact that he dared to throw a doll yesterday.

“Is it good? No wonder you were so strong.
Since you eat more than me.”

“Alexid Leander.”

My mom strictly called my brother’s name.

Look at him, holding grudges.

I made a mistake.
Veronica was too good to be true! She will become a model for society! Not only that, her beauty seemed to have popped out of a liberal arts book.
My older brother was unsuitable for a pure person like her!

More importantly, as soon as Veronica made her debut, the family’s mansion was full of letters, including proposals!

As expected, Veronica is a waste.
It was not worth reconsidering my older brother for her.

“You’re an ugly son of a b*tch.”

“What kind of words are you saying to your older brother, Louella Leander?!”

My mom called my full name.
It was a sign to stop.

Of course, I’m not someone to underestimate after coming here from being a 30-year-old woman.
The history between my brother and I was already too deep for me to do anything against him.
But don’t you think he was already beyond unreasonable?!

And perhaps, an eight-year-old has a fighting method that suits an eight-year-old kid.

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When our mother saw us pouting our lips, my mom sighed and put down the spoon and fork, and my dad also did the same.


“What’s wrong with you two?”

“Older brother did it first!”

“Lulu said that first!”

I was defeated.

I should have made a loud voice first, but my brother’s voice buried it.
I caught my dad shaking his head, wiping off his mouth with a tissue, and getting up.

I’m sure you’re trying to run away from here.
Do you think I don’t know you, my dad?

“Oh, I’m full.”

While doing it, all of our gazes were fixed on our dad.



“Sit down.”

“But, my morning schedule.”

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“Arthur Leander!”

Dad sat down right away.

The worst thing in our house is that my father is a year younger than my mother, and my father was her junior at the academy.

My dad never won when my mom spoke lowly and called him by his name.

“I’m sitting down, honey.”

Exactly what happened just now.


My brother and I met eyes and shook our heads simultaneously.

The fight was stopped because I felt sorry for my father and overwhelmed by my mother’s charisma.

Later, when I grew up, I knew that my dad couldn’t defeat my mom .
It’s still a bit unfortunate.

Eventually, my father, brother, and I were released only after being scolded.

Dad took a scolding because of us.

Sorry dad.

As a 30-year-old sister, I will endure it.
Of course, of course.

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That’s how our fight ended.

* * *

And as my brother said, Gerald came to my house that afternoon.

He was still shining like the pretty boy that he is.
His face was small, and his eyes were calm and gentle.

I called Gerald a unicorn because he only lived an exemplary life and had no desire to do anything, not even when I tried to become the best woman in front of him.

Was I even possessed by a ghost? Was that why I had lived with him and endured eight years of my life?

At first, I thought the unicorn was shy.

And then I thought he was just busy.

After that, I came to think that he hated me.

Ah, I’m getting angry again.


I kicked him in the shin.
Gerald was quietly eating refreshments according to etiquette.
I wanted to show him my middle finger,  as his round eyes complained of injustice.


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I could not do it to endure the touch of my mom, who was hitting my head.

“Why are you grumpy, Lulu? I’m sorry, Royce.”

“No, children grow up fighting.”

“Thank you for your understanding.
I don’t know what happened to Lulu.
Maybe because she’s not in a good mood .

“I heard about it.
The engagement .

I heard my mother laughing gracefully.

Oh, it gives me goosebumps even after a long time.

I rubbed my arm.

Anyway, it may be because of my anger accumulated over the past eight years that I became angry even when he’s doing nothing but sitting before me.

I should have returned to being an eight-year-old kid after kicking him where it hurt the most.
It was a pity that I couldn’t.

But I guess, I already fulfilled that act by doing it now.

He has not spoken much since he was young, so even now, he slowly rubbed the shin I kicked but had nothing much to say.

When I was young, I thought you liked me because you accepted my mistakes and just laughed even when I played around.

I didn’t know that it was just that the unicorn’s kindness, consideration, and altruism were so extreme that he could defeat the angels in the sky.

He wasn’t interested in anything I did!

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